High School Summer Kids 14-19 years old:


Access to the gym to work out

this summer through August 30:




Work out a plan and routine

Work can be difficult but rewarding.

Listen to your body to know your limits.

Warm-up stretching & build up.

Stay hydrated, WATER is your friend.

Coming this summer 2024:


Gym photo shoot of all generations &

different cultures exercising

on Planet Fitness

Próximamente este verano de 2024:
Sesión fotográfica de gimnasio

de todas las generaciones y
diferentes culturas haciendo ejercicio
en Planeta Fitness

The gym environment brings

a positive spirit

Gym inspired Poetry

 is on this website


"She surrounds her waist with strength

She sets about her working out vigorously

And makes her arms strong for her tasks"

Proverbs 31:17


"By wisdom a house is built

and through understanding it is established

through knowledge its rooms are filled

with rare and beautiful treasures

A wise man is full of strength

and a man of knowledge increases strength."

Proverbs 24: 3-5


"Ella rodea ella su cintura con fuerza

Ella se pone a trabajar vigorosamente.

Y fortalece ella sus brazos para sus tareas"

Proverbios 31:17


"Con sabiduría se edifica una casa

y mediante el entendimiento se establece

a través del conocimiento se llenan sus habitaciones

con raros y hermosos tesoros

Un hombre sabio está lleno de fuerza.

y un hombre de conocimiento aumenta la fuerza "

Proverbios 24: 3-5


True fitness pursues strength

With agility, stability, flexibilty

Self discipline and balance and focus

Regular exercise reduces stress

Boosts energy

Improves health better sleep

Camaraderie kind

Good lovin´state of mind


El verdadero fitness persigue la fuerza
Con agilidad, estabilidad, flexibilidad
Autodisciplina y equilibrio y enfoque.
El ejercicio regular reduce el estrés
Aumenta la energía
Mejora la salud mejor sueño
Camaradería amable
Buen estado mental de amor

Listening In The Dark:

Women Reclaiming

The Power of Intuition

An Anthology of Essays

by Amber Tamblyn

Reviewed by Uncle John


In Conversation and Friendship:

A Dialogue on Navigating Intuition

Amber Tamblyn &

 America Ferrera

In this chapter, actress, poet, and writer,

Amber Tamblyn

and actress, director America Ferrera

 engage in an intimate conversation,

with intuitive examples,

and they share an honest personal

& professional chemistry

they have with each other,

as they explore how they use intuition.  

 America Ferrera always had,

even as a child, a “heightened radar”

 for whatever unspoken dynamics

were happening in the room.

There is so much here to learn and enjoy,

 take the time to read this book!

They teach the body with a new story.


“Flex your intuition muscle.”


“Tell me more about that muscle.”


 “I think that our intuition is like a muscle,

and if you don´t use it, it atrophies.

If you don´t use it

or don´t even know how to identify it,

 then you also don´t even know

that you have intuition

 or it exists to begin with.”


“Like my abs.”

“Like your abs.

And the way you get stronger

 in your intuition

 is by using it, working it out.

By having the courage

 to act on your intuition,

 to listen,

to actually pay attention to

and be in constant consultation with it.

I have gotten stronger

and been able to pinpoint what I feel

 and how I feel it.

 I know in the moment,

when I get that feeling in my gut,

 a holding or a flowing,

 either way I know what´s right for me,

yes, maybe it´s going to be

uncomfortable to act on it,

but I´m going to do it.

And once I´ve done it,

everything feels so much better,

and so much more aligned.

Like a good workout.”


“You´ve worked out that intuitive muscle!”


“Yep! And after you do it

 one time-even just once-

 you now know about that muscle

 and how to get it to work for you.

That it is there to serve you.

You learn that listening to your intuition,

even if it´s hard,

will always end in a better outcome.

And when you act on it,

it may not always be 100 percent right,

 but at least you´re headed in that direction.

 You are stretching

and strengthening that muscle.”

Trust your intuition.


“Learn to listen to your body and its story.

 Reshape your relationship to your body,

 because it´s the temple for your intuition-

for the part of you

that has your best interests at heart.”


“When it is happening,

when my intuition is kicking in,

 it lives in this space

between my gut and my heart.

 Like where your solar plexus is.”


“That makes sense.

 The solar plexus

is where the largest network of nerves

in the body meet up and cross paths-

It´s like the Times Square subway station

 of our bodies,

You´ve got the Adrenal Line!

Kidney Line! Liver Line!

 Stomach Line! Aorta Line!

So many nerve lines

passing through one area.”


“Exactly! It is no wonder they call it solar

because it really does feel

like the sun inside you

 that sheds light on everything else."


“I am the sun inside America Ferrera.”


“You are not.

My children are the sun inside me,


 You can be, like a ray or two.”


“I would have literally settled

 for a flare.”


"You´ve definitely been a light in the dark

when I needed one."

America Ferrera has been nominated for

Best Suporting Actress Academy Award 2024

Amber Tamblyn & America Ferrera are in the film

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


Excerpt - Spanish:


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