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by Uncle John

I am backstage one night after the show at The Keystone in Palo Alto with the Jerry Garcia Band, and well into the morning, Jerry turns to me and asks me to play him a song. I pick up the Gibson SG; and Jerry Garcia, who knew that I write songs but am not a musician, said "Don´t plug it in, just play!" I play and sing a song I wrote, "Mystery Rivers", about the Garcia River in Mendocino county, California, & the Weir River in Hingham, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.

Verse 1

When moondrops that come from remembering

You looking into my eyes

When you come around again

To sing like a bluebird flies

When I walk beside your footsteps

That come from heaven by the sea

Playing on the promised guitar

In the back hills and under the trees

Like the wedding in the river

And the love it brings

Telepathy on the ledge and bridge

And the light in your eyes when you sing


Amazing true stories about Jerry Garcia excerpted from forthcoming book



by Uncle John

to be published  

- Mystery Rivers

- Jerry´s Eyes

- Sing Me Back Home

- Walking With Jerry

- Garcia´s Voice In The Sky

- "I ain´t often right, but I never been wrong"

- Dreaming With Jerry

- Immortality

“This world is not our home
We're only passing through
Our trail is all made up
Way beyond the blue

Let us do the very best that we can
While we're travelin' through this land
We can all be together, shakin' a hand
When we make it to the promised land

If we walk together, little children
We don't ever have to worry
Through this world of trouble
We gotta love one another

Let us take our fellow man by the hand
Try to help him to understand
We can all be together, forever and ever
When we make it to the promised land

Excerpted from

My Sisters and Brothers


Jerry Garcia Band


The first time I am backstage with the Jerry Garcia Band, I’m sitting at the main round table next to John Kahn, who is erudite and interesting, as we have a conversation and I listen to him talk about memories, reflections, and dreams. My eyes are on Jerry Garcia watching him carry on a half dozen lively conversations at the same time. He is astutely following each one and contributes brilliant observations, upbeat, with a good deal of humor. We love to hear him laugh. I finally capture his attention with my eyes and interject a question, "Have you seen the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind?" I ask him, not realizing he had a cameo in the film. He immediately replies, "I´m not answering anymore questions until we find out who you are." There is suddenly silence in the room. And I introduce myself.

 "Uncle John"  

"That improves things considerably," Jerry Garcia responds, lifting his eyebrows with a twinkle, and smiles,   as the banter in the room resumes .