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July 8 - July 31, 2019

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Cuentos de poesía

Autor: John Patenaude

Traductor: Tania Carrasco


Ten story poems

1. Mercury Retrograde

2. From Saturn to Mars
3. Who has blue China cat eyes Neptune?
4. Ruby ​​eyes Uranus
5. Red Eye to Mars
6. Standing on the Moon
7. Red Rocks of Venus
8. Here comes the Sun
9. Emerald eyes of Jupiter
10. Café eyes Earth rain

1. Mercury Retrograde

Art Work: Michael Waters


Gina was gone. May died. Even the Stanford girl will not come
Only the girl with the ruby ​​eyes, emerald heart and diamond pearl rings, beautiful wings with which she approaches and the voices shout: Is Gina here? The phone rings. Is Gina there? Oh, where are you, Gina?

"Very well, I like you to prosper, and I'm happy to hear good comments"
The girl with the café eyes writes to me
"I'm sorry, Jonh, but I can not continue as your teacher
I thank you for everything"

I am also grateful.
My words are sincere but my body is in shock

Mercury must be retro, the skies are cloudy and the vane is gray

 It feels like an arrow piercing my heart. Is this how Cupid's arrow feels? OMG
My eyes are wet and red
Waterfalls down my cheeks
Juice running down my leg
What is happening to me?

A few hours later, May dies
And a second arrow pierces my heart
The choir plays in the background
And the memory of the shine of May's winter eyes twinkles

 through the red or scarlet or ruby ​​or purple or crimson that I see

"Brave are not those who spend their lives looking at the ground, trying not to trip ...
Brave are those who face the risks, stumble, get up and resume their journey"

Mercury in Scorpio
It looks like it's retro but it's not
We hear the silence of the bell
We will meet again at the well
I am under her spell
Born to be grateful

All the staff leaves and a third arrow crosses my heart
Creating a pyramid
With the torch of life in my chest

I have the U.S. blues
All I can see is red
My only escape is up
Time to get out of bed
There is a flight to Mars this week
That's what you do
When you love someone

If you need to reach me
You know where to look
I will be at the Mars Hotel
Reading your book
All the planets have sent spies
To hear about her café eyes

2. From Saturn to Mars

RUBY EYES #2 From Saturn to Mars

It's her key! Her key! All I need is your key.

And a boarding pass.

My niece Breanna works for NASA. I called her and asked if she could get me a boarding pass for the InSight Mission to Mars that leaves Earth at Cinco De Mayo, the first space flight from California to another planet, which would only take six months to travel there.

It's a crazy idea, I know, and my mind is in shock and I do not know who to turn to. I have become blind to colors, except for the color red. All I can see is black white and red. I cannot live without a teacher at this time. The girl with the café eyes is the best and I need the best.

I do not know where to go, I call her sister and ask her for help.

She kindly takes care of working for me

I cannot deal with the fact that May died.

My client will be so upset and I say, "I do not know how to tell him." She collaborates to help me. He's fine. I'm a mess. I know her eyes are green, but all I can see are ruby eyes and she's hiding her face from me.


They say you're doing nonsense when you're in love. I do not know what I'm doing, but I remember meeting the Grateful Dead.

It was an uninterrupted chain of safe pleasure and all I could say was "I'm from Saturn". Garcia laughs out loud and says "Really?" Then he asks me to approach him "These people are not going to bite".

My rings are from Saturn and my love is not like ice that will melt. García recites the words of "Scarlet Begonias" about girls who are not like other girls "I'm often not fine, but I've never been wrong"

I know that all I think about the next six months is the girl with café eyes as I try to finish the 150 hours of homework, she has given me. And there are other girls in my life I will miss, the Stanford girl, the girl with the sandy eyes, the devil with the blue dress, the girl in the big picture with Jonathan, the dancer, the girl who dances with me all night and I still do not know her name, the girl I met one Chelsea morning, and all the butterfly girls, and the real angels that come, the girl with the ruby ​​eyes that I do not know like the girl with café eyes. She knows the truth about me and I also know what she hides.


The closer I get to her

The more comfortable I am

“Your sister is in the kitchen

Listening to us laugh”


She teaches me language

And she teaches me about love

And the lessons of love,

The episodes and chapters of love

Her eyes and hands and what she says excite me

Her hands are like those of a photographer

Who takes a picture with their hands, not with their eyes, and is flexible like a juggler

And she shows me all the different types of love, family love, platonic, spiritual, romantic and crazy, sexual love that implies that it is not provided

My respect for her is the consideration of being my teacher, and as a woman, mother someday, daughter, sister, friend, worker, assistant, lover of life

I cannot covet her naked

If I had superpowers

I would not use my X-ray vision to see behind her clothes

Ripped jeans

And daring comments

Fun things

Being who she is excites me

And yes, she can make me

Come to orgasm without a touch


I remember her sitting on the couch one day and she says with a big smile:

"How about two girlfriends?"

"Who can afford that?" I said and she laughs out loud


On my home world

There is no marriage

Love does not happen that way


Today's love lesson is very difficult

 Being able to let you know if it is meant to be, will come back to you, we will always know what it is to be grateful


Did you get the boarding pass in my name? I ask my niece, "Yes, Uncle John"


My rings are from Saturn, and my jewels are bigger than Solomon's for Sheba, for her, and I hear that the music is excellent at the Mars Hotel, and I miss May day night, and thinking about our Blessed Mother and her smile, I see so clear in her café eyes.

3. Who has blue China cat eyes Neptune?

This photo of "Cats" represents approximately 150 x 300 miles
The NASA photograph captured these images of "cats" in space.
Photo, Courtesy, NASA

You can not erase me
From her heart
As soon as the other girls find out
Come and start the conversation
"Now you're going to stop waiting for her
And let me catch you "
Maybe Mars is not far enough to run
"Who is the girl in the blue dress?"
They ask
You have heard the song
"C.C. Rider"?
It was followed by "Devil With The Blue Dress On"
I remember the story told by the invisible man
On the blue planet of Neptune
And as a cat had taken him there
He was in Chapala Lake in Mexico
And here comes the seed of the song "China Cat Sunflower"
While the cat takes him to Neptune and the cats in the rainbows there
I'm looking for my red eyes to turn blue
I remember that I told Gina
"Your eyes are blue today"
"I have café  eyes," she says
"It's Chee-na" says Gina
"Oh, you mean Chi-na"

The invisible man took those words and mailed them to the Grateful Dead and they had their first song
"China Cat Sunflower"
They paired it with the traditional
"I know you rider"

May died on the last night of April of the full pink moon.
She was named May for the month of May

 It was May all her life and, naturally, she would reach the end of this life on the last day of the last month and the last hour before the beginning of May

There is a strange tranquility here today.
I realize that the Stanford girl is not here.

 I remember her singing a song in Spanish in the kitchen playing on the radio
It's The Band
"Only with seeing you"
And I can hear this song whispering to me in the
Wind blowing in
From Neptune
Chasing those rainbows
Looking for colors to see
And a big cat looking at me
And the little angels always ask
Is China here?

Embracing and separating my heart
It's another girl
But it is neither one nor the other
Are both
Then again, what about the Stanford girl?
Who is she?
Not available the three

Mysterious as the power of it
Café eyes
It's the pull pulling and pulling away from her towards the girl with ruby


4. Ruby ​​eyes Uranus
Part 1



5. Red Eye to Mars

People go to Mars for different reasons
A person called Tweeter Wit asks: "Do you know that the world is made up of Tweeter Wits and Tweeter Twits?" then he says he's leaving to get away from Tweeter Chief Twit

"Do you think we'll have to go through customs when we get to Mars?" William Shatner asks,

He who looks like Santa Claus
Many people remember him as the Captain of The USS Enterprise of Star Trek

I look at his boarding pass
It's the same as mine, except his says "Orion" and mine "InSight"
I'm looking for someone to board the InSight to bring my boarding pass,
It's my only way to get to Mars
This is the only red-eye flight there is
I decided to stay on Earth because I have talented young grandchildren that I want to see grow

"I'm not going to Mars, right now, my name is" says William

"Our passes together NASA will take this by ship, the InSight, to Mars"

I did not want to stay on earth and flood the girl with café eyes like a big river
But the girl with the ruby ​​eyes has given me hope
I decided to go to Colorado and go up the mountain
Look for the Grateful Dead there

I no longer know illegal drugs and I do not want to escape with alcohol either
Trying to deal with the stress and physical shock I was experiencing
A shuttle to Mars seemed like a positive trip before I started thinking about it

"Space is the last frontier and we must go boldly where no man has gone before,"

 as Star Trek's voice-over began

I always had the hope of traveling to space,
And find a new direction for the human race
If we could take all our carbon emissions, everything that affects climate change
And put all that pollution in a box and send it to Mars
It would create carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, giving air & water to the planet and, finally, we can colonize it
As another home of sister earth
All we need is Love
Learn and work to live in harmony

The family is what keeps us here and keeps us together
The bonds of love, the reminders of love, the stars of the night, falling in love help us to understand

It was a dream? Cupid seems so real and clearly heard the blind child say

 "Why do you want to go to Mars when Venus is calling you?"

I hear him calling Venus his mom
"Mom, mom, many worlds I've been since I left home"
In unison we laughed and cried
"I love my mom, my mom loves me", they say
Girl with big ruby ​​eyes + The girl with small café eyes

"There's something about these two girls that you do not know",

 I can hear Cupid still saying

I have to stay and find out what that is


6. Standing on the Moon

I'm not a Romeo
I do not want that fate
A simple twist you know
The fruit that she gave me I ate

Now we laugh and cry
Sometimes we wonder why
What happens with time
In the space where people die
Where it is no longer unknown
He is not alone anymore
I'm back at home
Where everyone looks at their phone

Going to the mountain
Where I remember about
Walking on the moon
Can I see your prints there?
I ask the invisible man
Humming a melody
"A beautiful view of heaven
But I prefer to be with you
Standing on the moon
I have no cobweb on my shoe
Standing on the moon
I feel so alone and blue
I see the Gulf of Mexico
As small as a tear
The coast of California
It must be somewhere above

I remember the last time I came to this mountain in Colorado
It's a long, steep journey to the Red Rocks amphitheater
Then you have to climb a thousand steps
The air is super thin
Furthur with Bobby and Phil are playing tonight
I'm near the backstage door when the vocalist Jeff comes walking and I introduce myself
He asks me if I have noticed the moon today
I agreed with him that it is amazing to see the moon in this place
He tells me he asked Bobby and Phil if they would do the song> Standing On The Moon <tonight, even though it was not on the song list
It's like he knows what I have in my pocket
"Did you see that moon?" he asks me again
 Jeff says he needs to get back on stage and mentions the moon again
In my pocket there is a book of matches of the Apollo 14 mission to the moon, from NASA
It has passed through space to the moon and back home
They say you can not light a fire on the moon
The flames of fire do not rise there
I give the book of matches to Jeff

I'm not running away
From what I feel inside
I'm letting it go
The girl with café eyes
She taught me about love
She showed me at night
She showed me the difference
Between darkness and light
When I was in ignorance and pain
She brought me change
God knows that I will never be the same

I will wait to work and I will listen
I will write, I will throw light and I will shine
Searching and finding love
Here there is more than meets the eye
Oh I
Have an empty cup
Only love can fill
Only love can fill

If the blind man has taught me something
It's believing in my dreams
And feel it inside
Oh Ruby, ride Ruby ride
"There is this girl and
Lady Ruby is her name
She does not want me
But I love her anyway "
"I do not feel that" says Ruby
"Give me something good"
I look at her ruby
Can I forget your sister?
"A beautiful view like heaven
But I prefer to be with you "
Be with you
I'd rather be with you
Be with you
I'd rather be with you
Be with you

7. Red Rocks of Venus
Part 1


It is cinco de mayo

On earth

I’m on a plane

Driven by swans

Heading to a mountain in Colorado

They call Red Rocks

All I can see is the color red

Looking at the clouds today they look rosy

It is a rosy red day


I’m not sure if I’m awake or asleep

I’m seeing this beautiful red vision

Holding something

What is that? I ask out loud


“A phallus” she says

“I am Venus

I have no moons

Like Uranus

Yet we move in the same love direction”

You are the daughter of Uranus?

“Yes”, she says


“You have visited with my son and he says

You are brash, impish, bold,

Full of promise

And imagination,

A dreamer

Who lives in his fantasies


And it’s not desire you quest

But real love

Lasting love


And not impulsive lust

I’m here to teach you about women


First, you need to understand that red is the color of life here

In the oldest days of earth

Women would bond together during their menstrual cycles

Gather in a red tent

This tent was a sacred dwelling

A covering

Where women of all ages would

Support each other with stories and songs

They talk about breastfeeding

And love

And the role they play

In their children’s destiny

It’s a birthing tent as well

As you have delivered a child in birth

You know this red flow

Is a life force


Men do not understand what women are going through each month

They do not know how to react

And take things that are not about them on some personal level

You need to understand

In the sanctuary of their lives

This tent is a tabernacle to women

This time, even in difficulty, is precious


You have visited with my son on the smallest of moons

Now you must come to the largest moon there, with Ruby

Who is in your mind

And in your dream

Like the wet dream you had about her”


Is my face turning red?

You are embarrassing me

“You were bare ass when you were born

You know that Uranus rains diamonds

Harder than this phallus” she says


“We are going to visit Titania”

Is that land of the big-breasted women? I ask her

“Titania is the Queen of all the little wings” Venus says


7. Red Rocks of Venus Part 2

"Rock me mama
Hug me mom
Hold me mom
Snuggle mom "
"His sister calls him Adam
His father calls him Daniel
You call him Cupid "says Venus

"We are headed to Uranus
We are the only planets
To move in the right direction
That's why you live in a strange world
We move in the direction of love
You will meet Titania
Then the consort Oberon
She comes first
She is charming
His name means that she knows
and we call Oberon Uranus IV
Here she is"

This is Ruby, I say
"Meet Titania, the queen of the little wings" says Venus
Is this Ruby? I ask
Looking at me with her big ruby ​​eyes
"How would you know?" Ask Venus
All you can see is red
You probably have not realized that I'm naked
My God, you are!
You're hot !!
"Of course, I'm from Venus"
"Ask the little wings your questions" advises Venus
"They know you"

"From Oberon we can see Far-Out
What you call Planet X
The furthest from our solar system
Your friend May
Born on a special day
She died in a special moment
She is there on the Pink Planet
In all its unique style
You recognize her in her smile

Good will and kindness that we seek
Oberon is like the Charming King
Who followed the aim of the Eros arrow
Launched to a hundred thousand hearts
And for this beautiful maid
He has brought
Harmony and balance
To help her respond to beautiful things

If you win Rubí
as your teacher
Someday you'll meet The Knight
He is the gentleman in her life
Like the day she can be in yours
Being a light in her life
Or the mirror that reflects its light
The love you see is the light you get
The look in her smile is light that you reflect "

Red Rocks Venus Part 3

Queen Titania and King Oberon

Like a chorus, the little wings come together like a charm
They dive whistle hum buzzing hum humming sing with vibrations whistles wind blowing high float
They play with me
They dive
Loop and zigzag
Follow me
Surround me
Loop in loop
As high as it can be
Plumbing down
As fast as it can be
One more
Pulling up
Just before the impact
The emotion
From the rumble of the song of the wind

The little wings sing:
"The king of diamonds looks out
From his moon you have to see
There is a lit candle
Leading to eternity

We meet while we weave
While the rain keeps falling
All our dreams
And all our love
In a magic gown

For the beautiful maid
How should we face the truth
And spill all our pain
For the dream of eternal youth

Please, let the rain fall
On a night of diamonds
The sun shines beyond
As light ripples with overflowing love
The boy rides to here comes the sun

The moon is in my mind
This lady is kind
Together here we now find
The keys of space and time

The first key opens in your head
Where the sun shines
The second key opens in your heart
Where is the treasure of love

The third key opens to heaven
To see the new world through the sky
And the room opens to space
Where the fountain of youth teaches us to fly

And the beautiful maid
It's her adorable prince and her son
Walks with all those who are waiting
& Praising all our dreams are won
All our dreams are one

We changed our rain for diamonds
And it became our world
The path of the dreamer can be found
On the top of a mountain of sound

The moon is in my mind
This lady is kind
Together here we now find
The keys of space and time "

Red Rocks Venus Part 4

The titan moon ARIEL, the blue-green planet URANUS, MIRANDA, TITANIA & OBERON, & UMBRIEL moons



Red Rocks Venus Part 5

Let's make a flight in my swan carriage," says Venus
We are going to fly over Titan to get a glimpse of the land of women with large breasts

I ask Ariel, daughter of Miranda, from the land of small breasts, with whom I was married
 a question about women with large breasts
Is it a blessing or a burden for you to have big breasts?
She surprises me by taking the stuffing out of her bra
And throwing it to the ground
"Women with big boobs always get their way!" she says
"Just because you're going to a land where everyone has big tits
Tell me you're not going to check out their rack
Looking for the best "

Let me tell you the true story of Café eyes
One day she appears as if she were entering a scene where she has just been written into
She is attractive as a magnet
I am attracted to notice something about her
Not her breasts
It's her sweet spot I notice
And her torn jeans exposing skin and booty
Very exciting
And I notice her feet
Her hair and her hands
Before noticing her breasts
I hardly see naked feet in winter

Then one day I needed a teacher
Oh who oh who can she be can she be
I decided to ask the girl with butterfly eyes
And on this day
She enters with giant breasts
I guess she grew overnight
Like some grow a shoe size or more
Butterfly eyes now has breasts that are pointy
And it reminds me of Café eyes
And I see it as a sign
And pursue her
Until she becomes my teacher

I do not let her breasts get in the way
She makes me laugh
Puts a smile on every face
Her eyes are the window to her soul
Her sweet spot the apple of her eye
Her breasts are stars you know
Her hands are the key to the last slice of pie


Photos, courtesy NASA

to continue

Red Rocks Venus Part 10

Grid In the form of heart. four options Power Clipart

"Love is more than an enchantment "says Cupid


"Romance comes from the heart

Healing from the hands

 Light of the eyes


Your wish

 It's for erotic love

Your attraction reveals your affections "


I'll borrow your wings, Cupid

And fly with them with

An arrow beyond the sound

In a world that is only round

 And the jewels for her

 From the treasure I found


Even though your bandage covers my eyes

It is not different from the night

 Although I can not see the beauty of her legs or her hand between spreading them

Her broken pants

Revealing her perfect skin


Reminds me here that we have all sinned

And the sins that we have confessed

They are forgiven

And there is no need to confess them again

The world is new in our mind


"Now with your fingers

Massage her in the way she sends you messages

Use your fingers to talk to her

Like the finger that says hello

 Use the juice of the flower of this arrow

Shake your wishes

Your erotic feelings

And show her your attraction for her

And the effects of affection "


 My eyes are blind as night

I can not see her nakedness

Her body is being driven

then my tongue finds her secret places


"You come from a world

Where pleasure is balanced with pain

Ups and downs 

In and out

But you will take her pain

And all her stress

And you will devour it like a dragon

And only the ashes of the past will remain

She will no longer experience that pain

She is in the eye of your mind

How do you flirt

Thinking of what lies beneath her skirt

In a world where there is no pain "


I'll borrow your wings

To heal her through her spine

 With the singing of my voice

 With my hands and by choice


Every centimeter of beauty 

In her smooth soft skin 

lifts me up

Her two lips shine

 Like rubi wine

Making love with her

It's like making love to a butterfly

Delicate beautiful

A perfect orgasmic moment


"To love each other

 You must find the balance

 In your posture

 You must love her with your mind

Through time

Under rhymes

The love you find

In her eyes

This love is wise

The love you make

Will fly

and be great

Watch the night with your hand 

And in the light see love"


Heart-shaped Arrow and Bow Animated Clipart

Red Rocks Venus Part 11

Cupid turns to The Little Wings

And we all heard them sing


"Ring around the moon

December to May

February to June

Rings around the moon

Pockets full of roses

Hearts surrounded by wings

Singing another melody

Orchids of purple white roses

Rings around the moon

Ruby Sky and Blue Diamond

God knows both of you


Bringing young cattle

To the port of your hometown

You hear the whistle of the port

See the rain falling down

Ruby sky and diamond Blue

Some call you sisters

Showing love today

Our wings take you to the night to play


From the heart of naked dreams

Through ancient pages of yesteryear

The dreams of the old and the new come to

As the story unfolds


A new dream and life forming from the ground

Feelings of plans and strong years

One day we would settle down

With the moon and the stars on top

Children with roses

In our space now

Everyone here already knows


There is a sun that we are spinning

There is a mountain where we sing

We go to the fields to play

And find a place for our heads to rest

At midnight she makes her way through the labyrinth

Under the light of the moon in the fields of corn with her heart on fire

The rich merchant asleep

At the feet she lay

She knew where the night would bring the dawn and the day

Someday it is now under the moon

Someday it's better than soon

Some day is a new day

I do not wonder how

There will always be a path

To do it right now


Sweet Dreams

We can hear the sound of waterfalls

Blue diamond says to Ruby sky

Come climb the rock and the wall

We can walk in circles down the hall

I can hear our rhythms

I know when you're sad

Recognize when I'm wrong

I see when you are happy

If one is weak the other strong

We come to seek to speak and belong "


Cupid's lesson continues

"Treasure every moment of waiting with her

Do not let anxiety get in the way

Romance is love

And while we visit your naked dreams

Ask me there are so many

How do I choose those arrows?

You are right about the first arrow

It was for the girl with café eyes

You're a happy fool anyway

You let her escape

She will stay away

For six months or a day

She shows her ring

You will not feel this thing anymore

That second arrow was not for a dead woman

It was for Rubi

The Knight who found the head of that arrow

In the flower bush

He found Rubi's love juice

The third arrow for the Stanford girl lost its mark

It's time to reverse your course


You have my fourth arrow

You want my wings

Tell me if there is anything really

Nothing that can be mentioned

Except the special intention of love

Awareness awakening attention

How playful can it be inside a dream?

Treasure every waking moment with her "

to continue

10. Café eyes Earth rain Part 1

I was waking up from a long sleep
And it felt like days
With puzzles to put my mind in order
Reading books without borders
Now I remember why I am amazed
All I can see in my mind is her café eyes

There is a song playing on the radio
Or maybe it is a Broadway show
Or take out and walk
Find what you know
I can remember a lot about her
How can I forget it?

There is a cat in the window
Looking to see who drives that car
There is a song about love
Under the stairs, near the top and far

Is that a crack in time?
Is that magic yours or mine?
Today we let the sun shine
There is a simple twist of fate since you insist

Under the bell
With you for the good
Can you teach me how to spell
Shut the fool up

Every heart here we touch
We all care so much
We are under the wings of the Lord his protection
Your plan points to a connection

You are the only one like you
That can touch my heart like you do
Oh baby plays in your pen
Up with wisdom beyond the wind

Boomerang the song that I sang
They love each other, Lord we can see that it is true
I'll play another song for you
Beyond desire, birds fly higher
To see the waterfalls in my mind
Oh honey, you lead me to be kind

"Are women, smarter"?
I ask Emerald Eyes
She takes off her glasses
 The green of Mother Nature is reflected in her eyes
"That's right!" she says

Café eyes Earth rain Part 2

Related imageRelated image

Café eye earth rain
Sunflower in an April shower
Love is where you started
The love of man was in the arms of your mother

They look at each other
Take care of each other
My love is like a brother

Café Eyes
Who shows me her soul
Who saved mine
And it made me complete

And her sister who saved me again
Put a smile on my face
She became my teacher and freed me
To show me colors
Learn to talk and see
Listen and smell
When I approach this close
To feel the heat of her body
To see in her heart
Reflecting on her beauty her face
Her hair
And her grace

Café Eyes
I can dance for you
Recite poetry and sing too.
I can jump on the moon for you
Spend the night in a hotel on Mars
Just to hear you sing
Or whisper in my ear again
Holy love
Mysterious love
The platonic love that we have is true
Influential energy
For you for the gentleman
For me and for her and for them
Even though we said goodbye
We know that something here will surely last
Something about you exciting
Enthusiastic in a world that turns very fast
You can use your powers to do good
Maintain a clean and safe neighborhood
You will return to your land
Where the sky will rain fish

Flying fish
That can make your wish come true

November 26, 2018 -  WELCOME TO MARS

November 26, 2018



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Traductor: Tania Carrasco



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