Listening In The Dark:

Women Reclaiming The Power of Intuition

by Amber Tamblyn

Reviewed by Uncle John


I notice that intuition is inherent in female adults, and children, often not recognized, claimed or awakened into awareness, developed as a part of the intellect that women can rely on with understanding. I learn something from each contributing essay in this book.

One example of how a woman´s intuition has helped me I clearly remember. We were travelling in Mexico, and Trey is driving and she backs the van into a spot to park. I get behind the van with my back to the wall and as she moves the van it suddenly buckles in reverse and pins me at my knees to the wall. She immediately pulls the van forward and I fall to the ground, in deep shock, and pain I couldn´t compute in my mind. A young Mexican saw what happened, helps me into the van, and jumps in to gives us directions in Spanish to the hospital. I am brought into the emergency room and when the doctor arrives, and examines me, he says he´s going to give me morphine. Trey immediately tells me that I don´t need that and it´s best for me to not take it. Because I trust her intuition, I refuse the medicine they were offering, and when I did, the shock immediately wore off, and I felt no pain, got up and walked out of the hospital.     

I work with women as my editors, not just for their grammatical skill, but because of their intuition, their inspiration, and instincts, knowing muses with comprehension and foresight. They have something I need that completes me.

Amber Tamblyn teaches us with this exercise: "Close your eyes and picture a window centered inside you. See it opening. Listen. What do you hear?”

Her experiences and insight of information helps us all to understand intuition, what she might define as a different kind of intelligence. Her discovery, persistence and work, helps women to understand intuition and know their hunches, gut feeling impressions, apprehensions at first sight, cognitive dreams, inner feelings, spirit and thoughts, to be in tune with our deep listening in the dark, to bring recognition of our experiences in the light of our life.


Intuition is the direct perception of truth independent of the reasoning process.

Instinct is natural intuitive power.

Women are gifted with intuition but  have to discover it by listening to their inner reflections,

connecting to and trusting their gut feeling hunches, knowing what feels right.

It is something worth working towards understanding.

It is a gift of cognition and recognition of something that stirs inside the

Instinct you possess. Her Mom, her mentor, teaches her that.

It does not come natural to men but we all have the ability to recognize our deep perceptions

Listening in the quiet of deep reflections, that is

Meditation to some.

Then we discover we have a second sight, a clear voyance, awakening the power of intuition in dreams, telepathy, esoteric and profound premonitions and clear perceptions, knowing with clarity, and articulating our inner voice, unique to everyone. Trust your feelings.

Amber Tamblyn shares a wealth of information in these essays, and in her own observations, investigations, perspectives and struggles, she connects intuition to creativity, and shares with us the power of the unconscious and subconscious mind, emotional thoughts, inner Divinity and poetic justice.

Embrace the experience of accessing your intuition with observation and practice. This book is worth reading to connect you to your intuitive instincts with insight and understanding. Trust your instincts.

The author shows us we can expand the human possibilities of experience with our dreams.

I once did an exercise to try and become aware inside my dream. I spent a summer in Redondo Beach, California and each night, for many weeks, I would tell myself, before I fell asleep, to find my hands in my dream. One night I am successful, conscious of my hands in the subconscious, and could focus on them and feel them, and when I awoke I remembered the dream vividly. Amazing events unfolded in the days following this dream.

Amber Tamblyn writes about her dreams, journals, and personal stories in her life, like the way she can express herself in dreams with wolves, and shows her courage in the face of conflicts that are therapeutic for her and us. She is a unique, fresh, stable, balanced articulate voice of understanding in the conflicted Hollywood community. She is able to rise above the dramas there, and share her deep introspections and impressions. In “Crossing Paths With Ghosts” she helps women reconnect with their intuitive intelligence, and her fearless approach to the subject of death can jar us, and strong communication for women helps them understand and reckon with their history and utilize the intuitive process available to them.


“From these stories, we have ventured out into a vast land of intuitive inquiry and discovery…

We have wandered through valleys of different experience, rivers of testimony, mountains of observation, dense forests of evidence…

We recognize all the shared obstacles: the forks in the road, the steep inclines of our learning, the dizzying hills and severe bends which beg us to slow down, look, see, listen…”

(from The Road Map, Realized by Amber Tamblyn)

I enjoy reading this book because Amber is so expressive and poetic, it comes natural in her writing ability. She helps me understand the writer within. “Writing requires more than intellectual thought, but a total immersion and application of our intuitive senses.”


In Conversation and Friendship:

A Dialogue on Navigating Intuition

America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn

Excerpt - Spanish  & English

En este capítulo, la poeta, escritora y actriz Amber Tamblyn y la actriz y directora America Ferrera entablan una conversación íntima, con ejemplos intuitivos, y comparten una química personal y profesional honesta que tienen entre sí, mientras exploran cómo usan intuición.

America Ferrera siempre tuvo, incluso cuando era niña, un “radar intensificado” para cualquier dinámica tácita que sucediera en la sala. Hay mucho aquí para aprender y disfrutar, ¡tómate el tiempo para leer este libro!

Le enseñan al cuerpo una nueva historia.


"Flexiona el músculo de tu intuición".


"Cuéntame más sobre ese músculo".


“Creo que nuestra intuición es como un músculo, y si no lo utilizamos se atrofia. Si no lo usas o ni siquiera sabes cómo identificarlo, entonces tampoco sabes que tienes intuición o que existe para empezar”.


"Como mis abdominales".


“Como tus abdominales. Y la forma de fortalecer tu intuición es usándola y resolviendola. Teniendo el coraje de actuar según tu intuición, de escucharla, de prestarle atención y estar en constante consulta con ella.

Me he vuelto más fuerte y he podido identificar lo que siento y cómo lo siento. Sé que en el momento, cuando tengo esa sensación en mis entrañas, de retención o de fluir, de cualquier manera sé qué es lo correcto para mí, y sí, tal vez será incómodo actuar en consecuencia, pero Voy a hacerlo. Y una vez que lo he hecho, todo se siente mucho mejor y mucho más alineado. Como un buen entrenamiento”.


"¡Has ejercitado ese músculo intuitivo!"


"¡Sí! Y después de hacerlo una vez, aunque sea solo una vez, ahora sabes acerca de ese músculo y cómo hacer que funcione para ti. Que está ahí para servirte. Aprendes que escuchar tu intuición, aunque sea difícil, siempre conducirá a un mejor resultado.

Y cuando actúas en consecuencia, puede que no siempre sea 100 por ciento correcto, pero al menos vas en esa dirección. Estás estirando y fortaleciendo ese músculo”.

Confia en tu intuicion.



“Aprende a escuchar tu cuerpo y su historia. Remodela tu relación con tu cuerpo, porque es el templo de tu intuición, de la parte de ti que se preocupa por tus mejores intereses”.


“Cuando sucede, cuando mi intuición se activa, vive en este espacio entre mis entrañas y mi corazón. Como dónde está tu plexo solar”.


"Eso tiene sentido. El plexo solar es donde la red más grande de nervios del cuerpo se encuentra y cruza. Es como la estación de metro de Times Square de nuestros cuerpos. ¡Tienes la línea suprarrenal! ¡Línea renal! ¡Línea de hígado! ¡Línea del estómago! ¡Línea Aorta! Tantas líneas nerviosas pasando por un área”.


"¡Exactamente! No es de extrañar que lo llamen solar porque realmente se siente como el sol dentro de ti que arroja luz sobre todo lo demás".


“Soy el sol dentro de América Ferrera”.


"Usted no. Mis hijos son el sol dentro de mí, Amber. Puedes ser como un rayo o dos”.


"Literalmente me habría conformado con una bengala".


"Definitivamente has sido una luz en la oscuridad cuando la necesitaba".

In this chapter, actress, poet, and writer, Amber Tamblyn and actress, director, America Ferrera engage in an intimate conversation, with intuitive examples, and they share an honest personal and professional chemistry they have with each other, as they explore how they use intuition.

America Ferrera always had, even as a child, a “heightened radar” for whatever unspoken dynamics were happening in the room. There is so much here to learn and enjoy, take the time to read this book!

They teach the body with a new story.


“Flex your intuition muscle.”


“Tell me more about that muscle.”


 “I think that our intuition is like a muscle, and if you don´t use it, it atrophies. If you don´t use it or don´t even know how to identify it, then you also don´t even know that you have intuition or it exists to begin with.”


“Like my abs.”

“Like your abs. And the way you get stronger in your intuition is by using it, working it out. By having the courage to act on your intuition, to listen, to actually pay attention to and be in constant consultation with it.

I have gotten stronger and been able to pinpoint what I feel and how I feel it. I know in the moment, when I get that feeling in my gut, a holding or a flowing, either way I know what´s right for me, and yes, maybe it´s going to be uncomfortable to act on it, but I´m going to do it. And once I´ve done it, everything feels so much better, and so much more aligned. Like a good workout.”


“You´ve worked out that intuitive muscle!”


“Yep! And after you do it one time-even just once- you now know about that muscle and how to get it to work for you. That it is there to serve you. You learn that listening to your intuition, even if it´s hard, will always end in a better outcome.

And when you act on it, it may not always be 100 percent right, but at least you´re headed in that direction. You are stretching and strengthening that muscle.”

Trust your intuition.


“Learn to listen to your body and its story. Reshape your relationship to your body, because it´s the temple for your intuition-for the part of you that has your best interests at heart.”


“When it is happening, when my intuition is kicking in, it lives in this space between my gut and my heart. Like where your solar plexus is.”


“That makes sense. The solar plexus is where the largest network of nerves in the body meet up and cross paths- It´s like the Times Square subway station of our bodies, You´ve got the Adrenal Line! Kidney Line! Liver Line! Stomach Line! Aorta Line! So many nerve lines passing through one area.”


“Exactly! It is no wonder they call it solar because it really does feel like the sun inside you that sheds light on everything else."


“I am the sun inside America Ferrera.”


“You are not. My children are the sun inside me, Amber. You can be, like a ray or two.”


“I would have literally settled for a flare.”


“You´ve definitely been a light in the dark when I needed one.”