Poetry is like a painting with words, one seen the other heard. Some poetry is read and some poems are a singing song.



"Never give up. After the rain...a rainbow. After the storm...the calm. After an end, a new beginning"

Songs, Play & Poems  by UNCLE JOHN

except "Jordan" Traditional, by NRPS & Grateful Dead

& "Rainbow" by Uncle John & Tobey Stein

The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion) by Ron McKernan


The love of my life comes with roses




Autor: Jhon Ramirez

Traductor: Tania Carrasco


from  Café Eyes

The same Holy Spirit that lives in you
This lives in me
Who tells me where to go
and who to see

Imagine yourself in my mind
Imagine yourself in my heart
Pictures of you that I find
Imagine yourself as art

You can look inside your heart
That I will never break
It doesn't matter how tired you are
You're awake alert
You yawn
Waiting for dusk between daylight and sunrise
Midnight in the lunar landscape
Butterflies escape
For the noon break
Can you hear your heart
While I see the sweet part
You're smart

Poems for roses
Written for you
Poems for roses
To put on your hair
Poems for roses
Some of them are true
Poems for roses
To sing for you

You know how awkward I can be
How strong and fast you are and free
It is your inspiration from which I learn
I want to be with you when you come

You may get wet
You know the romance hasn't started yet
You are as beautiful as your sister
And better than the rest
I can't help but be grateful
I only appreciate the best

I feel butterflies in my heart
Every day you are close
Special magic moments
Love looks like a rose

Poems for roses
I write for you
Poems for roses
Any flower will do
Poems for roses
To teach us a thing or two
Buy or borrow time
To spend with you



Let the sun shine

Let the sun shine
Love is more than a word inside our head
All I know is that death affects the living, not the dead
Outside there is a smoky fog
Inside it teaches me to remain astonished
In this green maze

Oh wonderful woman
There is a language we all know
And we can read
The smile

From mom
To the love of California
Let the sun shine
Let your love be yours and mine

Children are
with friends
he can tell you this
You will do this rich if he persists and you insist
He has an attentive and attractive businesswoman
You're girlfriend
He wants to be the lover you love
need to be a partner helps
to make you happy
for your life

He won't break your heart
or make you jealous
Only love makes him do the things he does for you
Let the sun shine 
Day dream come true

Las Hijas de Marleny

A mother and her daughters
Come from another world to our world
When those in this world forget how to communicate
Lost inside their minds
When the people around us argue
We must still be kind
We know how to control
Fear and anxiety
When to shut up and
Let's be honest
Don't be reckless

I pay attention to what God does in my life
He takes care of me
How lucky I am to meet them
The way they teach me love
The way they love each other too
The way God creates a way for this mom to follow the path she does
To get up
To a better place
A higher standard
A happier landing
Strong position
Hard work
The sound of children playing too
We go to a park with the dog by the bay
Just after dark and listen to the frogs in the twilight where children play
Look at the rabbits and the squirrels
Thinking about love in the heart of a mother and these girls

Three girls
You know them by their eyes
Café eyes, I keep learning from her inspiration
When I laugh when I cry
You all like her
She's fun
Too much fun
Can make me cry
To find the body can hold so much water
I turn to comfort myself in Mom's other daughter
Emerald eyes
She teaches me to talk and thrive
She shows me love in her eyes
Like the birds that fly
The joy of feeling alive
I enjoy every moment with her

The other sister is the light and the life in the eyes of the little ones
The way they play gets involved
Full of energy
Smiles and sometimes you get what you want
Sometimes none and then we compromise some
To live is to learn
Every day is new
I leave the darkness in me
Looking for light to see you and look at you
When you surprise me
Move my heart to love




You can change

Like your clothes

Develop a new range

Satisfy your soul

Caterpillar with butterfly eyes

Like a bee to a rose


By the native cool stream

On the mountain in your dream

Walking the valley along the road

Looking so horny & acting in bold


Walking through the front of the street dock

Gather to watch the squeeze game & see the batter rock

Listening to jazz and the fog bell

Looking up at the gleam in his eyes through the crack of his shell


Put on your blue jeans and best dark shirt

Look into your spirit with a heart to flirt

Be grateful that they said don't let it go to your head

From your heart to your pants

In your dreams of romance


We break the cycle of hate by the strength of love

In the center of attention of our mind

Sleeping and waking born to say

For greater love as we pray

Another night to reach a new day


Will you rise or be born again

Rotate and turn a ramp or a rocky bend

Caterpillar with butterfly eyes

Smile singing growing up to be wise


I need to know what you think
It's not what I know
You don't need to be afraid
You will survive and grow

You are more than a study about life
You don't have to be a girlfriend
You don't have to be a wife
Unless you want that in your life
As long as you are the best mother you can be for your son
You will overcome any contest

Love is about caring and sharing
If you ever need a shoulder to cry
Or an ear to listen
Here near and dear

Let me in
Your thoughts your mind your heart
Let me walk with you
Talk to you
Look at yourself and feel new
Or do you want to focus on the differences too?
I've always talked my mind with you
And I've gone through all the darkness you once went through or faced
and can guide you through and true
There's a bright bright light through that dark tunnel in you


Look in the night sky after sunset see the big dipper
Look out at the river and view the ships
Wave to the skipper
 Heading home by sea or train sky or road by satellite location

The north star always points in the right direction

There are carpet patterns beneath my feet
Form to shape with intricate hues
You come out at night when we meet
Play in our dancing shoes
I can get as close to you as a star can be so far
I wonder what you're thinking about
As you contemplate who you are
You can dream of where you want to be
Until you show up under the stars

There is gladness in my heart
When you dream I think of you
As I love to see the stars
Listen for the interview
There's a coterie surrounding you
Watching you do your best
Now I improve my relations
Gracious to see each guest

Peering through the oriel at the diorama
Working with pastels behind the marina
Stargazing in the castle on the isle of Catalina
Gonna leap ahead and sing in the cantina
Look up over the trees and see
 The big picture in the sky
You remind me
Of a small butterfly
Make your mind hold on
Smile for the next picture
In an age of lost innocence
For a word found in Scripture
Filuted pilasters and flower lapels
Beautiful pictures & clean she smells
Politeness is a virtue among the nouveaux riche
Not out of reach
Life can be a beach

I wander from yonder to this - pen
My thoughts they scatter - then
Like mind over matter - when
If you don't mind - then
It won't matter

Blessed by the Star of Orion
Guarded by an enchanted lion
And a tree with flexible limbs
That hold and protect you and them

He rings the bell in the citadel
 & calls upon the queen
And asks her when she'll be making the scene
He's not really staring he's stargazing you know
Is this another feeling that will come and go
Listening softly following slow
Anyone can be an inspiration
Not everyone can put on a show

Look in the night sky after sunset see the big dipper
Look out at the river and view the ships
Wave to the skipper
 Heading home by sea or train sky or road by satellite location

The north star always points in the right direction


He's not really staring he's stargazing you know
Is this another feeling that will come and go
Listening softly following slow
Anyone can be an inspiration
Not everyone can put on a show

Look in the night sky after sunset see the big dipper
Look out at the river and view the ships
Wave to the skipper
 Heading home by sea or train sky or road by satellite location

The north star always points in the right direction





by Jhon Ramirez

©2019 Animation Factory. used with Permission

Editor: Tania Carrasco

On March 19, 2000, taking refuge in place on the last day of winter, I noticed that the bedroom alarm clock reads 12:00 midnight. Then the time suddenly goes dark, yet there is electricity.

Clocks in this house behave strangely. The kitchen clock changes the time by itself, and is always accurate for daylight saving time.

The alarm clock is dead. I go online and request a new alarm clock. It arrives by delivery and comes with two alarms and has a ten minute snooze button. I set the alarms.

The next morning I get up early in the dark with the sound of birds, louder than usual this morning and a beautiful song. I love that I woke up before the alarm and it took me a while to look at the clock and then realize that birds are the alarm. After a few days of trying to get up with the birds, I discover that there are other alarms in the program and chose one that would wake me up, and I set the alarms and went to sleep. I woke up to a loud alarm and press the repeat button for a ten minute break. When it rang again, I hit the stop button. Or did I press the repeat button, because the alarm sounds again? Again I press stop, then the repeat button, over and over, but it didn't stop. I also hit stop on the other alarm. Finally, I pull the plug out of the wall.
 And it kept ringing. I find the volume button and lower it completely, but it is still ringing. Aha, there is a battery. I find the hatch, open it, and three empty spaces for the AAA batteries that aren't there. I can't turn it off and decide to throw it away. At that point I look up on the shelf in front of me and see my phone and remember that I put my alarm on there too and sure enough that was the ringing and I turn it off. How could the watch and phone have the same alarm tone?

Then I remember the kitchen clock.Click for video



You say you can't remember your dreams
Because they take place in another world
Where I can remember my hunger
How she fed me with her love
In another dream she is a mother to me
And then I'm with my brother
In another night and a different scene

Every morning she is naked
Born in a new world to wear clothes
How can you see your dreams
when your eyes are closed
We are all the same here it seems
But what about your ears and nose?
Can you hear in your dreams?
Can you smell and feel your toes?
Our dreams are in our mind
What about our soul
Our dreams are from the subconscious
And it feeds on our emotional
Mind with internal vision

In my mind´s eye I seek my hands
In my dream I touch my navel
And fly with birds in the breeze
Being on stage with the band
And in the yard with the kids in the trees
I saw and felt and found my hands
In another world, clean new air
in pearl perfect weather and so is your hair

Of another world
In our time
Not to be behind
Good to teach in both worlds
To be kind
Be free
Can you understand me?
Or I can send you a picture to show you what I see

The air is clean today
As if we were in the field
Spring blooms brings changes
Notice the flowers like the bees
The flow of birds in the trees
Fresh breeze

Here we are in a jungle
Near the edge of the night
The flow of spring rivers
In you it guides us like a light
Change instantly
Maintain a state of mind
Be free
Like a mountaintop to the sky
With children in her heart
Where she feels love
Like heaven above
Observing the sea
I see a blooming flower
Sun inside
She is spring for me

Spring has arrived
When songs of joy are sung
He is a forecaster
Cool communicator
She is an innovator
But her dreams are not well known
Find the time to tune into your mind when you're alone
She is queen on the phone

Inside my mind is a photograph of you
When I look into your eyes
I see the Lord in you
Comfort and truth
Values ​​and courage
A sweet inspiration
When my muse comes to mind
All the love I find
The spirit is expressing
Peace and blessing


The sun rises and the season opens
Time is surrounded by the chorus of words unspoken
Time is relative
Past present future continuity
Father time unfolds eternity
Securing our destiny
Spiritually golden
No expectation
To enjoy everything we have

The birds in the sky speak to me
They ask about the clouds and change in scenery
They tell me about a tree that talks
And to visit bees
Bring honey back home please

There was a butterfly on the tree
And a boy climbing there
Caterpillars falling into cubes
Children playing everywhere

We want to be vigilant
Smart heart
Keep your hand over your heart
Keep your mind on your love
Keep your eyes on the road mom
Family singing harmony

The darkness has shone
What it's like to be alone
Living near the unknown
Making us discover when we seek
To try to live with yourself for a week
Or two or three or more
People are afraid of the unknown
I can not explain it
I do not get it
Don't get it!
Look ahead with determination
Time heals

Oh baby
I love the way you are
You love God and children too
When everything is new
Love is the way you do the things you do
Love only gets better
When you are in the love of Jesus
Like a stream flowing in the desert
A lighthouse in the fog
Comes on the wings of wisdom
As a messenger from God





The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)

by Ron McKernan


What are they seeing, when they look in each other's eyes?
What are they feeling, when they see each other's smile?
Is it a love I've never known - or an emotion that I've outgrown?

Did I take a wrong turning on life's winding road?
Won't somebody help me find the right way to go?
My life need some correction, alteration in direction
Won't somebody comfort me for a while - yes, I'm lost

What is the secret of this tie that binds?
Two souls in communion, both body and mind
Is it special magic, or just the nature of things?
Conceived of great spirit, not for beggars but kings

You who have found it, please help me along
I'm a man, I'm a man, - I'm not made out of stone
My needs they are simple, I don't want many things,
But I truly want to fly on those wings of love one more time.

That's all I need (fly up, fly home)
I want to fly on them wings (fly up, fly home)
I want to fly on them wings of love (fly up, fly home)
I'm a stranger here (fly up, fly home)
Won't somebody help me now (fly up, fly home)
I wake up early in the morning (fly up, fly home)
you know I never saw you babe (fly up, fly home)
I just can't seem to understand
Can't seem to understand what's wrong (fly up, fly home)
What I wanna do is take a little ride with you, on the wings of love
Woh-oh one more time, one more time



by Uncle John


You born from the dust an orphan adopted in good health

Grew up with a proud look into wealth

Who knows you like the river sees your humble side

Far from the night behind time and the tide

You answer to the noonday sun

Barefoot on stage your thoughts are like one


Who cares about your soul

While so many idol eyes your role

You could be going to hell but No!

God is drawing you and this generation too

People are praying you into the kingdom of truth

By the grace of God in an alley play

Round hall way


You make your heart like a candlewick

Stay in your disguise really thick

Come on up when you´re down

To the weird side of town

To the light above their frowns

Like travelling clowns


You know what I believe in

When I say I believe you

No matter what you´re age you´re no angel

You´re still in your youth

When the night meets the day

Like a hole in the sky wall

Round hall way


You´re not going to hell for nobody

Fair morning and grateful ahead

Different from what was read

Among the bewildered and surprised not the stereotype

So amazing and ripe


The children of God shall be restored at peace

The story rewritten the song remastered and released

Come on up & over & around

Find the eternal transport sound

Amazing grace or whatever it takes

To get to heaven and remain awake


Who cares about your soul

While so many idol eyes your role

You could be going to hell but No!

God is drawing you and this generation too

People are praying you into the kingdom of truth

By the grace of God in an alley play

Round hall way




Liberty Coruzzo wears roses in her hair

She still attracts a crowd

who all cry out at her & stare

get drunk and laugh out loud

Foxy boys chase young girls & chat with

beautiful women with butterfly hairpins

The old timers cheer at the sight of

Liberty on the back of a terrapin

singing like the leaves blowing in the wind



We were at the carnival fair

and noted when the times were so good

We climbed the stone stairs past the turn in the street

where we recalled our childhood

We ran into Ida Red & the queen of the magazine

Michelle & I

among the crowd and smoke

the endless noise and scenes



Freya Chanteur sings with the band

She holds a tarantula painted on a rouge-colored fan

and with  a wave of her hand

sees the face of Jesse in the crowd

and cries with her eyes clear and loud

She falls in love with his gentle stare

Time passes through his fingers in her hair

In a public act of loyal tradition

she marries the gypsy on a terrapin



We went to the Tally-Ho tavern

 to see a fiddler's contest held there

We were amused by this unusual lady &

knocked out by the perfume in the air

We watched from the window the wanderin' and weary

in their chameleon webs in the thick of night

In the distance there is the faint sound of misty bells

while they visit the world through slits of their shells

"Daniel Rafael" Michelle introduces me



I'd like you to meet pretty Peggy the mysterious lady

She comes from eastern Europe

Her father's an investor

She's got some money & knows what she's after

She plays in the pool parlor in Breakfast Alley



One night she drove Michelle & me & Liberty

out to the valley &

led us to a hermit's cave

where he lit a lantern played guitar and sang



It's gotta be all or nothing at all babe



His hands are as cold as ice

yet I can see sweat pour from his brow

I look at the lines on his face

He survived an ordeal he wouldn't tell now



We were drinking wine on Alligator Mountain

I expressed love greater than mine

and he turned to me in perfect mime



My heart is an open book to you

Red sails in the sunset are overlooking you

You better know what you're doing



Like true love I never felt like this



He's been on live stages and what he practiced was kind

He knew fugitives and sages & found few of similar mind

He walks out of the pages like a knight on the road that winds

and breaks the cages of ephemeral walls to find



He went round about the river and didn't come back till he was grey

He retreated inside a palace on the edge of the old highway



There's a voice deep inside of the ancient one calling you

The door's not marked but the light shines through



He stood upon balanced rock

In the garden of the gods

A mountain peak in a twilight storm

In a castle with rock and rod

Wander into sunlight

 Climbing watching little bear

Sunshine peakin' through the clouds

In the cool big top air

And meet at the summit

Of the pyramid there

Powwow with Red Cloud

In the old roundup you steer

One fresh breath of air

And you know God is near

His handiwork is everywhere

Provides for the birds in the air

 And the feathers they wear


We climb a mountain to its elevation

Look to the center core of the eluviation

All along the wall of rock up and down the stairs

Cool wind whistlin' mountain top blowin' her hair


We can go back four centuries

Follow three rivers through the mountains and trees

Two sides of reality

One bright light of an idea suddenly

It is the cool of nighttime beat

The earth rose until the moon set under our feet


The bees and birds and butterfly

All know what to do

 Work and stay busy

Always be true

Willing to change for the best you can do


Red rocks and roses

Forever family bustin' poses

Who seen the sun set over the ocean

And the red rising sun in motion


Looking out round and rounder windows

On a ship sailing around the world

With an original creative and wise

 Independent girl

Able and mature

Kind to all nature

Paint a picture of her


We rode up and around and around

And around the mountain

And up and around and around

And around hula up

To where you can't climb any more stairs

You can't elevate to the caves in the rocks that are there

Peaceful and aware

Among the tree tops we feel in the cool mountain air


"O star of wonder star of light
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light"





Dreams of love are made like this

At night she remembers her last kiss

As he was getting back from the dusty down under

With sand in his ears and heart full of wonder


One day you show

Grateful to get

The moment pressing forward

 Weather follows the set

A meteor shower oh what a sight

The moon is sweet and forthright

Not hidden like the fortnight

Makes the stars shine bright tonight

Showing us the sights


In a music band marching

Watching rifles being twirled

Drinking a cup of coffee

In the vacuum capital of the world

Frank is on the marquee

Welcome to the windmill girl

Rainbow fog light shining heaven

Showing us each gate and pearl

Down the road the wagon wheel

Rolling into the forest of gnarly burl


Everything we experience

 Under the moonlight in our time

On the beach and from above

 By the horizon sign

Over the hill & under the rainbow

 Past bedtime in your prime


Star of light

The heartbeat of love & true

Beauty bright

When they discover you

God gave each of us a soul and spirit too

Free to change the old familiar can become wonderful and new

First we believe & worship God & no other

Then show service in the love we have for one another


Heading for the sea of time to see fulfilling prophecy

You always think you're right then you're made aware & set free

Change the way you think you see

Like a caterpillar transforming life

 From the ground to the sky

Returns home in the bye and bye

What can we do for you to open your soul heart's eye

A question burning with light

The answer is truth with insight


Generations & millenniums hand down love to overflow the cup

Rock 'n roll starts up

Big tides and forest green show up

Small seeds planted on the scene grow up




 Acoustic Arrangement by the Grateful Dead & The New Riders of the Purple Sage


Oh sinner as you tread on life's journey

Take Jesus as your daily guide

Though you may feel pure and saintly

Without Him walking by your side

But when you come to make the crossing

 At the ending of his pilgrim's way

If you ever will need your Savior

You will surely need Him on that day


Now look at that cold Jordan

Look at its deep water

Look at that wide river

Oh hear the mighty billows roll

You better take Jesus with you

He's a true companion

Oh I'm sure without Him that you never will make it home


That awful day of judgment is coming in the by and by

We'll see our Lord descending in glory from on high

Oh let us keep in touch with Jesus &

In the special love of God

And may we ever be called ready

When He calls us over Jordan's tide


Now look at that cold Jordan

Look at its deep water

Look at that wide river

Oh hear the mighty billows roll

You better take Jesus with you

He's a true companion

Oh I'm sure without Him that you never will make it home


Now what you gonna do

Oh what you gonna say

Oh how you gonna feel

When you come to the end of the way


Now look at that cold Jordan

Look at its deep water

Look at that wide river

Oh hear the mighty billows roll

You better take Jesus with you

He's a true companion

Oh I'm sure without Him that you never will make it home