Tribute to the sun and the sea
Tribute to the sand and the wind
Talking about you and me
Getting back together again
And again and again

Ten years to make them sailors
Twenty to bring them home
And all the time in between
Where they belong

Burning a trail to your door
You don't have ever have to worry no more no more no more enough no more
Let all your burdens fly on by
And come with me up on high
Like a star shining bright
In the night
With the light

Hoist a flag boy atop your ship
We'll take a trip beyond the Mississipp
With all that time
Invested in you
Like a dream coming through
Coming true
Awakening you
Arousing you
Awakening you

Tribute to the sun and the sea
Tribute to the sand and the wind
Talking about you and me
Getting back together again
And again and again


Rain Rain
Rain Rain
Forty days and forty nights
They hear him pouring all over the world
Listen to the whistle of the great river
In the wind and the rain
Changing my inner world
Wind and rain
Brings changes everywhere
The wind blows in our mind
And healing us breathing air
Rain and wind and thunder
Lightning bolt rain and wind

He has the keys of the kingdom
He is the weather
With child's eyes
He is coming
To bring changes that will last here forever
The thunder roars to exclaim
I am the weather
See the flashing lightning
I am the weather

Playing in the rain, in the rain
Falling from the sky to the ground
It will not be the same, it will be the same
Listen from the port
For the sound of the arrival of the weather station

Everything Jesus told you is true
Let the trumpets wake you up
Because you can
We are raining in the weather
To make things better
 or more humid

Playing in the rain, in the rain
Falling from the sky to the ground
It will not be the same, it will be the same
Listen from the port
For the sound of the arrival of the weather station

I write for joy
In the work of Your hand
The sound of your voice
And the angels´ band

I sing for me
Writing for you
When the past and the future become current and true
And we got the green light to continue
Because it rained
About the weather
To put it together
And make things better


Call the day of the rainbow
Flame in the rainbow morning
Call in the morning of the rainbow rain
Flame in the morning of the great rainbow

Greetings with grace
Looking for God´s face
It is within sight of the eye
That puts a bow in the cloud band of colors in the sky

I am a rambler for the trade that travels around
Wind in my back circling south
Buried some words deep in the sand
River runs flowing over the land

How many times should we go through this again?
Know that our love will heal us again
And make us brave,
bold and new
Singing, with mariachi dinner gentlemen

Sit with the sunset next to the moon
With your favorite color of a flower in bloom
Count all the hours listening to tunes
& Image paradise built on a dune

The treasure of sierra
It is not on earth
Not in the cloud
Not in the crowd
It is not made of wall
The voice of the trumpets call
To a river of life
A celestial current
Of conscious awareness
For all the redeemed
The signs follow the vision

On the blue mountain
The treasure they saw
It is not stuck in time to be found
Then for a quick moment it will pass
But the immortal river within us will last

Faith in the future that you can not deny
There is something more here than you can explain
Back to the serenade, yes, you'll manage
And call in the rainbow morning
Flame in the rainbow morning
Call in the morning of the rainbow rain
Flame in the morning of the great rainbow


@ Caffè Lena, Saratoga Springs, New York

June 19, 2017

Experimental Theatre

for the play




excerpts from:

Shelter From The Storm >

(Bob Dylan)

Big Wind >

(Marleen Molle Albin, Kevin Morgenstern, Arranged by Robert Hunter & Comfort)

Duquesne Whistle >

(Robert Hunter, Bob Dylan )

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall >

(Bob Dylan)

Looks Like Rain

(John Barlow, Bob Weir)




@ Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York

June 20, 2017

Rainbow during Dead & Company's performance of "Looks Like Rain"




Letras y Música por Uncle John
Traducción de Tania Carrasco

desde la obra de teatro "RAINDANCE"

escrito en Mexico

Born in the American hills
 Raised in a desert cave
It was not until he was twenty-one
He met Jesus and was saved
He can move like a mountain lion
 Smells like a bear for snakes
Sundance is so daring and strange
 As he is strong and brave

He has half a diamond for an eye
And an eagle to guide his way
And he lived ten years inside the city
And he learned the city way
He had a love for the game
A taste for whiskey
A weakness for pretty women
But he could not understand the cruelty
To lock up so many people inside prisons
He is a man who loves his freedom

He took a simple stone
And at night it would shine
Reflecting on the city
Illuminated the road in the sky
They say he has ten thousand brothers
And all of them believing men
And ten thousand sisters
And many children

He has vision for a river of time
Who can stop the rain at will?
When you find him, he can make it rhyme
And go even better still
Walk within the cities teaching ecology
He painted a rose for a masterpiece
And helps the blind to see

He had a love for the game
A taste for whiskey
A weakness for pretty women
But he could not understand the cruelty
To lock up so many people inside prisons
He is a man who loves his freedom

Sundance is smart
And a man with many faces
But he did not risk holding
Aces on aces
Now some say he is a prophet
And some only one man
But I know him as a friend of Jesus
And a child from the desert sand
 How can the most advanced
Civilization of all times
be so far behind
to be so far behind?

Now Sundance is among you
Who helps the four-winged beast to fly?
Those who live to see
Half diamond for an eye
They have seen golden rain fall from the sky
Golden shower of the sky
Gold from the sky
Gold of heaven!



by Uncle John / Spanish translation by Tania Carrasco

from the play RAINDANCE
We open the bar
Prepare drinks
It gave us all time to think
Wondering who and where I am
Trying to explain this missing link
We had fun all night
And again that morning
We shuffle from sunrise to noon
We have a game in progress
As the sun was rising
And we moved to another room
We are on the train
When you suddenly hear
The highest distributor in the land
Is getting on board
To take on this gambling man

I started drinking back early in life
I learned to bet with dad a long time ago
And if he keeps drinking like there's no bottom
He will be playing on heaven's row

This couple joined in
Her name was Sugar
And her fella's name was Jim
And they called him Mr. Money
He smoked cigars and boasted of sin

Sugar told me
If you have a dollar
Go ahead put it on the line
And old Money turned around
He said that better wait
Because I'm about to raise you
That's fine

I picked up my guitar
Every song that I play
She kissed me like a rose
And I played my cards
Like I know I would win
While Money was still playing his gold

Sugar was one yes Siree
Who was in love with all of life
And I carefully observed her and my cards
I kept my hands close to my life

Mr. Money chose a card from each country
Every color of a clown
His hands were shaking
While he was watching
For the exit out of town

Well, I'm just a man of game
As happy as one can be
While Sugar and Money
When you add some honey
They come for the jubilee
Before you know it, everyone else was out
Only the distributor and I stayed in
Looking at it
Rolling in his bottle of gin
He laid out his hand and I could not believe
He bet all his silver and gold
So, I bet the sun, the moon and my heart
The worlds of which I know

I've been waiting three years
On a four-day ride
And I'm tired of this one man band
Standing on the outskirts of paradise
I called and played my hand
I looked and I caught two pairs of five
That seems like it just came to life
But I knew he made a crooked deal
But he did not know it was going to die
We listen to the band
He could not stop the hand
That took everything he had
The next morning me and the sun
We had our fun
It was a better one
The best we won
 We had lots of fun
It is your song
Because this deal it is hot
And I tell you
I like to gamble
Every chance I got
If it's a card, I'll play one dollar
If it's a lady, I play a lot




"they Love Each Other
Lord, You can see it's true"

Para Maria y Jeramy

Una pareja romantica especial

When we translated this song "They Love Each Other" from English to Spanish the first word "Merry" translated to "Maria"
It was a "Maria Navidad" when Maria & Jeramy became engaged on Christmas Day.


sE aman

María corriendo, navegando arriba y abajo,

Estas buscando una oportunidad con direción?

Lo tengo desde la parte superior,

no puedes detenerte,

Tú sabes que hicieron una buena conexión


Se aman,

 Señor, puedes ver que es verdad,

Señor, puedes ver que es verdad,

 Señor, puedes ver que es verdad


Él podía pasar su tiempo alrededor de otra línea

Pero sabes que elegio este lugar a su lado

No se deje a su manera, no hay nada que puedas decir,

nada que necesite agregar o hacer


Se aman,

Señor, puedes ver que es verdad,

Señor, puedes ver que es verdad,

 Señor, puedes ver que es verdad


Es nada, explican, es como un tren diésel,

Sera mejor no estar allí cuando rueda, otra vez,

Y cuando llega ese tren, uno se pregunta dónde ha estado

Hay que intentar ver un poco más lejos


Se aman,

Señor, puedes ver que es verdad,

Señor, puedes ver que es verdad,

Señor, puedes ver que es verdad

Canción de Grateful Dead

Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
Translation: Tania Carrasco, John Patenaude
Performed live in Spanish @
 Terrapin Crossroads 12/26/2018
Vocals, Uncle John
Guitars, Ross James & Alex Koford (Terrapin Family Band)
Keyboards, Jason Crosby (Terrapin Family Band)
Bass, Brian Hasrap (Casual Coalition)
Drums, Danny Luehring (Casual Coalition)


Videos to be posted



Poetry for KIDS in English & Spanish




Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
Performed live @
 Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, California
Vocals, Uncle John
MUSICIANs: PHIL LESH, GRAHAME LESH. Ross James & Alex Koford (Terrapin Family Band)














InSight Mission To MARS Landing November 26, 2018



Ten story poems

1. Mercury Retrograde

2. From Saturn to Mars
3. Who has blue China cat eyes Neptune?
4. Ruby ​​eyes Uranus
5. Red Eye to Mars
6. Standing on the Moon
7. Red Rocks of Venus
8. Here comes the Sun
9. Emerald eyes of Jupiter
10. Café eyes Earth rain

1. Mercury Retrograde

Art Work: Michael Waters


Image result for red rocks amphitheater stair climb


Chapter 7 RED ROCKS VENUS part 20

I look out the window of the plane and see the wings of a giant swan
Cupid is sitting next to me

This is better than a dream, Cupid
I still enjoy the best sex life
Was it Rubi or Titania or are they the same?

"Rubi can be your lover," he says matter-of-factly.
"Queen of the little wings"
She is beautiful
She has a younger lover
Emerald eyes keep her eyes on you and she can be your teacher
If it is not a dream, it could be the future "

 "My eyes are not rubies"
She tells me
"They are emeralds like bright green pearls"

You like your young and hot and durable man
Who is Rubi?

"She is an old woman"
She is not old
And why does she look like you?

"How is it that everything you see is red? Everything is in your head"

Your sister,
 Café eyes, is sitting on the sofa in the living room one night and I say:
"You like the boys!"

I pull out my phone and show her a picture of Ricky, who is from Puerto Rico and is in his forties.

I've never seen a girl get to orgasm so fast "Oh, Ricky, oh, oh!"
Her face turns colorful and is shining
She is smiling and laughing
"Oh, Ricky, oh, oh, oh"

I can not compete with that
"Love is not a competition" says Eros

Cupid says
"When it comes to love, you play dumb"

When it comes to love
I've been under a curse
From the alien with white eyes
The same thing made you blind
The love of the eyes has broken the curse
I take off the blindfold and can heal your eyes with the leaves of the tree of life by the river of life

Cupid, you know, rhymes with stupid
I will always call you now by the name your mother calls you
It reminds me of arrows, Eros

"We are taking the Neptune portal to Mexico to sit in the sun for a day," says Venus
You have to finish your climb
6000 feet to the ancient stairs

The mountain is real, says Venus.
So are Rubi's eyes, also Emerald Eyes, They are real, and you?


Chapter 7 RED ROCKS VENUS part 21

"What do you want me to do to watch for you while you're sleeping? Please, do not be surprised when you find me dreaming too"
Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead, "Box of Rain"
Amphitheater of Red Rocks
May 5, 2018

The climb up the mountain is the hardest course, but I can feel its healing power as I climb the more than 1000 steps to the entrance, and by the time I started climbing the last 420 steps, my legs began to feel strong and energetic curative, establishes in

"Look at the eyes
You find for you, you can see
Sure until another day
Maybe seen before
Through other eyes on other days
While I'm going home,
What do you want me to do,
Do you want me to see you through?
It's a dream we dream
One afternoon a long time ago "

"I know you're a virgin" I say to Emerald eyes
"I am not a virgin I have a son"
"You are a virgin" I insist
Any girl who lives on earth who has never heard of the Beatles or heard their songs is definitely a virgin
You are a virgin of music

I introduced your sister
,  Café eyes, to Grateful Dead, a song called "Terrapin Station" and asked her if she can translate this
"This is very difficult, what you ask,
Why this song?

You are the inspiration for my writing
Your soul generates enough light to
Inspire me to write
There is something infinite and eternal that you inspire

One night I was in Terrapin when the electricity in San Rafael was cut off and everything went dark. I go out and see the crescent moon in the northwest and a bright planet surrounded by the faint stars of sunset

To my left there are glass windows that look towards Terrapin Crossroads
Dining room where there is a wide variety of candle lights on this blackout night
To my right is the canal below the Yacht Club where the water is waving
There's the noise of the crowd inside while I sing Terrapin station

"Inspiration moves me brilliantly
Illuminate the song with meaning and color
Drive away despair
More than this I will not ask
Facing dark and vast mysteries
The statements seem futile at last
Some climb some fall some climb to get to Terrapin

Standing in the reflection of the glow of candlelight
Jill Lesh passes me outdoors while I watch Venus, listening to the water wave and I'm singing out loud

Counting stars by candlelight
All are faint but one is bright
The spiral light of Venus
Getting up first and shining the best

With Venus in the sky, the musicians take the stage, with acoustic guitars and many large candles. They face the unique challenge of singing in a bar with a large crowd hoping to be heard. People respond from their hearts and someone exclaims: "Just when we thought we could not improve, we get an acoustic performance by candlelight
How blessed are we? "

They give us a very special night. There is silence in the room by candlelight when the musicians use their voices as instruments to echo the sounds. It is a quiet audience that loves every minute here and often joins the choir to sing.

"And I know we'll be there soon
Terrapin - I can not understand
Terrapin - whether it is an end or the beginning
Terrapin - but the train has its brakes on
And the whistle is shouting: Terrapin "

Jill sits on the stairs listening to her husband Phil play "Visions of Johanna" by Bob Dylan about the great blackout of the Northeast and John K sings with conviction in the passion that is happening now

"Is not it like night playing tricks when you try to be so quiet?
We sit stranded here, although we are all doing our best to deny it "

 The Grateful Dead sound of Phil Lesh is healthy, intuitive, full of the unexpected, without anticipation, filling the void of empty spaces and nests with a spontaneous melody prepared in time that illuminates our hearts in the darkness with the light of his love

I'm in the third row and everyone is standing and I'm running up and down on the benches. "One way or another", the band sings again and again

"One way or another
This darkness got to give"

My God, you are a virgin!
"No, you are the virgin" says Emerald Eyes
"You've never seen Star Wars
These children know more than you "

I know there is a Dark Invader,

Emerald eyes turn towards me with her eyes of red green light and she puts on her sunglasses
"Here comes the sun," she says.

 Chapter 8 - Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun

The reason why people see the light
At the end of the tunnel,
Either from death or from birth,
The same transformation that I felt in
The mountain
It takes me through the darkness that
Started with retrograde mercury
To find light through a portal of the past and the future
For a teacher,
Café eyes, to make her feel as good as she did me, oh
Emerald eyes, lover of life and light,
Soft as butterfly wings,
She allows me to read the story to her
Ruby eyes, she makes me want to smile and sing

What's going on?
The dark, damp space is moving
Mom is making sounds
I'm in a tunnel
And I can feel my cord pulling
In my mom
I hear you mommy
Oh what I see
The darkness is fading behind me
Colors moving towards me
And the juicy red,
Bright light moving
Ready, Push!
One more, Little wings and all sing

"Here comes the Sun
Here comes the Sun
And I say
It's alright

My friend, it has been a long, cold and lonely winter
Little darlin', it feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the Sun
Here comes the Sun
And I say
It's alright"

Oh baby!

Dear Ruby, will you come out to play?
Dear Ruby, let's meet the new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue,
Beautiful and you too
Dear Ruby, let me see you smile

Dear Ruby, open your eyes
Dear Ruby, look at the sunny skies
The wind is low, the birds all sing
That you are part
Of everything
Dear Ruby, please open your eyes
Look around
Look around
My friend my love

Sun sun sun, here comes the sun
Sun sun sun here comes the sun
Sun sun sun here comes the sun

May, with her unique vocal range,
A spirit, with a voice, joins Little Wings in Mexico
To sing Beatles songs that she loves

Love love love,
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
Love is all you need

Excerpts from The Beatles songs "Here Comes The Sun", "Dear Prudence" & "All You Need Is Love"

"Ya llega el sol" The Beatles

Chapter 8 Part 2


Chapter 8 - Part 2


he invisible man is standing before the window in sight
Of the blue mountain and the only thing that remains
It will never be the same
He is holding a box of rain
 and he told me:

"I mean, who do you think will believe it when you tell them you have the keys to the rain?"

I know you're the master and I have the hand of the servant
Together through tears and laughter chasing the promised land
Now I cling to what I understand
A woman is truly magnificent
Since I'm just a man

She was wearing cat sunglasses, pure blue hearts
I can see the blue!
Who are you, blue eyes?
"I have café eyes," she says.

Only you can make it rain on a clear day
Only you inspire my heart to share what you have to say
You only have the key to unscrew the lock
And gather all the girls get together to hear you talk
About the rock

How did you get here?
"Light blue rain" says Phil of the Grateful Dead
I'm in the garden of angels
And I'm feeling a tug
It drags me through the portal of Neptune
And here I am

What is he doing here?
"Blue Mountain" says Bobby of the Grateful Dead
"It looks like rain"
The sun is bright here Bobby
"That's just light," he says.
"The earth is crying
The blue mountain opens the portals of the past
And the waves of the future "

You know, I climb the red mountain rocks and pass that human chain clipping the stairs
All folded out of shape
Panting and puffing
Pounds of fat falling on the road
However, everyone climbing the stairs
Parked there, not at the bottom of the mountain like me
I climbed the mountain to overcome the curse
Love that is real will not fade
You know the music that you play
is healing today
You can share videos of your exercises with your audience to help them

At the end of the night
After four hours of music
For the dancer
We are the only people left in the room
With more energy than they came

"Oh, what about the dancer there?"
The gentleman says
You mean emerald eyes
Your girlfriend
We are looking through the portals of the past
And I can tell you
She does not dance
Not in music
She does not have the movements

"She can outdo you!" he says.
"She is a dance teacher"

A teacher yes, dancer, ah, it surpasses me, never
I was married to a dance teacher
And she is not a dancer
I love the black suit she's wearing


She can dance with the mirror on her phone
She can daydream a dance when she is alone
She can tap to dance across the room
She could be dancing on the other side of the moon
Let's ask her older sister there

"She is the queen of hip hop
And she can beat you in every scene "
Says café eyes
When I stop laughing
This I have to see
She is too soft and fragile and kind
When you dance on the floor using more than your mind
Oh emerald eyes you will teach me
How to speak
I will teach you to dance no matter how weak

The gentleman says
Take a look for yourself
And the two
Climb the stage together
And I look in amazement

This is what I saw

Chapter 8 Part 4

Phil and Bobby look on the wings
"This is interesting," says Phil
"However, I am in a telstar moment, not in two places at the same time
So tell us, Uncle John, how the Grateful Dead can do that "

It is García who has done it several times
And we can see
When we go down from the mountain to the river
The river will show you
Be patient now
Easy going
You are able to look back and forth and maintain a balance
You have shown me about my father and forgiveness
And it helped me look for the sound
Keep this world spinning
The grateful treasure we found
The real man shows the sermon on the mound
Looking back I see your love for your dad
The music you wrote before it happened
That you put on the tape
And you gave it to the invisible man
And with a single stroke of his pen
He created a box of rain
To relieve your pain
And we love to see each other through

"In front of you," says Phil, "I see eternity, of course
And in the middle of the night of the ides in the month of my birth
You and this rare queen
And an elf doing a scene
And she dances
And she sings"

"I'm looking over a four-leaf clover
that I overlooked before
One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain
Third are the roses that grow in the lane
There is no need to explain the one that remains,
Is someone that I love
I'm looking over a four leaf clover
That I overlooked before"

She repeats the verse and I join her in the chorus
The only place for me to find them is in Marin County
It's on Mount Burdell in Novato
Singing praises to the Lord to lead me there

I can sing the blues but where has it taken me
Give me a little more of that red rhapsody
I put on the sunglasses of my big heart
And I sing "Tell me what I can do
Make you go and play
Tell me what I can do
To make you come back and stay
I'm torn
For you because I can not find my way
Since you left
A week or more has passed
and all the night
I keep looking back
I'm torn for you because I can not find my way "

"You're looking back" Phil echoes
But look forward to this prospect later

Good day the sun shines in our hearts
While we are in the kingdom of Mexico
A lake near Guadalajara
On a blue mountain
A paradise where we are the only ones here
Doing what we do
The knight leads us to Emerald eyes, and Ruby eyes and we all agree
Through the eyes of the world together we will see
We will travel and let it be
We have all the love we need for liberty

El Caballero,
Come here and sing with me
"Hot Spanish sun over the sea
Crows and parrots cawing in the trees
Outside our hotel window
Sleeping late with a breeze
In the Ye Old Inn
Then we see the children
Running and playing
Drink fruit juices all day
Hanging out at Lupita's cafe
Listening to the mariachis serenade
Continuing inside the cabaret
And thanks
In the light of the moon by the river grandio "

9. Emerald eyes of Jupiter

Chapter 9 Part 1 - Emerald Eyes Jupiter

I can no longer see blue or red
Only emerald green
The world is green and exuberant
Surrounded by jade rocks and emerald bush
We are in the future we can not lose or win
We are on a Christmas comet for the twin of Jupiter
There is no place to land that we find
We will visit the moons and we will be cautious and kind
Our special horses are ready
Riding through space in our mind
Eyes Esmeralda is riding Senthia
Rubi Eyes is in Phoenix
El Caballero is on Tender
And I'm riding Blue

Listen to your voice sing and play
Thunder likes kites
Take us to a new day
My eyes are dark
In the best cafe
I want to learn and grow
Read and play
About the angel king
Mom tell us today
If you think it is fine

We are not running away
We keep growing, flowing and having fun
Save the land from problems forever
We will find the river through the Jupiter gate
We can remember the way he laughed
We are here to see time cut in half

Today I have come so far without a teacher
For nine days my problems we face with your help
Now I want to see all the colors of the rainbow
To get to it
If only your emerald eyes are my teacher
Make the future happen
In favorable eyes
Problems cut in half
Nobody has a pink horse like you
Teach us to laugh
In your language
In your time
Cautious and kind
Riding through space in our mind


Chapter 9 Emerald Eyes Jupiter Part 2

to continue

Chapter 9 - Emerald Eyes Jupiter

Part 3

The effects of Mercury on the green hills that watch over the sea
Eyes and her round breasts
Looking at me
As we prepare our tour of the emerald planet
We changed your rainy day into a heart face with a smile
Stay for a while
We can not push the river
You can not rush time
Sorry for the delay
Find a different rhyme
We are here for another day
Together we find a path
Work with time to play
You must work and not be weak
You can play without worry
His love for you is sweet
This love will last
Like aurora borealis, space weather is visible and vast

Hey, this planet is a heavy place
Here we weigh three or four hundred pounds
This photo of the comet was taken
When Voyager
Now billions of miles in another solar system
With the best view of the comet
Becoming a pearl necklace
Colliding against Jupiter
Looking away from Earth
There is still no brighter light ever seen
In our heaven

Image result for grande amore
Her long café hair
Café eyes and café mind
You will read about soon
After midnight under the moons
Come to Jupiter in our car pulled by eagles and special horses
Call all forces
of nature in the shape of a cake
Tinia Jupiter God of thunder and sky awake
Ruler of the solar system looks at the good and humble
Jupiter can see people being cruel, jealous, greedy, his rumble of thunder rumbles
He is under the King of the angels
And the weather bearer of fierce storms and storm changes
A big wind comes when a heavy rain falls

And with your hands
Show your heart in the sunlight
And listen to the birds
And the morning calls of Jupiter
Father sky and brother of Neptune
They point me to
The southern skies
By mouth and lips
We are on our way
We are light to bring the day


Oh Rubi Eyes, how did you get your name?
Who are you like love in the night appearing like a flame?
Under the sun and on the sea
Looking beyond there you find me
And you and she and him in eternity
And everyone you love
And spend time with
The cost of love is free
If your heart is faithful to you
So many dramas
So much rain
Independent she will bring me change
She chooses and configures and
She shows her legs in her pants clean
Emerald eyes she knows what I mean
Although they are not the same
El caballero advances us and calls us by name
We make ourselves love to become
With love when love makes us come


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10. Café eyes Earth rain Part 1

I was waking up from a long sleep
And it felt like days
With puzzles to put my mind in order
Reading books without borders
Now I remember why I am amazed
All I can see in my mind is her café eyes

There is a song playing on the radio
Or maybe it is a Broadway show
Or take out and walk
Find what you know
I can remember a lot about her
How can I forget it?

There is a cat in the window
Looking to see who drives that car
There is a song about love
Under the stairs, near the top and far

Is that a crack in time?
Is that magic yours or mine?
Today we let the sun shine
There is a simple twist of fate since you insist

Under the bell
With you for the good
Can you teach me how to spell
Shut the fool up

Every heart here we touch
We all care so much
We are under the wings of the Lord his protection
Your plan points to a connection

You are the only one like you
That can touch my heart like you do
Oh baby plays in your pen
Up with wisdom beyond the wind

Boomerang the song that I sang
They love each other, Lord we can see that it is true
I'll play another song for you
Beyond desire, birds fly higher
To see the waterfalls in my mind
Oh honey, you lead me to be kind

"Are women, smarter"?
I ask Emerald Eyes
She takes off her glasses
 The green of Mother Nature is reflected in her eyes
"That's right!" she says

Café eyes Earth rain Part 2

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Café eye earth rain
Sunflower in an April shower
Love is where you started
The love of man was in the arms of your mother

They look at each other
Take care of each other
My love is like a brother

Café Eyes
Who shows me her soul
Who saved mine
And it made me complete

And her sister who saved me again
Put a smile on my face
She became my teacher and freed me
To show me colors
Learn to talk and see
Listen and smell
When I approach this close
To feel the heat of her body
To see in her heart
Reflecting on her beauty her face
Her hair
And her grace

Café Eyes
I can dance for you
Recite poetry and sing too.
I can jump on the moon for you
Spend the night in a hotel on Mars
Just to hear you sing
Or whisper in my ear again
Holy love
Mysterious love
The platonic love that we have is true
Influential energy
For you for the gentleman
For me and for her and for them
Even though we said goodbye
We know that something here will surely last
Something about you exciting
Enthusiastic in a world that turns very fast
You can use your powers to do good
Maintain a clean and safe neighborhood
You will return to your land
Where the sky will rain fish
That can make your wish come true





Poesía Leyendo en inglés y español

Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, California

22 de octubre 2018

Uncle John


Ojos De Café

Versos 1, 18



Despierto ahora, descubrí que eres la canción que atrae la mañana 


Estoy enamorado del amor si eso eres tú

Solo el amor puede desear

ver tu sueño hecho realidad

Emocionalmente tú

Haces esperar y esperar

Mientras espero y espero por ella, ella también me enseña a tener paciencia

Qué más puedo hacer

Estar cerca de ella

Ella es mi amiga, mi amor

Quién trabaja debajo de tu luna

Y se encuentra con el sol

No es una competencia

Ella elige mis fechas

Configurar mis escenas y

Limpia mis capítulos

Ella sabe lo que estoy buscando


Tiempo de juego con niños

Nuevos comentarios de entusiasmo divertido

Sonríes y

Pensamientos brillantes para inspirar mi escritura


Use ropa en el estante

Siéntete suave en tu espalda


Cuando hablas con ella, estás arriba

Hablando desde tu copa de amor

En un mundo lleno de engaños y mentiras

Sincero y amoroso son tus ojos de café



Awake now, I discovered that you are the song that attracts the morning


I'm in love with love if that's you

Only love can wish

see your dream come true

Emotionally you

You make wait and wait

While I wait and wait for her,

She also teaches me to have patience

What else can I do

Being close to her

She is mi amiga, mi amor

Who works under your moon

And meets the sun

It is not a competition

She chooses my dates

Configure my scenes and

Clean my chapters

She knows what I'm looking for


Play time with children

New comments of funny excitement

Smiles and

Bright thoughts to inspire my writing


Wear clothes on the shelf

Feel soft on your back


When you talk to her, you're up

Speaking from your cup of love

In a world full of deceptions and lies

Sincere and loving are your café eyes




The transition, transformation and metamorphosis

Harmony rings
Always inclined, learning
Loving longing
Sowing spinning
See the world from within
Where we have been asking
Who knows where the wind is going
And what a sleeping man could find

I love your smell!
"But I smell like dirt"
I love your smell!
Is it true when we become butterflies
Are we going to mate?
"In your dreams"
I love your caterpillar smell

"Did you notice that I stopped eating?
It's time to hang upside down on this leaf
And I'm going to start spinning
A bright silk cocoon
Where my body will go through changes and my wings take shape and form, and as Paul once said: 'Do not conform more to the pattern of this world, but transform it with the renewal of your mind'
This is the beginning of my transformation the transition
To have brightly colored wings with unique patterns

I love your girl smell
You know your destiny
It will be
The most beautiful butterfly I've seen
But I'm not ready
You will be a butterfly before me

I will hang from the leaf of a tree
On The Tree of Life
It is in the Garden of Eden
We have found the bridge to
But there is a flaming sword that guards that tree

Lonely, but not old
They kept the lamp on
Through all ages
So that you and I can see
Lonely and forgotten
It has been the world for men
Since nobody can touch that tree
That is the only tree leaf that I will hang from
You will be a butterfly before me
You must help me get to that tree
I have seen three of four faces
In a vision
Only the cherub that I cannot see

"His name is Uriel
And you can not get to that tree "


God Himself has told me
"Nothing is impossible" although it may seem improbable
If you can not help me get what I want
Can you show me how?

"I hope you go out to fly
With wings like butterfly
And not continue being
Stubborn as a bee
Rumbling like a bumblebee, or horny guy
You can wait
We can agree
You will wait for me
I know you want immortality. "

I'll be waiting to see you when the butterfly is born
Here we long to catch
The breath between
The wave and its wedding
In an ocean of existence
You can change

Like a set of clothes

Develop a new range

Satisfy your soul

Caterpillar with butterfly eyes

Like a bee to a rose

I want to be like you



Bob Weir & Phil Lesh 

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@Terrapin Crossroads, 4/7/2018


Lyrics by Robert Hunter


The day the constitution became a metaphor
I was laying tile on my lady's kitchen floor
A lot of troubled thoughts ran through my mind
But I kept laying tile in the same straight line

Where were you the eleventh of November?
I was in the bathtub sleeping off a bender
A double shot of hell and freedom in a blender
How can I forget what I really can't remember?

The trumpets of the ocean howl, let them roar
Let them wail, let them soar
Thunder in the belly of the whale never more

The day that Elvis died I was driving in my ride
A friend in a Ford waved me over to the side
Said "I just heard the news on the radio"
I said "are you sure?" she said "I don't know"

Walk a crooked mile, hell, you might as well walk ten
Meet your old self coming round the corner of a bend
Nothing new here, why should we pretend?
The trumpets of the ocean in a broken-hearted blend

The trumpets in the midnight, trumpets in the dawn
Trumpets of the queen's rook, trumpets of the pawn
Trumpets in the stratosphere, trumpets of the rock
The trumpets of the sky boat, sailing into dock

Trumpets of the backbone, trumpets in the air
Trumpets of the black lace ribbon in your hair
The trumpets in the undertow rock you off to sleep
We'll fall in love tomorrow, Juanita, don't you weep

The trumpets of the ocean howl, let them roar
Let them wail, let them soar
Thunder in the belly of the whale never more




John Perry Barlow @ Bar Cross Ranch

I ask John Perry Barlow, who writes songs for Bob Weir and the Grateful Dead, what the secret to success in songwriting is, and he tells me it begins with a certain formula he shares with me and says “You can do it, John”.

"Why are you here?"

"I come to take these children home to California from New York, and thank you for the opportunity to see you as we’re passing through Wyoming so I can ask you 'Where's Heaven'?"

"If you want to go for a ride, I'll show you as close as we can get."


We climb into John Barlow’s Cadillac and take a tour of the ranch.  John brings us riders on the old trails sharing his many thoughts. The views overlooking the Wind River Mountain range are spectacular and John points out we’re seeing about 7000 acres, less than half of Bar Cross Ranch. We’re in a remote paradise in the northern wilderness of Wyoming. “It’s a state”, John points out “last in the alphabet, and a lot of things, where you’ll find the last of the old west and best of the new.”  

We talk about “Terrapin, the space between the dark of night and the dawn of day”.

We’re in thick cloudy fog now. John asks me if I have read any of William Blake’s poetry. I said yes, I know some of his poems. John Perry talks about the visionary and pastoral poet. He stops the car. We’re here, and we’re able to stick our heads above the clouds. It reminds me of the time it was raining on one side of the street and dry on the other. Nothing’s happening, but we’re here. It is different, peaceful, like the most beautiful place I’ve seen on earth it seems to feel at this moment. We're in the heavenly space where the music never stops in our lives, like the wind on the river, it whistles through the pines, an eternal sound, an immortal wind, forever writing in our hearts the memories that take hold, the run of light in the darkness of space, beyond where the great ones gather.


BOB WEIR in front of the Bananas music store in San Rafael, California June 27, 2018

in between gigs with DEAD & COMPANY


Ojos De Café

Verses 1-5,  22 - Poetry Reading

Caffè Lena, Saratoga Springs, New York

September 24, 2018


Café Eyes


The heart has its reasons, and nights and poems for you

Sometimes I try to avoid you

I have butterflies in my stomach and I do not know what to do

I'm paying attention even when I seem to ignore you

 You know how to read me too

I forgot what to say and I do not want to be strange

What can I do for you?

I serve you the truth and not lies

Look in my eyes

To see the reflection of your café eyes


Verse -11-

Sometimes we do not live a particular way but our own

You're very different and that's what I like about you

You do not flatter me and that is a superior quality

It would be amazing if you were here

To help us build the thunderbolt tower


 "John, you're not a clown

You are not stupid and you are not crazy

but you are weird "


You say I'm different then this is good

I listen to my heart when I listen to you

Wondering who

When I write at night

I'm thinking about

and writing to

I listen to the songs

you show me

Big love

 when you share your mind

You bring the dawn

When you let me look inside

your Café eyes



- Verse 14-


Wake up to discover that you are the eyes of our world


You see a lot of love in a mother's smile

You can see where your café eyes come from

Recognize where your love once looked

Through mom's eyes from inside


I trust you know what you're doing

I'm doing what I know and I trust

It is the grace and love of God that makes us better

It brings us together


It's a collaboration


Hand to hand

Finger to finger

Soul to soul

Heartbeat to heartbeat

Come where you belong

I'm going to work with you on a song

Can You help me with this?


I want to give you a ring

Show me what finger

Your index finger of talent

Your middle finger of expression

Your i’m not available finger

Or your parental finger

A ring with diamonds that shine like crystals and other gems

I can sew for you

For all the patience you show me

With sequins and stars

While listening to violin horn and guitars


I never take you for granted

Being by your side is a time I always treasure

What I see in your eyes gives me great pleasure

What thoughts do you have?

You inspire me

You give me courage and confidence

You have turned me on

Help me produce

Pick up my harvest

I'm grateful every time I see you

Without a plan we improvise

Yes Yes

I'm ready for another cup From your café eyes



Verse 21

Wake up to discover that you are the eyes of my world


Show me your finger, I say

And you show me your phone

You approach my ear and say

"I must reject your offer

But please give me a break

You know I'm ready to give everything

For any ring I take "



 I saw diamonds in your green eyes

"I have café eyes" you tell me

They turn green sometimes when you remind me of her



She is your dearest sister

She turns me on and heats me up

Surrounded by your family love

For the better, I have not been the same



You are like total opposite twins

Working, loving, faithful, loyal, friendly and fun

You bring the autumn rain

And she brings spring with her sun



And I will be with them in a boat and plane

Through the mountains

On a train

Building blocks and counting sheep

When we need, we sleep

I'll be thinking of you in the rain

And when I'm standing on a stage in Spain



I'm on the big stage reciting poems

Roses for Mi amiga, mi amor

With her loving look

by my side

While I read aloud about your café eyes



Verse 22

"Finger her" you say

Holding up four fingers

With a smile in your café  eyes

There is a ring around the roses

Rings around the sun

Like that ring around the moon

Your phone is ringing


When I think of you

I see her there too

We are in this for the long run

You are the one

Who told me about her

"She is the only one" you said

"You want to know better"

She has the qualities, the values, the works and light

She is a sight

A butterfly moment


I'm going to write love poems for her green eyes

And romanticize her heart

With patience and work and soft sounds

Then she keeps me close

Like the love you share with her


I cannot stop thinking about her

When I'm in the shower

Daydreaming about her every day

Little things about her

My heart beats

My mouth breathes

Longing to hear her tongue speak

Because of such strong love, I feel weak

I write to keep going

Send her words for flowers


"Mi amiga, mi amor

Ven por un rato

Déjame leer a te hoy

El grillo te está mirando

Una historia sobre un amor que es verdad

El grillo te está mirando

Los números no son nada nuevo

Te quiero

Para alimentarme

Voy a proporcionar para

Proteger te y a tus seres queridos y tu libertad

Te quiero

Para alimentarme "


Ella escote tiene forma de corazón 

Y tus pechos tienen corazones sonrientes en sus ojos

Cuando manejas a la vuelta de la esquina

Todo lo que ves son chicos

Intentando echarle un vistazo a ti y a tus ojos de café


She has a heart shape

And your breasts have smiling hearts in their eyes

When you drive around the corner

All you see are guys

Trying to get a look at you and your café eyes



Verse 23

You taught me how to count

You inspired me to write

Your eyes are full of stories

Makes me want to recite


"I never promised you more

From what can be understood

To learn new things in new ways

Laugh together and call it good "


I thought the house was empty

When I heard the voice of an angel say

"Is Gina here?"

Every day all the Spanish girls talk about Gina

Gina, Gina, Gina

Who is Gina?

What made me want to learn Spanish is to discover Who is Gina

And what are they saying about her

On the phone every day all they talk about is Gina

Or to Gina

The Stanford girl talks about her with me and tells me that it's okay to be different

That is me, and you are you

"Gina is the girl with the café eyes"


You taught me what I needed to know about love

To find true love

With someone who really loves

I had to learn the lessons of love with you

I'm sorry, I did not understand about that day

How my tears spoil your wings

I left the city to climb a mountain and find my way


From the first day until today

Please understand

I don't think of you in the shower

How I think about her

In my dream you are like a flower

And in the end it's not you


Guys, we are single

Tell me what  I should do

Every day she lights my heart makes me believe in love

How can I tell her what she does


The best love stories are about passion

Love nurtures and grows as

Seeds that bloom in time

It's about waiting

Like lovers making love

Slowly, the longer it takes

The better the love


For your family my friend

My love is a priceless jewel

Like the softest beauty of a butterfly

 The stories you tell in your café eyes




Autor: John Patenaude

Traductor: Tania Carrasco



 Come Along


 When I Think About You


 River Of Light


 Time Star Wings


 When Did You Know?


 Poems For Roses


 In Your Hands


 A Marvelous Woman




Café Eyes



Libro de poesía en English & Español



To be concluded

Watchin' the river flow

 lookin' to see

 painting a picture

 still as can be

Playin’ with the band

This is not about gossip and ugly rumors, but about the personal side, the spiritual and positive, the witty and wise, and the musical legacyof the Grateful Dead




Playin' In The Band


Ain't no time to hate, barely time to wait...

Watching The River Flow

Phil Lesh & Terrapin Family Band

"Playin' In The Band"


From the beginning,

This time






Click to Listen





Spanish site: Abcd.casa





Launching in five years


1stcar in space:



In October 2017 we had 607 visitors from IRELAND


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Music by Van Morrison



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Listen here @ BLUEZ.Blue Mondays 1 - 3 pm


Hosted by Joey Patenaude


patenaudej-228x177From parochial folk to a universal language, its’ all here.


UNCLE JOHN'S BLOG  @ http://www.air.bz


"Take Me Out To The Ballpark"

 Photo: Joe Alper

Bob Dylan, Suze Rotolo & Lena Spencer January 1962

One of Bob's earliest musical performances is at the Caffè Lena, Saratoga Springs, New York

 January 1962




Image result for insight nasa







The Play


 MUSIC.VC  Music Videos Channel

Playin' With the band






Bob Weir & Trey Anastasio

"Million Reasons"

Why Bob Dylan Won The Nobel Prize


You can call him author & read his book

You can say he’s this great writer or that doctor with the look

You can call him the actor & see him in a movie role

If the artist were a wheel we’d pay to see him roll

He’s the best at what he does whatever that may be

Playin’ the guitar & harp & keys to history

Who can say it better like the wind that blows

He's a bandleader who knows life is like a rose


Students of his comparative literature

Recognize him by the sound of his signature

Beat on the instrument of present communication

Launching poems transformed by rhythm

Into songsheets on the workstation


As we listen to him in our English class

We write with inspiration & wise sass

Bring our poems wherever we go

Motivating us to keep on as we grow

 In the shadow reflect 'n glow

BOB DYLAN @ Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York

June 13, 14 & 15, 2017

Watching The River Flow

Phil Lesh & Terrapin Family Band

"Playin' In The Band"

June 1 & 2 Terrapin Crossroads Grate Room, San Rafael, California

June 24, Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado

The Rock Collection

June 23, Terrapin Crossroads Grate Room, San Rafael, California

Dead & Company

June 3 & 4 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California

June 20 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York

June 30 Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois

Review by Uncle John

posted @ MUSIC.aero




In the land where the lily and rose bloom all year time and again

Where God sends his angels to heal the spirits of men

Looking out toward the calm sea and bright star

Dancing then waiting and wondering how you are


Turning a page and letting the loose ends mend

Oh how good to hear but let us not pretend

Let the sun shine be kind the kids said

Pray & listen to the Grateful Dead


Cast him an estimated forerunner, member, conductor and engineer

Triangular guitars and wheels to steer

A giant eye with twenty narrows and seven hills to climb

Brightens up our time

Keeping back in shape

Little made up rhyme

With bandana & cape

Ready before and after the break







"What I want to know

 Where does the time go?"

(Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia)

"Lord, the band kept us so busy, we forgot about the time."

(John Perry Barlow/ Bob Weir)

This work is a contemporary narrative with a musical motif, narrated by the author with personal testimony, and dialogue with  artists, authors, musicians, dancers, singers, poets, songwriters, and stars. This journalistic  odyssey observes the world's most interesting band, whose brilliant creative performances, and individual intellectual insight, provide us with this ostentatious modern day literary account. On the road & at home with the Grateful Dead and their family of bands and musical company, this book records a distinctive recital of spiritual events, revealing a new orchestrated portrait, a sculptured arrangement of golden memories. There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert! It is a unique and unconventional experience.



Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead

Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, California

1st day June 27, 2015

It is early evening in Santa Clara, California, 2015, the first day of the Fare Thee Well shows, and the Grateful Dead take the stage in the twenty-first century for the first time. There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert! It’s a special, timeless feeling, intuitive moment, unity of spirit, gathering of the souls, grounded in vibration,  with light and sounds to stimulate our senses, balance our emotions, displace our worries and fears, opening the well of inner kindness, smiling in the peace of our moments shared. The band jams into “Truckin” singing five of the hundred verses Robert Hunter wrote with the band on the road.  “Sometimes the light’s all shining on me. Other times I can barely see. Lately, it occurs to me, what a long, strange trip it’s been.”


The last days of the Grateful Dead are full of the first. Their sound is distinct, loud and unique. They're not just another rock ‘n roll band playing, but a musical collaraboration of intuitive consciousness, telepathic notes, energetic stimulation, stability,  and balance we interpret in dance and spirit. We all recognize the Grateful Dead and their unique ability to be harmonious, focused, intense, with empathetic  talent in collusion and cooperation, in a maze of transformation that speaks individually and collectively to each member of the audience. 

The first time I hear

"Uncle John's Band" is the first Grateful Dead song I listen to  and I’m instantly and forever changed. This music is mellow, articulate, speaking to all aspects of our lives, and truly making us feel good about ourselves. “Uncle John’s Band” is the first song I hear at the first Grateful Dead show I go to, at the Fillmore East in NYC.

 "Truckin'" is the first Grateful Dead song to climb the song charts. “Uncle John’s Band” follows “Truckin’” here tonight. Then they play Robert Hunter’s first song he wrote for the Grateful Dead, “Alligator” > “Cumberland Blues”, Phil Lesh’s first Grateful Dead song he wrote with Jerry Garcia, and Robert Hunter; Bob Weir first penned “Born Cross-Eyed” > “Cream Puff War”, Jerry Garcia’s first lyric and music song, then one of their first covers,  Noah Lewis' song “Viola Lee Blues”. The band is playing its unique style of the song. Listening to the sweet spirits present I hear Noah playing his harp in the background and Jerry Garcia jamming with the Jubilee band, when suddenly a giant esthetic rainbow appears in the sky, and the crowd is amazed. There’s cloud cover in this time of drought, and a double rainbow appears while the band is still playing the end of its first set. To me this delightful moment is déjà vu. I recall a dream I had that was so real, almost heaven-like, of the Grateful Dead with rainbows and rings and spheres, but disturbing because Jerry was missing from the dream. I realize now the dream was a foreshadowing of this moment. As soon as the set ends, a few drops of rain fall on the crowd. A spectacular sunset follows.  Promoter Bill Graham famously said of the Grateful Dead "They're not the best at what they do, they're the only ones that do what they do."

Bill Graham was the premier impresario and grand marshal of the rock 'n roll industry he helped to define. He produced the best in the profession and his shows were often described as fun. He had a tremendous care for the concerns of his audience and made his venues a comfortable environment  so people could have a good time.  At his shows, we dance among a large crowd in an open auditorium, where the propriety of the people provides the decorum for the show. The ushers here don't intrude on our space or confine folks to their seats. Each show is special. Bill Graham Presents......his favorite band he produces most often is the Grateful Dead. “Good things come to those who wait.”, Bill once said.

The Grateful Dead are the most prolific musicians in history. They have played together performing more songs for more people than any other music combo.

The songs of the Beatles in the sixties liberated us, and the words and music of Bob Dylan understood us and brought revelation, but the sounds of the Grateful Dead, that country folk rock jazzy blues jam beat feel good sound, transforms us.

The crowd here tonight seems to be mostly people who are seeing the Grateful Dead for the first time. Yet they seem to know the band intimately. They know the words to many of the songs. Deadheads across generations!


July 4, 2015 Fare Thee Well tour, Chicago

I'm staying in a hotel in South Chicago next door to Pearl's Place, the restaurant once renowned as the premier jazz & blues  club. Pictures of musical legends Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Etta James, The Drifters, and others adorn the walls of great past shows here in the Blues Capital of America. I'm in Bronzeville, home of Gwendolyn Brooks, who was Illinois' poet laureate, whom I corresponded with when I was in college. I am riding the elevated train in Chicago on the first night of the Grateful Dead's "Fare Thee Well" here. There's a group of black people surrounding this one older man who's at the center of their group. One of them asks, "What's going on?" and another echoes, "What's happening here?" and the older gentleman responds, "Don't you know the Grateful Dead are in town, and that they're different from every other band that comes here? There's two reasons, one, the following they have, and two, the vibe. Even the big names like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones don't have this kind of following, and they don't have that vibe", he says with emphasis, and smiling.

It’s Saturday, a hot, beautiful, sunny day. The crowd is packed like a parade coming into Soldier Field for tonight’s Grateful Dead show.  The person in front of me turns around and asks me, “What song are they going to do tonight?” I put out my hand and say, “Shake the hand that shook the hand is what Robert Hunter said to me the first time we met backstage.” “U.S. Blues! Thank you!”


excerpts from "Last Flash of the Grateful Dead" by Uncle John



"Where do I stand spiritually?

Oh God!!! (with laughter)

Somewhere between Jesus and the devil."


"Keep knockin' on heaven's door and God will lift you up." --Bob Dylan



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