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Ain´t no time to hate

Barely time to wait

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Poem by Uncle John
Say goodbye to your tired old ways
To survive you must learn to preserve your days

Say goodbye to Venus at dawn
She will return at sunset until the summer she is gone

Say goodbye to the antichrist and his evil lying ways
The writing on the wall says
The number of his days

Say goodbye to everything lost
Found treasure counts the cost

Say goodbye to the beast inside
In the secret place to hide
All the wizards and witches pay attention
To the magic of children in a garden of invention

Say goodbye to the past
Tomorrow is today
Say goodbye to what won't last
Goodbye the night until the heart awakens the light of day





Hello to my Heart

Lyrics & Music by Uncle John

The movement of the wind
Turn on the night lights
The stars in the sky shine
In sight of the sights

Do you know that time is waiting to become eternity
To see you as happy as you can be
Doing what I can
For you when you are kind
Through all the changes in our mind
Thanks for sharing the time

Playing and bells ringing
Dancing and singing
You know who the Master is
I'm just a working man
Together through our work and laughter
We've been chasing the promised land

Now that we are family
With a vision of liberty
I say to you
Hello to my heart
Goodbye to all the misery

The prophesied time to come
For the troubadour of change
Makes its way around now
This world sure seems strange
The circle is complete
Back on the road
Across the great bridge
Like a boomerang coming home

With calm and patience and strength of all we are
I'm just a season to remember
And a long dream about a star
With a love song and a daydream
Vision of the Guardian of the Planet
And the source of our soul
Our life turns
The new world sung
And love
the masterpiece in the universe´s role

Dawn inside
Take me to your golden land
Put your mind in my hand
Look into your heart child and understand
Now that we are family
With a vision of liberty
I say to you
Hello to my heart
Goodbye to all the misery


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"Es lo que es, pero se convertirá en lo que tú lo hagas".

Part 4
by Uncle John

North of midnight
Look at the moon like a kite
And the planets like taillights
As we go through the night of nights

Yeah it's really not the same
The only town and the only game
Full of heart and by name
Hidden like her mits firm as the flame

All the king's horses
Leading all the king's men
The wall of Jericho could not be raised

In the sky and in the breeze

Clouds over seas

Leaves rustlin´ trees

North of midnight
Fresh and clear view
Everything will be alright
Turn on the light
Hold the candle and watch the roses fall
Read the writing on the wall

Photo courtesy of NASA

Eyes of the Sun
Solar Cycle 25

by Uncle John

Sing a song of celebration

A good ol´ Merry Christmas

Sing to you

A song come true

Sing a song of celebration

A sweet sweet Merry Christmas

Though it´s only September

It´s Christmas here with you


Little by little

Things happen

Strength to strength

Improving everything


Seeing yourself in the mirror

Seeing yourself on the phone

See your shadow in the face of the sun

Shining on the roof of your home


The eyes of the sun are always on you

Whatever you hear

Whatever you do

God answer a prayer from the heart to heaven

In an arrow of truth for you


Sing a song of celebration

A good ol´ Merry Christmas

Sing to you

A song come true

Sing a song of celebration

A sweet sweet Merry Christmas

Though it´s only September

It´s Christmas here with you


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I am prepared against the day of battle
Know exactly what to do
Taking writing lessons
Going back to school

You see man with his problems
His faith in short supply
Living in a world
Cursed to die
There's hope inside
A song that I heard tonight
When the Lord within my heart moves
The light becomes bright
Reflective swords
That brought the dark night
Shine inside
Like a soft candlelight

I called the smartest phone
I said Lord, here we are at home
We need you now we're all alone

The writer writes
About brother and sister
He calls them Apollo and Artemis
Apollo is like the sun
In his work and in his smile
In his family in his son

Artemis love is like a magnet
For the writer she is the muse
She is aesthetic
And majestic
With chemistry too





The Same Sky


Lyrics & Music by Marcela Gándara


Uncle John @ Terrapin Crossroads Bar  with Terrapin Family Band

 All Along The Watchtower

Lyrics & Music by Bob Dylan


Canción de Grateful Dead
(Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia)
Translation: Tania Carrasco & Jhon Ramirez
Performed live in Spanish @
 Terrapin Crossroads 12/26/2018
Vocals, Uncle John
Guitars, Ross James & Alex Koford (Terrapin Family Band)
Keyboards, Jason Crosby (Terrapin Family Band)
Bass, Brian Hasrap (Casual Coalition)
Drums, Danny Luehring (Casual Coalition)


by Jhon Ramirez

Editor: Tania Carrasco

You don't have to study to pass this test
Locked up inside a country
Under house arrest
Confusion at the border
Wherever you look
Closed or out of service
Stay home and read a book

The cost of living just went up
Discount on dying too
What is this strange invisible alien virus?
With no respect for any border
Does not respond to tweets or orders
We still have to be smarter than this
Our potential is established
We can overcome whatever it is

Chaos reigns on noisy days
The circus is in the city
It's Halloween again
Strange and not so pretty
When can I go to work? you ask
When everyone wears a mask
When you pass the test
Ready to do your best
No exceptions or lines
Count on life
In these unknown times

Like a rolling wheel in a rocky range
In a world, suddenly strange
It's about climate change
Caretakers of the earth
What the hell are you doing?

To return to the masks
You can see everyone
Dancing with no one
I notice the beauty of the world now
In every soul
The mask highlights your eyes
See bluer skies in cleaner air
Life and death are not fair
No matter what you wear
Every day complete your task
Wherever you go
You must wear a mask
Masks that silence us and show our eyes
Not a distraction
Not a disguise
Better to breathe
Clean air and act wise
We are smarter than this
We just don't know
Not yet
Wear a mask without regret

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22 Bob Dylan Quotes That Will Make You See Things In A Different ...

Bob Dylan´s album release 6/ 19/ 20


"Where do I stand spiritually?

Oh God!!! (with laughter)

Somewhere between Jesus and the devil."



UNCLE JOHN reads poetry

Epilogue: ¨THE JOURNEY¨

@ Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, California, October 21, 2019

Live videorecording

When your past becomes your path

& you come to answer what you ask

& the angels take you down to your grave

I´m not here to follow the parade


You begin to understand

That you were just a man

But to be a man is to stand in your doorway

I´m not here to judge

 in a world among friends

You know the beginning from where the song ends


Your journey leads us to wake

Up in the eyes of the world

You been working here so long

To fill our hearts with song

Help us to understand our rights

From what´s wrong


I look around for you

In all the places we have been

On a mysterious winding path

The gold of sunshine shining through

seven golden rings

with seven golden powers

that makes good men immortal

Same revelation and secret

Surrounding all of you

Child of magic

With words of wonder

You stopped the world

So the blind man can see

Grateful you shall always be


We are lifted up by the spirit

To soar like an eagle high above

On the wings of the power of love

¨Sometimes the light is all shining on me

Other times I can barely see

Lately it occurs to me

What a long strange journey it´s been¨



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