Permiso Especial

Poems by John Patenaude

Editor: Tania Carrasco

She was my first love, the best love
She showed me true love
And it allows me to practice love with
Kindness, Caring, Sharing
What I learned from her
Leading, Feeding, Guiding Me
Being held by arms so kind
We are not all mothers but we have all been children

The way a mother works is true inspiration
The way a mother cleans
The way she teaches us
It prepares us It protects us
She provides all the emotional support we need
She knows her children intimately
What do they have in mind
What they feel or fear
And helping them with the peace they will find
She knows what to do

All I know about mothers is that they are really smart
They get their wisdom not from the mind but from the heart
She is the only one we can surely depend
Mom oh mom is a child's best friend

Only mothers have the privilege and power to support life
We recognize her voice when we hear her
She takes us from the darkness to the light
Guided by a Holy Spirit
Mother nature we can see
How beautiful love can be
When I smile and play
I'm grateful that mom has given me life to live every new day



P.S. I Love You

Part 1


Star of my heart

New in my morning
Star of my heart

The children wake her eyes of light
Who steals my dreams at night

Just to be by your side
Friend loving mother and girlfriend
You have my interest and attention
Ask the children what they believe
Looking for a talking money tree

You are the sun that shines in the morning
You're the wet sticky in my dream come true
I only know what happened
Since I fell in love with you

She answers him
¨If I fell for you
Promise to be true
And help me understand
Because I've been in love before
And I discovered that love is more
Better than just holding hands

If I give you my heart
I must be sure
From the beginning
That you
Love me more than her

Yes I trust you
Oh please
Do not run or hide
Because if I love you too
What I feel is that I don't want to hurt myself inside
My love is more than a girlfriend¨

P.S. I Love You

Part 2

Wake up beauty

I would pick you up again and again
Star of my heart more than a friend
My love
My love
All I know is that she is the one
She is the one
Together we come
She loves God and her son

We need to find our sense of humor
You make me smile and smile again
We are in business not in rumors
Extraordinary journey
In our extra sense

We do not want any illusion, confusion or conclusions
Awaken beauty with amazement
To discover
You are the lover
The guardian of truth
In the secrets of youth
Standing in the shadow of a fountain
Crown on a mountain
True work love
Wake up in wonder

Listen to the rhythm of the water flow
Telling which path to take
And the time we know
Don't let go
I will make love to heal you
Waking up from a dream
No one in the universe looks at me
With eyes like your
Emerald eyes


P.S. I Love You

Part 4


She Comes In My Dreams


Oh Venus, Oh Venus
Make my dream come true

I know she is real
Under her shirt
I felt her wings
I look at her fingers
Under her skirt

Between her legs
She plays
Until she is soaked
She puts those fingers in my mouth
I lick her

She makes me harder than any diamond
She makes me wait for her
Each night
In my dream all night and it gives me energy
I whisper softly with my lips "I love you"

Then she shows me
Our dreams are real as are the lessons of love that I learn from her again and again

He has met your Adonis and your Eros who knows the corners of your heart
But this is live from a dream that is real

I was lost now that I found it
Exploring new views and sounds
New tastes to contemplate
It's not always hot
We are not always old

Wake up my beauty
My love
My dream became reality
She opens her eyes and lips and says
¨ Oh my boyfriend! ¨


Butterfly crossing sign Media Element

1. New Dawn
2. Señorita
3. Mountains of the Mind
4. Beautiful Gold Band


5. The Book and the Ring
6. Different Reality
7. Leap Year
8. Diamond Eyes
9. Angel Eyes

Poemas de Jhon Patenaude
Editora española: Tania Carrasco


Comienza un nuevo amanecer no podemos quedarnos igual
Hora de despertar y entender
Y entender
Los cambios muestran
Sí, es difícil, no puedo soportarlo
Hasta que te des cuenta de que serás un hombre mejor

El te conoce por el Espíritu
Él mira dentro de tu alma
Y sabe como eres
Y que te gusta
Con tus ojos en una meta

Sabes que no puedo soportarlo
Cuando no entiendo lo que ella dice
Sabes que no puedo soportarlo
Cuando no se como decirlo
No entiendo

Cuando te dan el poder y la elección
Y no podemos distinguir nuestra carne
No tengo que tocarla para sanarla con mi voz
El corazón no está dañado
A quien le importa tu felicidad
El corazón no está dañado
Mi Señor te protege
De cualquier efecto nocivo

Comienza un nuevo amanecer
no podemos quedarnos igual
Es hora de reunirse y hacer que se pare
Los cambios en el clima que viene
Mostrar que la cosecha está a la mano

Cuando cumples tu propósito
Quien te llama por tu nombre
Y te da visión
De todos lados y arriba
Para criarte en el amor

Nuevo amanecer comienza no puede permanecer igual
Es hora de ayudar a tu clan familiar
Los cambios en el clima que viene
Mostrar que la cosecha está a la mano

No hay sillas musicales
Mirándote bailar en el aire
Solo tus ojos pueden seguir el tiempo
Mira a la musa hacer que rime



Oh Señorita
Help me please her
More than I can make fun of her
Help me choose a way to release it
With courage and honor
The best of every man
When I go to know her
please I greet her
And enjoy every moment that I can

Oh Señorita
You celebrate each birthday in a special way
You will know my love for your daughter
With gentle care every day
Young or old or in the middle
She is my princess
She is my queen
It's because of you
This heart is true and the floor is clean
Put your eyes on the sky
Watching the birds fly
Blue answers my call
Playing ball in the hall

Oh Señorita
Come on and let's be
Now we must relax
While we wait and see
God knows the future
Just like you and me
I will go to your homeland
To an island we prefer
Then look at your rivers and mountains
Trees and paths and listen to the sounds with her

That is my wish
Only she knows what to do
Give me a date
To prove the matter of the heart
To see if I am fit and true
But no one else can take her place
Feel her fingers on my face
Help me choose a ring as real
She is my help partner with a touch of grace
No one else can take her place
Oh Señorita



I spoke to God
But not like Job
Who wrote the book
And He has control
¨ Lord, the end is too long

Please cut the time in half
Turn her tear into a laugh
The curse is gone
The time has passed ¨
The Lord asked
Would you jump quantumly
And take that apple away from Eve?
"No, I won't!"
Do you see the tear in her eye?
Your vision is blocked in an instant
With the dark
of the night
Only the truth can bring them to light

God has given us the intelligence capacity to help us
and others to overcome this
And wisdom for discretion

Everything is forgiven for the good you are living
I live in the blue mountain
Where all animals have E.S.P.
and told me not to confuse me

When you are girlfriend, it appears
and wants to get married
and have another child too
Can I call you, as I call you
in the mountains of my mind



You know we are help partners
We always help each other
Now there is no way
I will have a love affair with you
We have something precious
Too magical
Mental - you are my muse
I do not want to lose

Oh baby
For ten years I stopped getting old
I stopped the time inside
Delaying growth and other changes
And I did not move backwards
I am much younger than you think
I have to hide
I'm not too old to have and raise children
Not too young for dreams

Everything good changes you
And around you
For the best
Under the sun
Every heart with courage, faith and strength
For each family
Comfort and fun

This is what I have for you in my hand
From the heart a beautiful gold band
For your finger forever
Lord, to protect her

When I want to see you
I open the eyes of my heart
I see your children there
Every day something new
and full of love from you


The Book & The Ring

Part 1

Inspired to build a marriage
Guided by the hearts I see
A vision of a newborn baby in your arms
To keep you focused and
set you free

One day a girl tells me ¨there is no second date
No one will ever give you,
 The only thing you talk about is her
Who is she?
How come you don't talk about me? ¨

Oh my girlfriend
Yesterday I made a vow of celibacy
Until you wear the ring
reflecting emeralds in your diamond eyes
Last night in my dream with you
Your kisses filled me with all new kisses
I had to wake up and stop
I find all day feeling hard
Thinking of you
Your lips and eyes
Your hair and your fingers
Your figure whatever is perfect

It's almost harvest time
You are not part of my imagination
I know your smell
The look in your eyes
The way you smile
And your intimate ways
You are receptive
Always part of the story
Playful observer
It is more than a previous game
You are more than a girlfriend
You know what a genuine boyfriend needs
Etiquette lessons

Separate Reality

I love you today more than yesterday
And that is a fact
I've been in enough plays and movies and videos to know
What is real and when everything is an act

I know we can't have a baby
And I also wonder
Why you?
It is not me who chooses
I don't care what you do
As long as you do what you want to do
Although I'm in love, it's true
A marriage is a society too

When I read your mind, I know you care
Listening to the language in the air
Think this with me baby while I read your mind
Extraordinary Senses and Perception
Oh honey, I know you're kind

I feel you in my dreams
Touch you with my hands
Hold the gift of tongues
Show me what you can


1. Winter - Dreamland

You are not supposed to feel the wind or your hands in a dream
And I can feel the whisper of your breath in my face in a dream
The wind is a force you can't see
It moves like a breeze
It can make you sneeze
Can move trees
Make the mountains freeze
Or bring clean fresh air please
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

I'll see you anywhere baby
In a cave
Under a tree
In church
At home
In the city
In the country
About the world
Under a bridge
Or at sea
There are no borders
Or boards or boulders
We are not underwater
You drink and walk so free

We live in a land of dreams
Where I am in your scene
The children I love about you are the best
Your hair, your smell, your tender breasts
What I remember most are my dreams when you are there
There is no doubt that it is you
Lay lady lay in my big bed
Every inch of you I remember in my head
Stay, honey, stay a while
And let me see you smile

Then we go shopping
In another dream
I'm not gay but I love to see what you do
Another dream and I'm dancing with a girl with hair like you and
café eyes with sunglasses that make her eyes look like sapphires like Blue

Sometimes our dreams are just dreams and some come true
Sometimes our dreams are blue
Some are like mirrors and shadows too
Some end the night with the morning due



2. Spring - El Señor


Mi amor
Ask el Señor
He is the leader of a great old band
He sent you with a helping hand
To show us where we are going
Lincoln County Road or the wedding at the shore
Dreams like this one we had before
While I'm dancing on the floor talking with el Señor

Someday she will be on her way
From Florida to Rome
When I finish a poem
For your sister to read on the way home
To California
She is the beautiful signorina
Even Marco Polo will greet her
While Michelangelo poses for DaVinci on the floor
You have silence when you close the door
El Señor

Bring me close to you today
Some nights you´re as distant as the Milky Way
I look everywhere to find
Your hands inside my dreams and my mind
Ask the Lord, el Señor
Leader of an old big band
He sent you with a helping hand
Show us the great view and play
Surround me with your charm every day
Discover the way
It's a small world, they say
El Señor

I see your work woman
And the twelve rooms you have to clean
Get breakfast, lunch and dinner
Take care of children seen and not seen
Shower in the morning
Walk the dog and drive
Fill me with stories
Smile and ride
The darkness is happening
The true light shines through
Trusting in You
Greater is He who is in us
Than the one in the world
Mi amor
Ask el Señor

Only your eyes tell me the truth
Everything I always want to know about you
We don't want to get stuck in the past
Here and now it is forever with a love that will last

Only you can read the secrets that are not in the book
Then you can understand
Only your foot fits the glass slipper
The ring can only be held in your hand

I don't hear the words that others put in your ear
I hear the beat of your heart
I see the truth in your eyes
I see how you look
And the way you frame a book

Only you can see all the truth that develops
It is the roar of the ocean that makes this wild
Enjoy life and every moment
The way you love
When you are with your child


Diamond sparkling and revolving Animated Clipart

Baby, we have been blessed with the gifts of God
The talents we have
We serve the Lord and we thank
Because all that God gives us in love


You know I love you
More than the body
More than our mind
More than the truth
More like your heart
It has the secret key
To the fountain of youth

You know I want to talk to you and understand you
With all my heart
However, I can't but you know I keep trying
Until I can
Until I can
Until you are no longer frustrated

You know I need a child in my life
More than having a new baby
A child to love
Close as a family
With all my heart

You know mother
I ask you to choose my dates
You prepare me
I agree to have an adventure
I can't be you, so I want to be real
How it makes me feel
How it makes me feel
Hear the whistle in the wind
There are five rings
The friendship ring planted with our time
The lover's ring
of real gems sun thoughts and previous games
The diamond hearts engagement ring
The Gold Alliance
and The little finger ring
The boy grew through your eyes
He will always be a baby in your mind


When the moment comes

Who has seen days as dark as these?
Darkness is like a deafening silence
Living in maladaptive times When the time comes, please wake me up

The tension was deeper than could be written
I don't know how horrible it has been for some
Tonight there is assistance from a distance
Light that shines for our existence
No matter where we go, there will always be
Death is an aberration
Enoch tells Elijah in translation
For some it is a journey

When the moment comes
Close to your heart
There is a spirit in us, an inspiration
You can go there and tune in
To the grace of being human
Look around the world now
That appears after a reasonable wait
You can love the light wow
Experience the great
When the moment comes

Do you know the difference
Between freedom for the pursuit of happiness & liberty
There's a place
Where there is no
Disappointment or stress
Only irony
And only success
Does not ask for anything
The world is fragile, you can't deny it
It is a child with a mother
And your sister is like an olive tree that won't fall tonight
The wind will call at night
Pay attention and do the right thing
It is a special moment taking care of your body
Seek the kingdom of God
Coming up
Understand the eyes of love
Produce the fruit of light and freedom
It's not him or her or they or me
Only Jesus can set you free





Dear Prudence

Café eyes, it's true, she gave me inspiration
 How to love and establish a romantic atmosphere
 Our love was platonic
 And part of everything good
 She helped free my soul
 And now I'm complete
 I don't look back at what might have been
 I do not live in the past
 And I don't pretend
 When it comes to love
 My heart will send
 Emerald eyes,
 I trust you won't get tired of this
 I will always enjoy your lips
 When I see you smile
 Like a little girl
 Your eyes are green shining with diamond light
 The day makes the sun shine bright
 So beautiful and you too
 I want to be in your fantasy
 and dress you
 Open your eyes
 You are part of everything
 I had to impress you
 The first time
 Then you would remind me
 I love you more than her
 I know you're the best
 I will always be true to you
 Happy to be your special guest
 Ruby eyes,
 today is a burning sun for you
 It's not the rain
 That's not the same
 We are sailing in a boat
 We are walking on a pier
 We are having dinner and laughing
 We are reading and talking about what you wear
 Elegant woman
 You are in our life my friend
 As I am in yours
 Diamond eyes,
 Sometimes I get anxious
 I should know better
 To be calm and patient with you
 Who spells love with a ring
 For children and a mother with wings
 I never felt love like that
 Until you arrived
 There are bells ringing
 And birds flying high
 You smell sweet and fragrant
 Like wonderful roses and orchids
 In the meadows of your dawn
 In the dew of your mind
 Finding treasures
 Here now
 Turning a child's heart into a smile
 Today I send you all my love
 Can't compare this love or hide it
 You are who I want to be with
 I believe in you with all my heart
 I believe in you even when we are apart
 I imagine you the next morning
 like a masterpiece in my heart



This is the third poem for our Poetry for Children storybook




The Garden


In this garden there are flowers

 Plants that grow food, fruit trees

 and many bees

Worms and ladybugs

Caterpillars and dragonflies

 spiders and butterflies

 slugs and snails, a rabbit

sound of ocean whales

and many different birds

Sail the sky every day

There are no iguanas here, only lizards on their way

Gardeners don't like slugs

 "It's us or them," says the gardener

The bees are busy making honey

The birds sing and fly and keep us happy

In the outdoor sun, fog and dew.


I have a friend Mr. Snail

My lord snail is wise

He keeps his house on his back

Knows when and where to take a nap

In this pot he stays

Comes out at night

I bring him food early in the morning

Lettuce he likes

He sleeps in the pot during the day


It's so green in this garden

Children are very active moving fast

But focused and conscious

The kids are climbing the trees

I try to be like a fly on the wall

And let them be

Seeing every move they make


The girls want to be pushed on the swings

They want attention

"Look at me, look at me," they say

I take out a compact mirror from my phone and show them

The mirrors are to see, I say

And a girl responds

¨ looking for me¨

The other girl responds

¨looking at me¨


The boys discover

Catepillars and throw them at the girls

Who put them in a box

The butterfly watches children playing and collecting caterpillars

She is trapped in a spider web


Before the spider spun its silk cloth

The butterfly remembers that she was a little caterpillar

And she also wove a net, a cocoon

A place to rest and change

But the butterfly was worried

That the spider would come and eat her


Now the children see the butterfly and one takes a stick to help her

The other says that the spider has spidey sense and knows that the butterfly is here and his only worry is that she will destroy his beautiful web trying to escape


One of the children says

"The spider will not eat the butterfly because she dines with buttermilk and spiders do not like its taste"

The little boy slowly and carefully helps free the butterfly


He lifts her up and immediately she closes her wings but quietly stays in his hand

He cups the butterfly and places it in the palm of my hand

She closes her wings, opens them and moves to my fingers

She moves to the edge of my finger ready to jump


"It's ready to fly," says one of the girls

"She can't fly yet"

The other girl says

"My sense of the spider says she's going to be dinner tonight," says the boy

¨ She put a hole in his home web¨

"What about the caterpillars?"

¨ Push me, push me¨

¨Look at me, look at me¨


Singing birds and busy bees fly around the garden

Nature is the perfect playground

for happy children





10 de mayo es el Día de las Madres en México y es tradicional en algunos pueblos a reunirse frente a las casas de su madre después de la medianoche de este día, algunos con mariachis, y la noche no termina hasta que todas las madres son una serenata con esta canción:


Estas son las mañanitas, que cantaba el Rey David.
Hoy por ser día de las madres, te las cantamos a ti.
Despierta Mamá despierta mira que ya amaneció.
Ya los pajaritos cantan. La luna ya se metió.

Que linda está la mañana en que vengo a saludarte.
Venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte.
Ya viene amaneciendo. Y a la luz del día nos dio.
Levántate Madre mía. Mira que ya amaneció.



Estas fotos fueron tomadas @ La Academia de Ciencias de California el 16 de julio de 2017

La transición, transformación y metamorfosis


Anillos de armonía
Siempre inclinado, aprendiendo
Anhelo amoroso
Siembra girando
Ver el mundo desde dentro
Donde nos hemos estado preguntando
Quién sabe dónde va el viento
Y lo que un hombre dormido podría encontrar

¡Me encanta tu olor!
"Pero huelo a suciedad"
¡Me encanta tu olor!
¿Es verdad cuando nos convertimos en mariposas
¿Nos vamos a aparear?
"En tus sueños"
Me encanta tu olor oruga

"¿Notaste que he dejado de comer?
Es hora de colgar boca abajo sobre esta hoja
Y voy a empezar a girar
Un capullo de seda brillante
Donde mi cuerpo pasará por cambios y mis alas toman forma y forma, y como Paul dijo una vez:

 'No te conformes más al patrón de este mundo, sino que se transforme con la renovación de tu mente'
Este es el comienzo de mi transformación la transición
A tener alas de colores brillantes con patrones únicos”

Me encanta tu olor chica
Tú sabes tu destino
Va a ser
La mariposa más hermosa que he visto
Pero no estoy lista
Serás una mariposa antes de mi
Colgaré de la hoja de un árbol
El arbol de la Vida
Está en el Jardín del Edén
Hemos encontrado el puente a
Pero hay una espada flamígera que guarda ese árbol

Solitario, pero no viejo
Mantuvieron la lámpara encendida
A través de todas las edades
Para que tú y yo veamos
Solitario y olvidado
Ha sido el mundo para los hombres
Como nadie puede tocar ese árbol
Esa es la única hoja de árbol que colgaré de
Serás una mariposa antes de mi
Debes ayudarme a llegar a ese árbol
He visto tres de cuatro caras
En una visión
Solo los querubines que no puedo ver

"Su nombre es Uriel
Y no puedes llegar a ese árbol”
Dios mismo me ha dicho
"Nada es imposible" aunque improbable pueda parecerlo
Si no puedes ayudarme a conseguir lo que quiero
Me puedes mostrar como?

"Espero que salgas a volar
Con alas como mariposa
Y no seguir siendo
Terco como una abeja
Retumbando como un abejorro, o tío cachondo
Puedes esperar
Podemos estar de acuerdo
Esperarás por mi
Sé que quieres la inmortalidad "

Estaré esperando para verte cuando nazca la mariposa
Aquí anhelamos atrapar
El aliento entre
La ola y su boda
En un océano de existencia
Tu puedes cambiar

Como un conjunto de ropa

Desarrollar una nueva gama

Satisfaga su alma

Oruga con ojos de mariposa

Como una abeja a una rosa

Quiero ser como tú





Haz clic en el título de la canción para acceder al instante:


Solo Con Verte


Mi Razón de Ser

Banda MS (cover) Natalia Aguilar


LOVE - Jana Kramer

Image result for grande amore


Si Pudiera Yo



Siento el calor de la luz como el sol en tus manos

Siento el latido de tu corazón al alcance de tu mano

Huelo la fragancia de tu piel como inspiración

Siempre aprendiendo de ti

Nos lleva a una canción


Tú eres amor

Enamorado del amor

En tus manos

Donde buscas y encuentran

Nuestro amor es amable


Queremos descansar juntos en la playa

Mire el sol subir y bajar y ver el clima

Y cuando la luna brilla esta noche

Y las estrellas brillan

Me enseñarás tu idioma

En el centro de la atención romántica


Me encanta verte

Escuchar tu voz

Sentirte cerca

Para tocar tu elección

Mírate aquí

Escúchate ahora

Romance en el aire

Sonriendo y sacudiendo tu cabello

Mirándote hablar

Escuchando y dibujando



Feliz y ocupado


Eres la chica a la que estoy esperando

Mantengo mis ojos en la puerta

Cualquier día que aparezcas

Estoy feliz de verte

No recordaré qué decir

Olvida mis líneas y juega

Para mi, eres una super chica y una mujer maravillosa


Eres brillante como el brassavola digbiyana

Eres dulce como la miel y yo soy un sabroso plátano

Es el lenguaje del corazón

Una sensación mágica tan grandiosa

Serenata mi cuerpo en tus manos


Yo cuidaré y a vigilarte ti

Llamamiento a la protección celestial

Asegure en sus manos

Con cariño preciso y apasionado


Tú eres amor

Enamorado del amor

En tus manos

Donde buscas y encuentran

Nuestro amor es amable


English translation published @




Me haces sentir bien dentro

Un poco divertido e igual de inteligente

Eres la oruga en mi vida

Copia a mi corazón

Cuando era joven una mariposa se sentó en mi hombro y yo estaba muy tranquilo
 y la mariposa se quedó.
 Puedo llegar cerca, pero tomar un selfie con ellos es todo un reto.





"they Love Each Other
Lord, You can see it's true"

Para Maria y Jeramy

Una pareja romantica especial

When I translated this song from English to Spanish the first word "Merry" translated to "Maria"
It was a "Maria Navidad" when Maria & Jeramy became engaged on Christmas Day.
sE aman

María correr alrededor, Sailin arriba y hacia abajo, 
¿Está buscando una oportunidad en alguna dirección. 
Lo tengo desde la parte superior, no es nada puede detener, 
Tú sabes que hicieron una buena conexión. 

Ellos se aman, Señor usted puede ver que es verdad, 
Señor usted puede ver que su verdadero Señor, usted puede ver que es verdad. 

Podía pasar el tiempo, en torno a alguna otra línea 
Pero sabes que elegir este lugar a su lado. 
¡No se deje a su manera, no hay nada que puedas decir, 
Nada de lo que es necesario agregar o hacer. 

Ellos se aman, Señor usted puede ver que es verdad, 
Señor usted puede ver que su verdadero Señor, usted puede ver que es verdad. 

Su nada, explican, es como un tren diesel 
Será mejor que no estar allí cuando rueda, otra vez, 
Y cuando el tren en la rueda, uno se pregunta en su estado, 
Tienes que tratar de ver un poco más lejos.

Ellos se aman, Señor usted puede ver que es verdad, 
Señor usted puede ver que su verdadero Señor, usted puede ver que es verdad. 

Canción de Grateful Dead
(Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia)
Translation: Tania Carrasco, John Patenaude
Performed live in Spanish @
 Terrapin Crossroads 12/26/2018
Vocals, Uncle John
Guitars, Ross James & Alex Koford (Terrapin Family Band)
Keyboards, Jason Crosby (Terrapin Family Band)
Bass, Brian Hasrap (Casual Coalition)
Drums, Danny Luehring (Casual Coalition)




Poesía Leyendo en inglés y español

Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, California

22 de octubre 2018

Uncle John


Ojos De Café

Versos 1, 18



Despierto ahora, descubrí que eres la canción que atrae la mañana 


Estoy enamorado del amor si eso eres tú

Solo el amor puede desear

ver tu sueño hecho realidad

Emocionalmente tú

Haces esperar y esperar

Mientras espero y espero por ella, ella también me enseña a tener paciencia

Qué más puedo hacer

Estar cerca de ella

Ella es mi amiga, mi amor

Quién trabaja debajo de tu luna

Y se encuentra con el sol

No es una competencia

Ella elige mis fechas

Configurar mis escenas y

Limpia mis capítulos

Ella sabe lo que estoy buscando


Tiempo de juego con niños

Nuevos comentarios de entusiasmo divertido

Sonríes y

Pensamientos brillantes para inspirar mi escritura


Use ropa en el estante

Siéntete suave en tu espalda


Cuando hablas con ella, estás arriba

Hablando desde tu copa de amor

En un mundo lleno de engaños y mentiras

Sincero y amoroso son tus ojos de café



Awake now, I discovered that you are the song that attracts the morning


I'm in love with love if that's you

Only love can wish

see your dream come true

Emotionally you

You make wait and wait

While I wait and wait for her,

She also teaches me to have patience

What else can I do

Being close to her

She is mi amiga, mi amor

Who works under your moon

And meets the sun

It is not a competition

She chooses my dates

Configure my scenes and

Clean my chapters

She knows what I'm looking for


Play time with children

New comments of funny excitement

Smiles and

Bright thoughts to inspire my writing


Wear clothes on the shelf

Feel soft on your back


When you talk to her, you're up

Speaking from your cup of love

In a world full of deceptions and lies

Sincere and loving are your café eyes




Kevin Peak & Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh @Terrapin Crossroads

"Ramble On Rose" 10/15/2017



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Bob Weir & Phil Lesh 

Image result for mexican mother's day traditions

Today, May 10,  we open our Spanish site and celebrate Mother's Day in Mexico where  it's traditional in some towns to gather outside their mother's houses after midnight of this morning, some with mariachis, and the night doesn't end until all the mothers are serenaded with this song:



These are the mornings which KING David sang.
Today being Mother's Day, we sing them to you.
Mom wakes awake look already dawned.
And the little birds sing. The moon has already set.

Which is nice in the morning when I come to greet you.

We all come with joy and pleasure to congratulate you.
IT is already dawning the daylight he gave us.
Arise my Mother. Look already dawned.


by Marcos Witt

En mi corazón hay una canción
que demuestra mi pasión
para mi Rey y mi Señor
para Aquel que me amó

Hermoso eres, mi Señor
Hermoso eres Tú, amado mío

Tú eres la fuente de mi vida
y el anhelo de mi corazón


Marcos Witt es un cuatro veces ganador del premio Grammy Latino cantante cristiano y pastor.

He conocido a Marcos Witt. Su unción espiritual es fuente de inspiración.

Toco esta canción en la guitarra acústica y singit esta manera en el idioma Inglés:

Image result for HERMOSO ERES

In my heart there is a song
shows my passion and my love
for my King and my Lord

for the way that He loves me

you are beautiful, oh my Lord
You are beautiful, my beloved

You are the source of my life

and the desire of my heart

longing deep within my soul


"Caminos de Guanajuato" by José Alfredo Jiménez

No vale nada la vida
Life is worth nothing
La vida no vale nada
Life is worth nothing
Comienza siempre llorando
It always begins with crying
Y así llorando se acaba
And with crying is how it ends
Por eso es que en este mundo
Because of that in this world
La vida no vale nada
Life is worth nothing

Bonito León Guanajuato
Pretty León, Guanajuato
Su feria con su jugada
Her fair with her game
Ahí se apuesta la vida
There life is bet on
Y se respeta al que gana
And the winner is respected
Allá en mi León Guanajuato
There in my León Guanajuato
La vida no vale nada
Life is worth nothing

Camino de Guanajuato
Road of Guanajuato
Que pasas por tanto pueblos
That passes by so many towns
No pasas por Salamanca
Don't pass by Salamanca
Que ahí me hiere el recuerdo
For there the memory hurts me
Vete rodeando veredas
Take the pathways around
No pases por que me muero
Don't go there because I will die

El Cristo de tu montaña
The Christ of your mountain
el cerro del Cubilete
Of Mount Tumbler
Consuelo de los que sufren
Solace of those who suffer
Adoración de la gente
Worship of the people
El Cristo de tu montaña
The Christ of your mountain
Del cerro del Cubilete
Of Mount Tumbler

Camino de Santa Rosa
Road of Santa Rosa
La Sierra de Guanajuato
The Mountain Peak of Guanajuato
Ahí nomás tras lomita
There just over the ridge
Se ve Dolores Hidalgo
Dolores Hidalgo is seen
Ahí me quedo paisano
There I remain a country person
Ahí es mi pueblo adorado
There is my beloved town


No pasas por Salamanca - José Alfredo's brother died in Salamanca

El Cristo de tu montaña
- There is a famous statue of Jesus Christ with arms outstretched on Mt. Cubilete that can be seen for miles around. It is also the geographical center of Mexico. The word "cubilete" means "tumbler" as in the little cup that one uses to shake the dice.

La Sierra de Guanajuato - The word "sierra" means "saw" as in "sawtooth" and it is also used to refer to mountains that have peaks.

The translation that I made here is not a literal translation. Just like Jose Alfredo used a little "poetic license" with the Spanish words I did the same for the English words in the interest of making them sound natural.

Gracias a especialmente para este español Aprender cantando la lección

Thanks to especially for this Learning Spanish by singing lesson


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Las personas con necesidades especiales y discapacidades del desarollo tienen capacidad real y talento. Esta galería de artistas, cantantes, bailarines, viajeros y músicos no fue educada de la manera habitual pero capaz de cumplir con su gran potencial y son una solución modelo como ejemplos de amor en acción.

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