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Bob Dylan´s Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour

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to be published 2024



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Bob Dylan´s Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour

"It's darkest 'fore the dawn (oh, Lord)"

--Bob Dylan from Rough and Rowdy Ways

The grateful dead are the Largest and bob dylan the grandest.

When I think of the Grateful Dead I think of Bob Dylan.

He is like Planet X, hidden but really there.

Walt Whitman´s Leaves Of Grass is in Bob Dylan´s playbook.

By definition, Bob Dylan has a complex and apparently paradoxical nature, to be inconsistent,

especially in a way that is ultimately noble or admirable.

I first heard "I Contain Multitudes" live, last October @ The Sweetwater Music Hall

when Blonde On The Tracks star Emma Swift covered Dylan.

Emma says, “Like many of the great Bob Dylan songs,

‘I Contain Multitudes’ is a magnet, a fly’s eye view of the cultural wilderness in which we wander. It’s magnificent and heartbreaking, a love letter to words and art and music, to all that has been lost and all that might be redeemed. To me this song has become an obsession, a mantra, a prayer. I can’t hope to eclipse it, all I hope to do is allow more people to hear it, to feel comforted by it, and to love it the way I do.”





Bob Dylan´s audience is anything but rough and rowdy. Not that they are not capable, many will find their way into a rowdy bar later. Rough and Rowdy Ways is not about the audience but it is for them. It is a communication in spirit. This audience, at the Fox Theater in Oakland, all 2800 sitting in their seats, are well behaved, a gentle folk, focused and attentive when the music begins. They are a quiet crowd who listen rather than talk in distraction. This concert does not allow pictures taken or video recordings. Not a cell phone is lit in the place. Everyone is wearing a mask, indicative of the sensitive times we live in on a world bugged by viruses. Everyone I see leaving the show has a satisfied look. The crowd is upbeat and the conversation is not about Rough and Rowdy Ways. The buzz on the street capturing the attention of everyone walking by is a question posed to them: "What is your favorite song that Bob Dylan didn´t play tonight?" The answer given most

"Tangled Up In Blue"

"Rainy Day Women #12 & 35"

"Things Have Changed".


A 7-inch single cover showing Bob Dylan in front of a field. The words "Bob Dylan", "Watching The River Flow", and "Spanish Is The Loving Tongue" appear over the picture.


Bob Dylan - False Prophet (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube



to be continued


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