Honest to goodness

I need a woman who stays in shape

Always true to herself never wanna escape

Dancing with style she’s got the look

She’s not just another page in the book


All the dishes honeybabe

And fishes in the sea

The dirty clean air clear & there

For all of us to see &

Those bitchin’ babes

At the wishing well

You talk to them I’ve seen & heard of

& use words I could never spell

We daydream by electric candlelight

Achieve success by being polite

To show you the present

 Is gonna be pleasant


Honest to goodness

Love is where you began

You were cradled inside a woman

Oh how happy I can be

When you’re here with me

Tell me I can persuade

You not to be afraid

To come along the esplanade

On a moonlit serenade

To the grand promenade


How I love to see u smile

Like a flower blooming

Or focus on the picture

While your mind is zooming

I look into your starlit eyes

According to the moon

When I'm with you in the darkness

Light up make out the room

We stroll along to the song and dance

Treasuring the moment opens up the chance

To get your reaction

How I love to catch you now

When the night falls anyhow

And see the real you in action


Honest to goodness

I need a woman who stays in shape

Always true to herself never wanna escape

Dancing with style she’s got the look

She’s not just another page in the book




by Uncle John

The singer sings

Open your mind

Look into your heart

Put it in your hand

Turn it into art


It's past late you laugh

Dancing to the singing drum

Pounding for love

Now will you come


Dancer in the night

Moon shines upon the sea

Let it shine let it shine

Dancer in the world

Won't you show me

Be kind to stay kind


Do you see yourself when I look into your eyes

Mirroring you are wise

Not in any disguise

Playing hard to find

Hiding in my mind

Walk the talk chill and be fine


She's got them well heeled toe tapping

Sizzle while you whistle the blues

Dancing to their soul rappin'

With slip resistant shoes


Dancer in the night

Moon shines upon the sea

Let it shine let it shine

Dancer in the world

Won't you show me

Be kind to stay kind


See the smile in the eyes of the girl in the dark tress

She's got a thousand in her closet yet she's only wearing the one dress

See the light of the moon in the night of the stars

She's under the stairs in between bars

She's in the song place at the shine time

She's got the best moves in this little world of mine


Dancer in the night

Moon shines upon the sea

Let it shine let it shine

Dancer in the world

Won't you show me

Be kind to stay kind


Now the whole world is rockin' through the storm

She'll dance through the night and into the morn

And show you sweet lovin' after all



by Uncle John

See the current flow and go

 They work night after day to put on a show

Begins with a seed

like something you read

 love grows over time

Listening to truth IN RHYME


 Someone asks your name & you tell him Cherie sun

 Setting on the beach at camp or outdoors having fun


tHe call to you in the morning Cherie

inspires the center of this energy

it doesn't matter if you play an instrument you have a part

Your voice can be your channel what matters is in your heart


You can be a companion teacher BABY helper too

SINGING FOR a ring on a runway dance with you 

Who might be quicker when she draws the sound test

Really who’s better for the part and blessed

always to inspire and bring out the best


Lord You know how to transform coal into diamonds only You

Can make someone undeserving like me change for someone true

Extra special fragile precious view

Sweet nourishing like a garden delicious brew

Lord you can heal and make our minds fresh & new

to love and be sincere

 Listen in our spirit inner ear


There's no other revelation than from the holy one

Time is moving swiftly take notice of what's begun


The love of my life come with roses

Sweet song of love pops up it must be the roses

Writing about the blue rose of love

Really rosie sometimes white as a dove

Sister a chameleon of roses from a golden rainbow above

Search the reaches of this heart for a yellow rose counting hours

Rags to riches fit like a glove of flowers


Cherie sun

Heaven's influence is above all the rest

Yeah you who are loved truly

 to me are the best

It ain't the same

In the pouring rain

Walking with you

in the sunshine or dew

It don't matter to me if it doesn't bother you

When the morning comes

And the song's being sung

Covered I am here with you

dancing Inspiring and true

thank you


You sit on the left and write

 & I’ll sing on the right

 & meet you in the middle part

with a new song in our heart


Lord you set in perfect motion the setting & rising sun

You give us the ocean every awesome wave the children ride for fun

Been down your golden road and by-way

to See your grand nature and great beach

Carried up your rocky highway

In a day of sun where the wind can reach


by the kindling fire we listen stealthy

Everything you inspire makes me feel wealthy

in the light you take me higher and make me healthy

Rally with you round the sounds of home another run

when I come to call you in the morning Cherie Sun



 by Uncle John


Three times a year in the sullen sky for three weeks cursed

Mercury is spinning in reverse

Love near can't hear only in the momento

Gotta keep rhythm with the changing sulky tempo

Ring the bell stay flexible in key

Lock up your cell in your native talk to me

Mercury's rotation is fast fast fast

First planet in our system or is it the last

Is it scaring the children rappin' like a dog

Grey unlike light blue white clouds & fog

There is no atmosphere here no life of flight

Burning hot in the day beyond frigid at night

So close to heaven so near to hell

Stick your neck out of your paradise shell

In your shadow u see when I rehearse

Backspace or forward won't forget the verse

Don't pretend I can be any equal to u

Except to be honest faithful and true


We'll see

U tell me

An attraction

In reflection

A connection

With direction


Night brings the morn

Magnetic storm

Overcome and transform

Intuitive to perform

Electromagnetic and round

Like a musical athletic crown

Survive the magnetic breakdown

Drive poetic town to town

Scanning the skies

Singing we jive

It may be dark then comes light

Maybe with song may be you're right

Overlooking family and friends

Seeing the world through their lens

From a bee to a flower

Like a marquee on a tower

Storm  passes & messages arrive

Swell bees come out of the hive

Mercury delivers in space to dwell

So close to heaven so near to hell




by Uncle John


The end of night is near

Waiting for the sun

 As the moon rises we hear

Horses on the run

Riding behind the pack

Changing what will come

Not looking back

To the hiss, horns, buzz and hum


Rain upon a dry land opening to the sea

Someone from the sky comes with a key

Turns into sound listen to them play

Bells calling darkness night and light the day


Do bees return to abundant flowers

As birds gather and fly by through showers

The awakening wind gathers momentum

Under the direction of its turning rhythm

Yesterday's chill today is a gentle breeze

Tonight is getting hot tomorrow's day to freeze

Time counts its day in minutes and hours

Rain falls on everyone the air is ours


Been on the road for days

Travelling by the river running like a maze

Leading up to the event ready to age

Listening to every line once written on a page

Backstage is all mirrors and masks

Makeup and safe ready to ask

Set and waiting and ready to act

The weather and time are precise and exact


Feel the fresh air and smell

Spring is sprung we're playing

Tall true tales we cannot tell

Sometimes we are praying

Listen search for hear

 As the air captures the sound

Draw me close and near

 The treasure we have is round

Walk down the railroad tracks

Climb a mountain on a hike

Jump & put in all your marbles & jacks

Stand up for who you are it's like


Climate and time changes

Weather information

Local conversation

Procrastination and speculation

Creation demonstration

Revelation and transformation

Climate and time changes us





 by Uncle John

Discover what's here

Like walking on the sea WEIR

Come together let me see YOU

We’re in the groove and on the move

I miss your voice

I miss your music

I miss you like I do

as I watch the stars at night HOPING

For this dream of mine to come true

I’ve looked in many eyes SHINE none quite like you


water SPRAY under the sun

With THE wind and THE light and color and fun

On the shore under the moon tonight

SINCE a circle Is complete IN SIGHT




YOUR eyes are full of life and light

the world every day and night

Walking THROUGH the seasIDE






 DAILY PLANET prayer AND book CAN be