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Les Yeux Noirs (Dark Eyes) | Django Reinhardt 


Dark eyes with a bright note



The Grateful Dead have long been popular in India, especially notable is their support for the work of the Seva Foundation. More information to be posted.

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Robert Hunter: On writing his first lyrics for the Grateful Dead song “Dark Star”:  “What we were doing was almost sacred. The spirit of the times. … there was a time I felt this was the way the world would be going in a spiritual way, and we were an important part of that. I didn’t feel we were a pop music band. I wanted to write a whole different sort of music.” —Rolling Stone interview in 2015



I am driving my cousin, David Remillard, home from a Jerry Garcia concert in Albany, New York. We ride through Mechanicville, then get on a long road leading to Schaghticoke. It’s a new moon and cloudy night and there are no lamps or lights out here. David is a local firefighter who lives on the same farm he grew up on in Schaghticoke, N.Y. On the ride home, we talk about the Grateful Dead and God. I share with him stories how the Grateful Dead are different from any other band because of their spirituality, songs referencing the Bible, their universal reach, and love for all the cultures of mankind.  I’m talking to David about God because he’s become a disbeliever. I share stories about the Grateful Dead who have helped me understand without question, the existence of God and the Devil. Suddenly, the car stops and we’re out of gas. I’ve never seen it this dark outside and there are no vehicles in sight. We have a flashlight, get out in the darkness, and walk around the car in the middle of nowhere. On the side of the road is a clear plastic bottle with something of amber color in it and my cousin says “Johnie don’t touch that. It’s somebody’s urine.” It’s a gallon container and I uncap it. “It’s gasoline” I tell him. “No it’s not, it’s somebody’s piss,” he replies. “We’ll see when we put it in the tank.” He is in shock when the car starts, and I remain amazed as the radio comes on and the Grateful Dead’s top ten hit “Touch Of Grey” is playing “We will get by, we will survive.”


Dark Eyes

Daily Dose Of Dylan | Bob dylan poster, Bob dylan, Patti smith bob dylan

Bob Dylan Live version with Patti Smith


Oh, the gentlemen are talking and the midnight moon is on the riverside
They’re drinking up and walking and it is time for me to slide
I live in another world where life and death are memorized
Where the earth is strung with lovers’ pearls and all I see are dark eyes

A cock is crowing far away and another soldier’s deep in prayer
Some mother’s child has gone astray, she can’t find him anywhere
But I can hear another drum beating for the dead that rise
Whom nature’s beast fears as they come and all I see are dark eyes

They tell me to be discreet for all intended purposes
They tell me revenge is sweet and from where they stand, I’m sure it is
But I feel nothing for their game where beauty goes unrecognized
All I feel is heat and flame and all I see are dark eyes

Oh, the French girl, she’s in paradise and a drunken man is at the wheel
Hunger pays a heavy price to the falling gods of speed and steel
Oh, time is short and the days are sweet and passion rules the arrow that flies
A million faces at my feet but all I see are dark eyes

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Russian Folk Song

Dark Eyes Sheet Music | Russian Cabaret Song | Real Book – Melody & Chords  – C Instruments

The lyrics of the song were written by the Ukrainian poet and writer Yevhen Hrebinka in Ukrainian.

Dark and burning eyes, Dark as midnight skies

Full of passion flame, full of lovely game

Oh how i'm in love with you, oh how afraid i am of you.

Days when I met you made me sad and blue.


Oh, not for nothing are you darker than the deep!

I see mourning for my soul in you,

I see a triumphant flame in you:

A poor heart immolated in it.


But I am not sad, I am not sorrowful,

My fate is soothing to me:

All that is best in life that God gave us,

In sacrifice I returned to the fiery eyes!