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Bob Dylan´s Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour


Watching The River Flow

Most Likely You Go Your Way & I´ll Go Mine

I Contain Multitudes

False Prophet

When I Paint My Masterpiece

Black Rider

I´ll Be Your Baby Tonight

My Own Version Of You

Crossing The Rubicon

To Be Alone With You

Key West (Philosopher Pirate)

Gotta Serve Somebody

I´ve Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You

Big River (covers)

Mother Of Muses

Goodbye Jimmy Reed

Every Grain Of Sand

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Bob Dylan´s Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour

"It's darkest 'fore the dawn (oh, Lord)"

--Bob Dylan from Rough and Rowdy Ways

The grateful dead are the Largest and bob dylan the grandest.

When I think of the Grateful Dead I think of Bob Dylan.

He is like Planet X, hidden but really there.

Walt Whitman´s Leaves Of Grass is in Bob Dylan´s playbook.

By definition, Bob Dylan has a complex and apparently paradoxical nature, to be inconsistent,

especially in a way that is ultimately noble or admirable.

I first heard "I Contain Multitudes" live, last October @ The Sweetwater Music Hall

when Blonde On The Tracks star Emma Swift covered Dylan.

Emma says, “Like many of the great Bob Dylan songs,

‘I Contain Multitudes’ is a magnet, a fly’s eye view of the cultural wilderness in which we wander. It’s magnificent and heartbreaking, a love letter to words and art and music, to all that has been lost and all that might be redeemed. To me this song has become an obsession, a mantra, a prayer. I can’t hope to eclipse it, all I hope to do is allow more people to hear it, to feel comforted by it, and to love it the way I do.”





Bob Dylan´s audience is anything but rough and rowdy. Not that they are not capable, many will find their way into a rowdy bar later. Rough and Rowdy Ways is not about the audience but it is for them. It is a communication in spirit. This audience, at the Fox Theater in Oakland, all 2800 sitting in their seats, are well behaved, a gentle folk, focused and attentive when the music begins. They are a quiet crowd who listen rather than talk in distraction. This concert does not allow pictures taken or video recordings. Not a cell phone is lit in the place. Everyone is wearing a mask, indicative of the sensitive times we live in on a world bugged by viruses. Everyone I see leaving the show has a satisfied look. The crowd is upbeat and the conversation is not about Rough and Rowdy Ways. The buzz on the street capturing the attention of everyone walking by is a question posed to them: "What is your favorite song that Bob Dylan didn´t play tonight?" The answer given most

"Tangled Up In Blue"

"Rainy Day Women #12 & 35"

"Things Have Changed".

"I am happy to report the

only thing that has changed about Bob Dylan is he keeps getting better and

is still going strong at 81 years old."



A 7-inch single cover showing Bob Dylan in front of a field. The words "Bob Dylan", "Watching The River Flow", and "Spanish Is The Loving Tongue" appear over the picture.


Bob Dylan - False Prophet (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube




Mavis Staples & Johnny Lang-"Gotta Serve Somebody" - YouTube




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But you´re gonna have to serve somebody

Yes, you´re gonna have to serve somebody

Well, it may be the Devil or it may be the Lord

But you´re gonna have to serve somebody

--Bob Dylan

October 30, 2023

Review by Terry O'Brien

(Courtesy, Bill Pagel, @ boblinks.com)

Tonight's show was a stunner from start to finish. Bob and his band were

all business, playing the tightest set [I've seen yet] at a Dylan show. A

big part of the reason, I believe, is newcomer Jerry Pentecost. The

drummer laid down grooves that refused to let the songs meander or get

side tracked. Kudos to the rest of the band for delivering what is

obviously a well thought-out approach to Bob's music. It was a night of

blues, slow meditations and up-tempo shuffles. The Dead's Truckin'

absolutely blew the roof off the place as did False Prophet earlier in the

set, with the clever use of dynamics keeping the audience seemingly laser

focused and engaged. This band can go from a straight-out roar to pin drop

quiet in one bar. 

Can't say enough about the strength and clarity of Bob's voice. The mix

team deserves the credit for allowing the audience to experience just what

an incredible singer he can be given the right circumstances. At 82, he

defies all expectations. Who else can you say that about? If he's coming

to your town, don't miss this opportunity.


Bob Dylan performs Grateful Dead´s STELLA BLUE

 first time live

in Barcelona, Spain

June 23, 2023



Speechless" - Bob Dylan covers Only A River (Nagoya 20th April 2023) -  Backstories in description - YouTube

ONLY A RIVER - Bob Dylan - 4/20/23

Visual Greatness



 Bob Dylan - Rome 7/9/23

Photo:Herb Greene


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