Google's Gmail is the best anti-spam e-mail service, stopping virus and malware intruders trying to worm in

Anti-virus Security is highly recommended for all computers and smartphones

McAfee Internet Security recommended for Password Protection

Not even Norton 360 Internet Security, with strong Antivirus tools,

 could spot and warn me of an attack from

Windows Defender security warning

The Windows Defender security warning that might randomly pop up on your screen while youíre browsing is a type of malware that wants you to trick into contacting scammers. You can get infected with it by visiting a suspicious website, clicking on a malicious link, or simply having adware on your computer.

Windows Defender security warning is a type of scareware or a phishing scam.

It redirects you to a page that looks like the official Microsoft website, even though its URL suggests otherwise. The page will display a message that your computer has been infected with malware and that you need to contact a customer support agent by phone so that they could fix the problem. It rings a constant annoying alarm until you know how to ESC from it

One thing you should know about the Windows Defender Security warning is that it looks like a legit message by Windows, and thatís why itís so dangerous - many users might not even bat an eye and try to Google about it.

It is a common tactic of scammers - making a pop-up look as legitimate as possible so that people would not suspect anything bad.

In any case, the telephone number is most likely to direct you to a scam call center where an agent will either try to infect your computer with malware,  steal your personal information, or demand you pay money for fake services.


Windows Defender/Security Warning message


Scam, Social Engineering, Fraud


Any device with a web browser, but Windows devices are obviously more targeted


Fake error messages, fake warnings, pop-up errors, fake scans


Loss of sensitive information, identity theft, monetary loss, possible further infections

How to remove Windows Defender security warning pop-ups

How to Remove Windows Defender security warning from your browser


How can I protect my PC against viruses?

The Windows Defender security warning scam is not the only virus you can get on your computer.

There are lots of even bigger threats on the internet, and you should take every precaution to avoid them.

Here are the basic measures to protect your device against viruses:

To stop them and their annoying alarm, donīt call them.

Hit your ESC button on your computer,

then one finger on the CTRL key,

then stroke the right key, I believe it is j or k

Try other letters if need be until it stops