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Cuentos y Poemas

Escrito por Jhon Patenaude

Editora: Tania Carrasco

Las Hijas de Marleny

A mother and her daughters
Come from another world to our world
When those in this world forget how to communicate
Lost inside their minds
When the people around us argue
We must still be kind
We know how to control
Fear and anxiety
When to shut up and
Let's be honest
Don't be reckless

I pay attention to what God does in my life
He takes care of me
How lucky I am to meet them
The way they teach me love
The way they love each other too
The way God creates a way for this mom to follow the path she does
To get up
To a better place
A higher standard
A happier landing
Strong position
Hard work
The sound of children playing too
We go to a park with the dog by the bay
Just after dark and listen to the frogs in the twilight where children play
Look at the rabbits and the squirrels
Thinking about love in the heart of a mother and these girls

Three girls
You know them by their eyes
Café eyes, I keep learning from her inspiration
When I laugh when I cry
You all like her
She's fun
Too much fun
Can make me cry
To find the body can hold so much water
I turn to comfort myself in Mom's other daughter
Emerald eyes
She teaches me to talk and thrive
She shows me love in her eyes
Like the birds that fly
The joy of feeling alive
I enjoy every moment with her

The other sister is the light and the life in the eyes of the little ones
The way they play gets involved
Full of energy
Smiles and sometimes you get what you want
Sometimes none and then we compromise some
To live is to learn
Every day is new
I leave the darkness in me
Looking for light to see you and look at you
When you surprise me
Move my heart to love


Vision of the dance to make it rain - Part 1


Letras y Música por Uncle John
Traducción de Tania Carrasco

desde la obra de teatro "RAINDANCE"

escrito en Mexico


Lyrics & Music by Uncle John

Born in the hills of America
Raised in a desert cave
It wasn't until he was twenty-one years old
He met Jesus and was saved
He can move like a mountain lion
Smells like a bear for snakes
Sundance is so bold and strange
 As he is strong and brave
He has half a diamond per eye
And an eagle to guide his way
And he lived ten years inside the city
And he learned the roads of the city
He had a love for the game
A taste for whiskey
A weakness for pretty women
But he couldn't understand the cruelty
To lock up so many people inside prisons
He is a man who loves his freedom
He picked up a simple stone
And at night his would shine
Reflected on the city
Illuminated the road in the sky
They say he has ten thousand brothers
And all of them believing men
And ten thousand sisters
And many children
He has vision for a river of time
Who can stop the rain at will?
When you find him, he can make it rhyme
And get even better still
He walks inside the cities teaching ecology
He painted a rose for a masterpiece
And help the blind to see
He had a love for the game
A taste for whiskey
A weakness for pretty women
But he couldn't understand the cruelty
To lock up so many people inside prisons
He is a man who loves his freedom
Sundance is smart
And a man with many faces
But he´s the only one I know

Holding all four aces
Now some say he is a prophet
And some just one man
But I know him as a friend of Jesus
And a child of the desert sand
How can the most advanced
Civilization of all time
be so far behind
be so far behind?
Now Sundance is among you
Who helps the four-winged beast to fly?
Those who live to see
Half diamond for one eye
will have seen golden rain fall from the sky
Golden rain of the sky people
Sky roses
Golden rain from the sky
Roses from the sky!

When the moment comes

Who has seen days as dark as these?
Darkness is like a deafening silence
Living in maladaptive times When the time comes, please wake me up

The tension was deeper than could be written
I don't know how horrible it has been for some
Tonight there is assistance from a distance
Light that shines for our existence
No matter where we go, there will always be
Death is an aberration
Enoch tells Elijah in translation
For some it is a journey

When the moment comes
Close to your heart
There is a spirit in us, an inspiration
You can go there and tune in
To the grace of being human
Look around the world now
That appears after a reasonable wait
You can love the light wow
Experience the great
When the moment comes

Do you know the difference
Between freedom for the pursuit of happiness & liberty
There's a place
Where there is no
Disappointment or stress
Only irony
And only success
Does not ask for anything
The world is fragile, you can't deny it
It is a child with a mother
And your sister is like an olive tree that won't fall tonight
The wind will call at night
Pay attention and do the right thing
It is a special moment taking care of your body
Seek the kingdom of God
Coming up
Understand the eyes of love
Produce the fruit of light and freedom
It's not him or her or they or me
Only Jesus can set you free



excerpt from


1- Dark and tired days
In a smoky green haze
Dark and tired nights
burning light
See a woman by the well
Where she draws a glass of water
She offers a drink
for him standing in calm thirst
When they see each other, it's a shock, at first
They ask
She is your girlfriend?
"What do you say to them?" She asks me
I'm not your brother
It's nobody's business if you're my partner
or I am your lover

2- The light of the world
They are the eyes of my world
The light overcomes the dark places
To real trust
In real light
You know you're a bright babe
Keep me close to the truth
Inspire me
Make workers happy

3- Beauty in form and harmony
In a place of perfect symmetry
The love that is made in heaven is true
However, I cannot move forward when in an instant I am locked like this
Who brings this darkness?

4- ¨ My God turns my darkness into light
It gives me a clear vision
The eyes are the lamp of the body
Let this light shine in our hearts
To guide our way¨
she says and this is true

5- It was not easy to find you
I searched all over the world through
Looking for you
All my life
After my first wife
I searched online
I'm in line
I stopped
I met many girls there
Then I met your mother
With her positive simplicity
Smile for clarity
She is smart and wise and I trust her too
That love I found in you
And all of her daughters too
You made sense to my life
Along the watchtower
Love the children you feed
You help them cope with their needs
And look what you do for me
Corrections from you
The comments are true
Changing me
Conversations with you
Baby you'll see
She will let you
have two rings from me
One for each ear

6- This story is true
He had a girlfriend until he met her sister, who became his lover and they work together
He married his lover and they were in love with each other and they lived together with her sister and their children

7- Girls I know have at least
Two boyfriends in her mind
She wants a lover that is kind
And a husband to understand her

8- You want to know the truth
a touch of gray and a fountain of youth
I'm like a diamond baby, it's true
Hard and focused on you
It's more than the color of your eyes
There is more to you than it seems
Baby, I need them on my side
To keep you satisfied
I bring you comfort and work that is fun
You bring me sun

She was my first love, the best love
She showed me true love
And it allows me to practice love with
Kindness, Caring, Sharing
What I learned from her
Leading, Feeding, Guiding Me
Being held by arms so kind
We are not all mothers but we have all been children

The way a mother works is true inspiration
The way a mother cleans
The way she teaches us
It prepares us It protects us
She provides all the emotional support we need
She knows her children intimately
What do they have in mind
What they feel or fear
And helping them with the peace they will find
She knows what to do

All I know about mothers is that they are really smart
They get their wisdom not from the mind but from the heart
She is the only one we can surely depend
Mom oh mom is a child's best friend

Only mothers have the privilege and power to support life
We recognize her voice when we hear her
She takes us from the darkness to the light
Guided by a Holy Spirit
Mother nature we can see
How beautiful love can be
When I smile and play
I'm grateful that mom has given me life to live every new day


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Café Eyes

Verse 24

"The heart has its seasons, its own time and song poems"

They could sell tickets to see your wedding
I will send you the best cake you have ever seen
The icing is café
And the filling, green cream
Maybe I will be inside
Jump and say surprise
What do I do or where can I hide?
To take a last look at your café eyes

I see the world inside your café eyes
No one else can inspire me like you
No one else can touch my heart
Who can make a dream come true?
I see inside you like a book
When we get together
I can read you with a look

All I notice when I see you is your eyes
The window to your soul
Look inside your mind
Connect to your heart
And your family tree

Greater love my friend, my love, the future your sister listens while
The phone keeps ringing
And your wings are dry
I will always be grateful
For opening the opportunity to learn all I can
Are they the angels of heaven?

Thus began the love lessons
Love letters
Love episodes
Love work
Love songs
The language of love
Family love
A heart of love
one love her

When I look into your eyes
I can see the future
When you're not single anymore
The day you are married
Teach and learn from each other
Feed, work together with support and develop each other
Have fun with each other
Be kind to each other

They could sell tickets to see your wedding
I will send you the best cake you have ever seen
The icing is café
And the filling, green cream
Maybe I will be inside
Jump and say surprise
What do I do or where can I hide?
To take a last look at your café eyes


Only you can make it rain on a clear day
Only you inspire my heart to share what you have to say
You only have the key to unscrew the lock
And gather all the girls together to hear us talk

Libro de poesía en English & Español

Ojos de café


Autor: Jhon Patenaude

Traductor: Tania Carrasco



 Come Along


 When I Think About You


 River Of Light


 Time Star Wings


 When Did You Know?


 Poems For Roses


 In Your Hands


 A Marvelous Woman




Café Eyes



Libro de poesía en English & Español

© 2019 Café

Autor: Jhon Patenaude

Traductor: Tania Carrasco




The heart has its reasons, nights and poems for you

Sometimes I try to avoid you

 I have butterflies in my stomach and I do not know what to do

I'm paying attention even when I seem to ignore you

 You know how to read me too

 I forgot what to say and I do not want to be strange

What can I do for you?

 I serve you the truth and not lies

 Look in my eyes

See the reflection of your café eyes



 Just outside this lazy summer house

 Between the airport and there

 In the wireless space

 You are here now

 Like an angel

 Showing your love

 For your grandfather

 You are a healing and bright light

 Glitter shine  shine shine

 Your café eyes




 Wake up now discover that you are the song that brings the morning

You are the prettiest girl on a beautiful day

I just want to love you because now I'm happy

I am very shy and slow to express my feelings

When the sun heats

I listen to that song and I think of you

Glaring at me

And seeing my reflection in

Your café eyes



Sometimes we ride your horses

Sometimes we walk alone

Where the sun warms the night

And the day brings delight

When it's hot how we like it

Relax with food and drink and fun

Sit with your sister in the sun

Listen to music in the sand of the moonlight

Here the birds and the bees look for honey flowers

Waiting for you I write through the hours

Remembering how you are wise

All I think about are your café eyes




The seeds that were silent burst into bloom

You make people laugh

You make life fun

God built you to last

He created you for love

Enjoying your family

You speak, listen and reach

Laugh and then teach

Looking deep

In your café eyes



 The heart has its seasons, nights and songs


Our nights together you make me laugh

I frame your face in a photograph

Your heart is big and your hands are small

Your hair is long and you love to talk

I can get the best out of you

The greatest passion you have ever known

Because of the way I learn from you

How to tickle your mind and make you laugh

Mix together like half and half

Remember what you told me

About love and time

While I remember the signs

Bringing me to your café eyes





 you do not have time to call yourself a critic


my teacher says today no classes

Let's have a coffee

How am I doing?

You write

"Do you want to go to the movies with me?"

My love

you can follow what I'm seeing today

My inspiration

and teacher

Be my editor

What started as a search inside your eyes

It has become something more than

What could I imagine?

to find an expression in my mind in my heart

keeping my eyes on your smile

inspires me to write about your café eyes



Sometimes we visit your country and stay at home

There are sounds of frogs and toads

birds in the morning

and trucks on the roads

Towards the sand of the island

Family in mind, heart and hand

Love and peace

You help me

Restore my faith

And I'm always grateful

For the extended family

Seen through the eyes of your mom

You are visiting your dad

Grand and great

Children and you love to play

How is it that your eyes are blue, to you I say,

Or not, they are green today

"I have café eyes" you say



The heart has its beaches,

Homeland and your own thoughts

It's noisy at night like an iguana mystery

You come sailing through the sky

to the island like a butterfly

Under the clouds and over the sea

I will wear brass and bronze, copper and gold

if you take away the mosquitoes

In my dream you are dressed in flowers

And your eyes are in mine

where time does not have hours

And I see the same bright sun you see

crystal sand and what you do

The frogs come to court to greet you

"Do not worry" you write

Do not rush

"I told you that I would achieve it

Tomorrow I made with you "

Romantic tales and love songs

With you only for you

This love we can not hide

Looking inside your Café eyes



The night comes so quiet and is close to the day

I am like a child learning many different things with my teacher

You have a watch that I see

"You have time" you tell me

You are the best at what you do

Time will show you

"I really like that you thrive too"

Crazy about the light in your eyes

Sometimes they are green

in your torn jeans

the time we share

Watching your fingers moving through the air

"How am I doing the food?"

I'll bake you cakes to put in your mouth

Bring your chicken to eat with your hands

Fresh roasted coffee beans from your homeland

Made for love put us in a mood

You can free your time to celebrate your face with cake

And the fun you do

Always ready for your next surprise

Your love is real in your Café eyes




Awake now, I discovered that you are the song that attracts the morning


I'm in love with love if that's you

Only love can wish

see your dream come true

Emotionally you

You make wait and wait

While I wait and wait for her,

She also teaches me to have patience

What else can I do

Being close to her

She is mi amiga, mi amor

Who works under your moon

And meets the sun

It is not a competition

She chooses my dates

Configure my scenes and

Clean my chapters

She knows what I'm looking for


Play time with children

New comments of funny excitement

Smiles and

Bright thoughts to inspire my writing


Wear clothes on the shelf

Feel soft on your back


When you talk to her, you're up

Speaking from your cup of love

In a world full of deceptions and lies

Sincere and loving are your café eyes


Verse 21

Wake up to discover that you are the eyes of my world



Show me your finger, I say

And you show me your phone

You approach my ear and say

"I must reject your offer

But please give me a break

You know I'm ready to give everything

For any ring I take "




 I saw diamonds in your green eyes

"I have café eyes" you tell me

They turn green sometimes when you remind me of her




She is your dearest sister

She turns me on and heats me up

Surrounded by your family love

For the better, I have not been the same




You are like total opposite twins

Working, loving, faithful, loyal, friendly and fun

You bring the autumn rain

And she brings spring with her sun




And I will be with them in a boat and plane

Through the mountains

On a train

Building blocks and counting sheep

When we need, we sleep

I'll be thinking of you in the rain

And when I'm standing on a stage in Spain




I'm on the big stage reciting poems

Roses for Mi amiga, mi amor

With her loving look

by my side

While I read aloud about your café eyes


Verse 22

"Finger her" you say

Holding up four fingers

With a smile in your café  eyes

There is a ring around the roses

Rings around the sun

Like that ring around the moon

Your phone is ringing


When I think of you

I see her there too

We are in this for the long run

You are the one

Who told me about her

"She is the only one" you said

"You want to know better"

She has the qualities, the values, the works and light

She is a sight

A butterfly moment



I'm going to write love poems for her green eyes

And romanticize her heart

With patience and work and soft sounds

Then she keeps me close

Like the love you share with her



I cannot stop thinking about her

When I'm in the shower

Daydreaming about her every day

Little things about her

My heart beats

My mouth breathes

Longing to hear her tongue speak

Because of such strong love, I feel weak

I write to keep going

Send her words for flowers


"Mi amiga, mi amor

Ven por un rato

Déjame leer a te hoy

El grillo te está mirando

Una historia sobre un amor que es verdad

El grillo te está mirando

Los números no son nada nuevo

Te quiero

Para alimentarme

Voy a proporcionar para

Proteger te y a tus seres queridos y tu libertad

Te quiero

Para alimentarme "


Ella escote tiene forma de corazón 

Y tus pechos tienen corazones sonrientes en sus ojos

Cuando manejas a la vuelta de la esquina

Todo lo que ves son chicos

Intentando echarle un vistazo a ti y a tus ojos de café


She has a heart shape

And your breasts have smiling hearts in their eyes

When you drive around the corner

All you see are guys

Trying to get a look at you and your café eyes

  ©2018 Café



Poetry Letters

Autor: John Patenaude

Traductor: Tania Carrasco



 Come Along


 When I Think About You


 River Of Light


 Time Star Wings


 When Did You Know?


 Poems For Roses


 In Your Hands


 A Marvelous Woman




Café Eyes




©2019 Café





Libro de poesía en English & Español



Ten Story Poems

Author: John Patenaude

Editor: Tania Carrasco

1. Mercury Retrograde

2. From Saturn to Mars
3. Who has blue China cat eyes Neptune?
4. Ruby ​​eyes Uranus
5. Red Eye to Mars
6. Standing on the Moon
7. Red Rocks of Venus
8. Here comes the Sun
9. Emerald eyes of Jupiter
10. Café eyes Earth rain

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Chapter 9 - Emerald Eyes Jupiter

Part 3


The effects of Mercury on the green hills that watch over the sea
Eyes and her round breasts
Looking at me
As we prepare our tour of the emerald planet
We changed your rainy day into a heart face with a smile
Stay for a while
We can not push the river
You can not rush time
Sorry for the delay
Find a different rhyme
We are here for another day
Together we find a path
Work with time to play
You must work and not be weak
You can play without worry
His love for you is sweet
This love will last
Like aurora borealis, space weather is visible and vast

Hey, this planet is a heavy place
Here we weigh three or four hundred pounds
This photo of the comet was taken
When Voyager
Now billions of miles in another solar system
With the best view of the comet
Becoming a pearl necklace
Colliding against Jupiter
Looking away from Earth
There is still no brighter light ever seen
In our heaven

Image result for grande amore

Her long café hair
Café eyes and café mind
You will read about soon
After midnight under the moons
Come to Jupiter in our car pulled by eagles and special horses
Call all forces
of nature in the shape of a cake
Tinia Jupiter God of thunder and sky awake
Ruler of the solar system looks at the good and humble
Jupiter can see people being cruel, jealous, greedy, his rumble of thunder rumbles
He is under the King of the angels
And the weather bearer of fierce storms and storm changes
A big wind comes when a heavy rain falls

And with your hands
Show your heart in the sunlight
And listen to the birds
And the morning calls of Jupiter
Father sky and brother of Neptune
They point me to
The southern skies
By mouth and lips
We are on our way
We are light to bring the day

Oh Rubi Eyes, how did you get your name?
Who are you like love in the night appearing like a flame?
Under the sun and on the sea
Looking beyond there you find me
And you and she and him in eternity
And everyone you love
And spend time with
The cost of love is free
If your heart is faithful to you
So many dramas
So much rain
Independent she will bring me change
She chooses and configures and
She shows her legs in her pants clean
Emerald eyes she knows what I mean
Although they are not the same
El caballero advances us and calls us by name
We make ourselves love to become
With love when love makes us come



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10. Café eyes Earth rain Part 1

I was waking up from a long sleep
And it felt like days
With puzzles to put my mind in order
Reading books without borders
Now I remember why I am amazed
All I can see in my mind is her café eyes

There is a song playing on the radio
Or maybe it is a Broadway show
Or take out and walk
Find what you know
I can remember a lot about her
How can I forget it?

There is a cat in the window
Looking to see who drives that car
There is a song about love
Under the stairs, near the top and far

Is that a crack in time?
Is that magic yours or mine?
Today we let the sun shine
There is a simple twist of fate since you insist

Under the bell
With you for the good
Can you teach me how to spell
Shut the fool up

Every heart here we touch
We all care so much
We are under the wings of the Lord his protection
Your plan points to a connection

You are the only one like you
That can touch my heart like you do
Oh baby plays in your pen
Up with wisdom beyond the wind

Boomerang the song that I sang
They love each other, Lord we can see that it is true
I'll play another song for you
Beyond desire, birds fly higher
To see the waterfalls in my mind
Oh honey, you lead me to be kind

"Are women, smarter"?
I ask Emerald Eyes
She takes off her glasses
 The green of Mother Nature is reflected in her eyes
"That's right!" she says

Café eyes Earth rain Part 2

Related image

Café eye earth rain
Sunflower in an April shower
Love is where you started
The love of man was in the arms of your mother

They look at each other
Take care of each other
My love is like a brother

Café Eyes
Who shows me her soul
Who saved mine
And it made me complete

And her sister who saved me again
Put a smile on my face
She became my teacher and freed me
To show me colors
Learn to talk and see
Listen and smell
When I approach this close
To feel the heat of her body
To see in her heart
Reflecting on her beauty her face
Her hair
And her grace

Café Eyes
I can dance for you
Recite poetry and sing too
I can jump on the moon for you
Spend the night in a hotel on Mars
Just to hear you sing
Or whisper in my ear again
Holy love
Mysterious love
The platonic love that we have is true
Influential energy
For you for the gentleman
For me and for her and for them
Even though we said goodbye
We know that something here will surely last
Something about you exciting
Enthusiastic in a world that turns very fast
You can use your powers to do good
Maintain a clean and safe neighborhood
You will return to your land
Where the sky will rain fish

Flying Fish
That can make your wish come true

Café eyes Earth rain Part 3


You look in the eyes of love
You see all love lessons
Remember the language of love
I look in your café eyes
To see how she identifies
In the way she responds

She is like the sister of God
Who embraces everything good
To understand and know love
Hard work and your neighborhood

Oh, the power of love can be full of vanity
 The power to make fun
 and the power to please
The power to maintain our sanity

Just the way she opens and walks through the door
I show her the moon and I promise that she will not be bored
She starts to laugh and says that she has already heard everything before

She is very funny
She helps me with my work
We take a break and play
And laugh a little more
She laughs so hard
She is on the floor
I look at her cleavage
As she kneels on all fours
She says it's not the first time
She has been with guys like me before

As everyone calls her beautiful
While the men salute her in their pants
She was made for love
Words in letters of romance
A bird of paradise without price
spectacular exotic do not think twice
She knows when my heart is on fire
She comes and brings me ice
I'm alone with her in the kitchen
She smiles and smells so nice
I see her eating salad
Fantasize feeding her in bed
I wish I had the courage
To tell you what's in my head

She is the wettest love I've seen
The other is the hottest in a romantic dream
Hey, make me come and put on my jeans
The love of God never stops sharing love
And in the end
When greed loses
 True love is found in forgiveness
I love the drama lessons in her café eyes


Café Eyes

Author: John Patenaude

Spanish Translator: Tania Carrasco




1.         I Saw Her Standing There

2.        All My Lovin´

3.       All You Need Is Love

4.      From Me To You

5.       Emerald Eyes

6.      Dear Prudence

7.        I Want To Hold Your Hand

8.       Yellow Submarine

9.      P.S. I Love You

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Dear Prudence

Café eyes, it's true, she gave me inspiration
 How to love and establish a romantic atmosphere
 Our love was platonic
 And part of everything good
 She helped free my soul
 And now I'm complete
 I don't look back at what might have been
 I do not live in the past
 And I don't pretend
 When it comes to love
 My heart will send
 Emerald eyes,
 I trust you won't get tired of this
 I will always enjoy your lips
 When I see you smile
 Like a little girl
 Your eyes are green shining with diamond light
 The day makes the sun shine bright
 So beautiful and you too
 I want to be in your fantasy
 and dress you
 Open your eyes
 You are part of everything
 I had to impress you
 The first time
 Then you would remind me
 I love you more than her
 I know you're the best
 I will always be true to you
 Happy to be your special guest
 Ruby eyes,
 today is a burning sun for you
 It's not the rain
 That's not the same
 We are sailing in a boat
 We are walking on a pier
 We are having dinner and laughing
 We are reading and talking about what you wear
 Elegant woman
 You are in our life my friend
 As I am in yours
 Diamond eye,
 Sometimes I get anxious
 I should know better
 To be calm and patient with you
 Who spells love with a ring
 For two children and a mother with wings
 I never felt love like that
 Until you arrived
 There are bells ringing
 And birds flying high
 You smell sweet and fragrant
 Like wonderful roses and orchids
 In the meadows of your dawn
 In the dew of your mind
 Finding treasures
 Here now
 Turning a child's heart into a smile
 Today I send you all my love
 Can't compare this love or hide it
 You are who I want to be with
 I believe in you with all my heart
 I believe in you even when we are apart
 I imagine you the next morning
 like a masterpiece in my heart


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