by Uncle John


I Saw Her Standing There

When I Think About You

Poems For Roses

Blue Mountain


River Of Time

All You Need Is Love

Honest To Goodness

River Of Light

Climate & Time Changes

River Of Sound

Daydream Eyes


Hello to my Heart

Hola a mi corazón


Ojos Esmeralda




Stella Shine

Brillo Estela


The Odyssey



She works in a happy house
Enjoys family fun exercise and home
She keeps a watch on her phone

I saw her standing there
With her beautiful smiling eyes and long hair
Clear and honest and aware

When her eyes meet mine
I feel fine
To our precious time
To keep us through the night
To face the dawn new and true
Like fresh flowers and  morning dew
Clean water and cool air

Her emerald glare
When I saw her standing there

When she stands and steps
with her hands on her hips
The flash of her watch in the twist of her wrist
I´m just another witness
To picture perfect fitness

There's more to love than meets the eye
There is the Spirit within you and I
Her smile is more attractive than the cleavage I see
Beauty surrounds me
In good company
An atmosphere of harmony

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When I think about you, I think of the hot sun

Shining in the life of everyone

Called to work you're gonna make it fun

Waiting for the day to come


Maybe it's the bow in the picture

Or the way you wear your hair

Maybe it's the flowers on the desk

Or the way you share


A photo of you in the garden of life

Sweet smelling air

With a butterfly personality

A caterpillar made aware


When I dream about you, I dream of the hot sun

Glowing in the dark for everyone

Resting from work you are going to make it fun

Waiting for the light to come





 from Café Eyes


The same Holy Spirit that lives in you

Lives in me

Who tells me where to go

and who to see


Imagine in my mind

Imagine in my heart

Photos of you that I find

Imagine yourself as art


Can you look inside your heart

that I will never break

No matter how tired you are

You are alert awake

You yawn

Waiting for the dusk

between daylight and dawn

Midnight in the lunar landscape

Butterflies escape

For the midday break

You can listen to your heart

While I see the sweet part

You're smart


Poems for roses

Written for you

Poems for roses

To put in your hair

Poems for roses

Some of them are true

Poems for roses

to sing for you


You know how awkward I can be

How strong and fast you are and free

It's your inspiration that I learn from

I want to be with you when you come

To the beach we learn then we teach

Listen to Mother Nature preach


You may get wet

You know the romance hasn't started yet

You are beautiful as is your family

And better than the rest

I can't help but be grateful

I only appreciate the best


I feel butterflies in my heart

Every day you are near to compose

Special magical moments

Love looks like a rose


Poems for roses

I write for you

Poems for roses

Any flower will do

Poems for roses

To teach us a thing or two

Buy borrow or take time

to spend with you



The invisible man is standing

at the window in plain sight

Of the blue mountain

and the only thing that remains

It will never be the same

He is holding a rain box

and he told me:


"I mean,

who do you think is going to believe it

when you tell them

you have the keys to the rain?"


I know you are the master

and I have the servant´s hand

Together through tears and laughter

chasing the promised land

Now I hold on to what I understand

Listening to the band

A woman is truly magnificent

In the eyes of a man


She wore cat sunglasses

 pure blue hearts

I can see blue

Who are you, blue eyes

"I have café  eyes," she says


Only you can make it rain

on a clear day

Only you inspire my heart

to share what you have to say

You only

have the key to unscrew the lock

And all the girls gather

to hear each other talk

About the blue mountain

Ripple of its fountain



Sleeping princess on the mountain

I'll begin with a song for thee

I traveled through to your miraculous fountain

Where you changed the weather

Fair for me

Recall the request from memory

We can fly like birds of a feather

Under the wings of trust

The truth shall be our shield and shelter

in the health of our countenance

Cast me not away from your presence

Fly with the holy high Spirit above thee

Featheree tell me

Is the news getting to you


Featheree  your eyes listen to me

with a song from the heart for thee

He's the sweetest love you'll ever find

Gentle loyal sweet and kind

Ready speedy taking the light

As the sky turns the day into night

To the love it makes

Like the delicate bow

Providing direction like an arrow

You are sincere when you say you won't compromise

Looking into a little bird's eyes

It ain't no joke no flash in the pan

It ain't no illusion no fake

It's beyond the conclusion

A simple solution

Let's regain our composure

With a new beginning and clean break

Another miracle

Another daybreak

 The princess is now awake

Please speak to them truly true

Is the news getting to you


It's a feather in your cap you see

I remember what you said to me

I wrote a story about you

Time will see

Your faith and joy inspire me

Follow the signs and watch for the clue

Is the news getting to you

"Featheree" by Uncle John

Written Marin county, California

Inspired by the natural beauty of Mount Tamalpais, Muir Woods, birds...




I am a man in pants in a spiritual trance

I´m here for the story as I listen and dance

As I channel her thoughts under the sun

Overlooking the riverbanks of fun


Love is burning in the hearts of youth

Learning as they grow

In the rhythm of the river´s flow

Keeping the sun aglow

Walking in truth

With each new moment you live and you live

You´re forgiving and you share your time

The trees grow

to become the pages of your life


The key to the future is there just ahead

The child holds the world

in the realm of his hand

It opens to a heart with wings

On a river of riddles

He sketches a drawing

of the return of spring

It makes me dance and her sing

Everyday the sun rises

Never is it late

New as a song

Star of the morning


When it´s  almost  morning and time to sleep

Get up go to working class for another week

Can I really give it all to you

Wish you well the best good luck

and make it all come true

A dream garden in a world of flowers

Not going to waste any hours

To share the truth

What is the fountain of your eternal youth

These are thoughts

going through my mind as I walk

Follow you when you talk

Makes me smile and rhyme

When the heart moves in rhythm

 with the mind

Love becomes a river in time

All You Need Is Love


Angel eyes

You make me come

To my senses

From a heart of love

I caught a wink from her

She says back to me with a smile


The stars long for darkness

 in order to shine

Our souls bear light illuminated

through our eyes


Positive and honest

A vision of love

Plans and concerns

Communication makes our world turn

Where we learn


Physical energy

Intellectual strength

Spiritual faithfulness

Emotional excitement




They won´t allow bullies

To put them down

Turn them over

Angelic crown



You make me come

To my senses

Through your eyes

And smile

So pretty and fair

The glance of your soul

The movement of your hair

The love of your brother over there

The creative feel in the air

Angel eyes

Extraordinary care


Poems of love

The way you look

I read you

In the eyes of your heart book

Makes a connection

She knows

There in my mind

Gentle loving and so kind

Like a hand to a glove

All you need is love

Photo by Mikaela Barrett


Honest to goodness

I need a woman who stays in shape

Always true to herself never wanna escape

Dancing with style she’s got the look

She’s not just another page in the book


All the dishes honeybabe

And fishes in the sea

The dirty clean air clear & there

For all of us to see &

Those bitchin’ babes

At the wishing well

You talk to them I’ve seen & heard of

& use words I could never spell

We daydream by electric candlelight

Achieve success by being polite

To show you the present

 Is gonna be pleasant


Honest to goodness

Love is where you began

Cradled inside a woman

Oh how happy I can be

When you’re here with me

Tell me I can persuade

You not to be afraid

To come along the esplanade

On a moonlit serenade

To the grand promenade


How I love to see u smile

Like a flower blooming

Or focus on the picture

While your mind is zooming

I look into your starlit eyes

According to the moon

When I'm with you in darkness

Light up make out the room

We stroll along

to the song and dance

Treasuring the moment

opens up the chance

To get your reaction

How I love to catch you now

When the night falls anyhow

And see the new you in action


Honest to goodness

I need a woman who stays in shape

Always true to herself never wanna escape

Dancing with style she’s got the look

She’s not just another page in the book


Start with the old begin with the new
Artistic vision daydreaming with you
Children are playing with big balloons
River candles for the bride and groom
Love shows and dances in tune
Full of view from the top of the mountain
Now guided by the light of the moon
The sun rises and there is a child riding
Start of the morning magnolia in bloom
Sometimes you are natural to act
Say what you have in mind
Intuition as a river of light
In telepathic time
You are hot he thinks, with light he wrote
When she takes off her coat
You're hot, he sees, she thinks of me
Balancing the river boat
I tell you a story about the spirit of women
It's a story about the love of man
Following her eyes while
They speak with their hands
Dancing to the beat, playing in the band
Fair maiden, he said, please,
Will you come with me?
I'll take you where you want to be
Play on the beach 
By the river of your dreams



The end of night is near

Waiting for the sun

 As the moon rises we hear

Horses on the run

Riding behind the pack

Changing what will come

Not looking back

To the hiss, horns, buzz and hum


Rain upon a dry land opening to the sea

Someone from the sky comes with a key

Turns into sound listen to them play

Bells calling darkness night

 and light the day


Do bees return to abundant flowers

As birds gather & fly by through showers

The awakening wind gathers momentum

Under the direction of its turning rhythm

Yesterday's chill today is a gentle breeze

Tonight is getting hot

tomorrow's day to freeze

Time counts its day in minutes and hours

Rain falls on everyone the air is ours


Been on the road for days

Travelling by a river running like a maze

Leading up to the event ready to age

Listening to every line

once written on a page

Backstage is all mirrors and masks

Makeup and safe ready to ask

Set and waiting and ready to act

The weather & time are precise & exact


Feel the fresh air and smell

Spring is sprung we're playing

Tall true tales we cannot tell

Sometimes we are praying

Listen search for hear

 As the air captures the sound

Draw me close and near

 The treasure we have is round

Walk down the railroad tracks

Climb a mountain on a hike

Jump & put in all your marbles & jacks

Stand up for who you are it's like


Climate and time changes

Weather information

Local conversation

Procrastination and speculation

Creation demonstration

Revelation and transformation

Climate and time changes us



When the midnight sun is setting

On the horizon of our dream

All the lessons that I learn about

Flow through me like a stream


Songs move within the river of sound

In the musician

Numbers roll in a maze through the mind

Of the mathematician

Poetry written in phrases with heart

In its own rhythm

Chronicles relating to special days

In a portrait of wisdom


We draw with cards for roses

And love inside a dream

Dive and rise to the kingdom within

Float on its river stream


Current as the wind

& changes in the tree

Sturdy like a tower

For truth and liberty


Been down in my life before

When you made me laugh

Changed my pity into a smile

Raised my head up like a giraffe


We overcome and are transformed

& in the cold stay warm

The wind whistles & the river sings

Listening to the song the river brings

Daydream Eyes


The way they look into his daydreaming eyes

Belle of the Ball

Star in the Hall

Lady on call

Babe in the White Dress

In a game like Chess

Nature on board

Thoughts like a cord

Daydream eyes see

And wonder who is she


Some say it´s like watching the True Man grow

Some say it´s a living color fantasy show

Some like to trot

Some like to talk

Some like to run

Some like to walk

Some sit still in the sun

Shines in the music glisten and come

For everyone

to play and listen have fun


Strength is not all physical

Spiritual, emotional, and cultural


Talent & Goal

To be balanced and whole


Dancing with you through the light

Eye to eyes

Mind to minds

 Sight of sights

Light to light


Paint your picture

Hear your call

Don´t matter whether or not you´re small

Belle of the Ball


She´s hot

Her eyes show what she´s got

And the girls always know

When the daydreaming men look

They grow


Star in the Hall

I can hear your call

You´re like the flower by the wall

 In the arrangement of roses and sunflowers too

I know you by your shoes


Babe in the white dress with butterfly eyes wide

Their last show´s your first

And you´re here by my side

Hear see and ride

Throughout the day we play

In the season of the rainbow day


Angel in the play

Show yourself on call and stay

Listen to the river wave

And the wind that carries the song to save

Our hearts within

Again and again

With no trick

Real dream magic


Daydreaming eyes

Like the True Man sees

Deep inside

Real sunshine

Wines and dines

Joyous feelings lifts them frees

Until they´re dancing for eternity


The way they look into his daydreaming eyes

Belle of the Ball

Star in the Hall

Lady on call

Babe in the White Dress

In a game like Chess

Nature on board

Thoughts like a cord

Daydream eyes see

And wonder who is she





From the edge of darkness

There is a glimmer of light

Leap for the daytime

Leave behind the night


People are afraid of getting old

Because all old people die

Have you wondered why


In your heart of inspiration


To stop discrimination


Look inside to realize


Through space and stars

And follow the weather

Time can change


Some have been waiting a lifetime to show a hand

Time for the showdown waiting for the band

This midnight gambler

Will become a full time rambler

Singing my heart here now for you


Coming into a desert town

For the showdown

Yes it all comes around

After the slowdown

The sound


I look in my heart

And there you are

Your magic eyes

And dancing guitar


Our eyes are like windows and mirrors too

That can be like a star´s light of truth

 The child can see

And is realized

Waiting to manifest

An inner light


For her name is wonder

Staring through you

The golden gate is open

To an inner world of ocean blue


Looking in to the eye of the sun

In order to see

Radiate beautifully

The way to do is to be

For the sea that bore me

Shall free me to be


Like the sea of tranquil desire

Like the sun with its heart on fire

Like a rose like a rose

Coming home coming home

Like a road like a road

Leading home


And this gentle rider

Going to go one higher

Dreaming up a story

Of their morning glory


This began with a bird you know

Begins again here with a show

Surrounded by kind love

And a sunshine rainbow


No longer carrying a frown

I´m coming into town

Going to show up

For the showdown


I been waiting for you

Yes, waiting here for you

Like the sea of tranquil desire

Like the sun with its heart on fire

Like a rose like a rose

Coming home coming home

Like a road like a road

Leading home


Hello to my Heart

 by Uncle John

Spanish translation by Tania Carrasco

The movement of the wind
Turn on the night lights
The stars in the sky shine
In sight of the sights

Do you know that time is waiting to become eternity
To see you as happy as you can be
Doing what I can
For you when you are kind
Through all the changes in our mind
Thanks for sharing the time

Playing and bells ringing
Dancing and singing
You know who the Master is
I'm just a working man
Together through our work and laughter
We've been chasing the promised land

Now that we are family
With a vision of liberty
I say to you
Hello to my heart
Goodbye to your misery

The prophesied time to come
For the troubadour of change
Makes its way around now
This world sure seems strange
The circle is complete
Back on the road
Across the great bridge
Like a boomerang coming home

With calm and patience and strength of all we are
I'm just a season to remember
And a long dream about a star
With a love song and a daydream
Vision of the Guardian of the Planet
And the source of our soul
Our life turns
The new world sung
And love
the masterpiece in the universe´s role

Dawn inside
Take me to your golden land
Put your mind in my hand
Look into your heart child and understand
Now that we are family
With a vision of liberty
I say to you
Hello to my heart
Goodbye to your misery

Hola a mi corazón

Traducción al español de  Tania Carrasco

El movimiento del viento
Enciende las luces de la noche
Las estrellas en el cielo brillan
A la vista de las vistas

¿Sabes que el tiempo está esperando para convertirse en eternidad?
Para verte tan feliz como puedas ser
Haciendo lo que puedo
Por ti cuando eres amable
A través de todos los cambios en nuestra mente
Gracias por compartir el tiempo

Jugando y campanas sonando
Bailando y cantando
Tu sabes quien es el Maestro
Soy solo un hombre trabajador
Juntos a través de nuestro trabajo y risas
Hemos estado persiguiendo la tierra prometida

Ahora que somos familia
Con una visión de la libertad
te digo
Hola a mi corazón
Adiós a tu miseria

El tiempo profetizado por venir
Por el trovador del cambio
Se abre camino ahora
Este mundo seguro que parece extraño
Ahora el círculo está completo
De vuelta a la carretera
Al otro lado del gran puente
Como un boomerang volviendo a casa

Con calma y paciencia y fuerza de todos somos
Soy solo una temporada para recordar
Y un largo sueño sobre una estrella
Con una canción de amor y un sueño
Visión del guardián del planeta
Y la fuente de nuestra alma
Nuestra vida gira
El nuevo mundo cantado
Y amor
la obra maestra en el papel del universo

Amanecer adentro
Llévame a tu tierra dorada
Pon tu mente en mi mano
Mira dentro de tu corazón niño y comprende
Ahora que somos familia
Con una visión de la libertad
te digo
Hola a mi corazón
Adiós a tu miseria

Ojos Esmeralda


feliz flecha
Reina de las hadas
Apunta al corazón más sincero jamás visto
Nada de lo que buscas
eso no se puede ganar
artista angelical
Contenta de estar
No tienes que glamorizar
Todo el amor que estás en tus ojos esmeralda

Ojos bonitos
Cada mañana
Cada noche
Cada día
Estás en mis pensamientos
No tan lejos
Aquí hoy
eres esquivo
No es tan fácil de atrapar
Tus ojos esmeralda

Te miro a los ojos
Que es lo que veo
Luz de una vida
mirándome hacia atrás
Caminando con gracia
Hablar de bromas
viendo su sonrisa
Enciende un lugar feliz

Su corazón es fuerte y verdadero
Hay acceso Divino en ti
Una verdad interior
Bella en una visión
Vista para levantarse
Su cuerpo como la joya
Reflejos de belleza
Sus ojos esmeralda

Mirando tus manos
Al latido de mi corazón
Mis vasos sanguíneos respiran
Y tu haces tu parte
La forma en que bailas con una pequeña patada
Y mueve tus dedos por tu cabello
me haces mover
Duro de compartir
El amor esta en mi sueño
sueño el sueño
Para traer el amanecer
En tus ojos esmeralda


Es hora de improvisar

siendo magnificado

A los ojos de otro

ella es fuerte y en forma

En equilibrio y en forma saludable

Me encanta

Como espejos y ventanas

De la misma manera


La vista de mi reflejo

En sus ojos esmeralda 

Happy arrow
Fairy queen
Aim for the truest heart ever seen
Nothing of what you are looking for
that can't be won
Angelic artist
Happy to be
You don't have to glamorize
All the love that is in your emerald eyes

Pretty eyes
Every morning
Each night
Every day
You're in my thoughts
Not so far
Here today
You are elusive
It's not so easy to catch
Your emerald eyes

I look into your eyes
What do I see
Light of a life
Looking back
Walking with grace
Talking face
Seeing your smile
Lights a happy place

Her heart is strong and true
There is Divine access in you
An inner truth
Beautiful in a vision
View to get up
Your body like a jewel
Beauty highlights
Her emerald eyes

Looking at your hands
To the beat of my heart
My blood vessels breathe
And you do your part
The way you dance with a little kick
And move your fingers through your hair
You make me move
Hard to share
Love is in my dream
Dream the dream
Looking for you
To bring the dawn
In your emerald eyes

It's time to improvise
Being magnified

In the eyes of another
She is strong and fit
In balance and in healthy shape
I love it

Like mirrors and windows

The sight of my reflection
In her emerald eyes

Hola doncella que bella

Me gusta lo que haces con tu cabello

La forma en que transformas el aire

Caminando al ritmo de tu corazón


Equilibrio en movimiento

En un camino y un despertar

Sonrisas de ojos brillantes

Como amables parientes


Mira al cielo

Cambios cercanos y lejanos

Mira tu forma de trabajar de entrar

Asombrado de quien eres

 Mirarte como una estrella en la noche

Una luz brillante en tu vida ilumina la horas

La inspiración absorbe la luz

El amor vibra, puedes sentir su poder


Hello maiden how beautiful

I like what you do with your hair

The way you transform the air

Walking to the rhythm of your heart


Balance in motion

On a path and a woke

Bright-eyed smiles

Like kind kinfolk


Look to the sky

Changes near and far

Look at your way of training

Amazed at who you are


Gaze on you like a star in the night

Brilliant light in your life illuminates the hours

Inspiration absorbs the light

Love vibrates you can feel its power

How to watch the 'Green Comet' in night skies

Stella Shine


Stella shine
Far away in my mind
Shimmer with the night awake
Until your light finds

The gold star is coming
She looks like a newbie
She moves me with a question
She is so carefree

Like the tail of a comet`s
Trail at night
Following every detail
She is a delight

She is like the song
Playing in my ears
Inside a dream
Of a thousand years

Brillo Estela

Brillo estela
Lejos en mi mente
Brilla con la noche despierta
Hasta que tu luz encuentre

La estrella dorada viene
Ella parece una novata
Ella me conmueve con una pregunta
Ella es tan despreocupada

Como la cola de un cometa
Sendero de noche
Siguiendo cada detalle
Ella es una delicia

Ella es como la cancion
Jugando en mis oídos
Dentro de un sueño
De mil años

The Odyssey


Dreams of love are made like this

At night she remembers her last kiss

As he was getting back from the dusty down under

With sand in his ears and heart full of wonder


One day you show

Grateful to get

The moment pressing forward

 Weather follows the set

A meteor shower oh what a sight

The moon is sweet and forthright

Not hidden like the fortnight

Makes the stars shine bright tonight

Showing us the sights


In a music band marching

Watching rifles being twirled

Drinking a cup of coffee

In the vacuum capital of the world

Frank is on the marquee

Welcome to the windmill girl

Rainbow fog light shining heaven

Showing us each gate and pearl

Down the road the wagon wheel

Rolling into the forest of gnarly burl


Everything we experience

 Under the moonlight in our time

On the beach and from above

 By the horizon sign

Over the hill & under the rainbow

 Past bedtime in your prime


Star of light

The heartbeat of love & true

Beauty bright

When they discover you

God gave each of us a soul and spirit too

Free to change the old familiar can become wonderful and new

First we believe & worship God & no other

Then show service in the love we have for one another


Heading for the sea of time to see fulfilling prophecy

You always think you're right then you're made aware & set free

Change the way you think you see

Like a caterpillar transforming life

 From the ground to the sky

Returns home in the bye and bye

On the wings of a butterfly

What can we do for you to open your soul heart's eye

A question burning with light

The answer is truth with insight


Generations & millenniums hand down love to overflow the cup

Rock 'n roll starts up

Big tides and forest green show up

Small seeds planted on the scene grow up



Coming Soon:


Storybook Kids